Ishqbaazi takkar ki (shivika two shot)- part2

Somewhere in Goa in a huge bunglow a lady dressed in black enters her brother’s room to wake him up for his school(you guessed it right thats Anika).
Anika: Sahil wake up its time for your school.
Sahil: 5 more minute di please.
Anika: no Sahil wake up.
Sahil: (pouting)you never let me sleep for 5 extra minutes ever.
Anika:☺ because you never wake up after 5 minutes.
Sahil: You didn’t even listen to bagad billa ever, why would you listen to me.
He regretted saying so because he was aware how much pain his di was still going through. One look at her fallen face and dim eyes confirmed what he knew already, she was hurting but trying to be happy for his sake.
Sahil: I am sorry di, please forgive me.
Anika: its ok Sahil , go get ready for the the school.(She replied distractedly).
He leaves and Anika looses herself in the memories of last four years.
That day she had went to Oberoi mansion in an ecstatic mood, she was dying to see and talk to her billuji although she kept telling herself that she was happy because she got to meet dadi their. As soon she entered, she saw everyone present in the living room and congratulating Shivay and Tia, she was confused at the sight infront of her when dadi noticed her
Dadi: Anika puttar you are finally here. There is so much left to do and so little time.
Anika: why dadi? What is the matter?
Dadi: Billu finally agreed to the date for his marriage, its exactly two weeks from today.
Dadi continued to say something but everything was just lost on Anika, the moment she heard the first sentence she felt like her whole world had frozen in a matter of seconds, her ears were ringing and she felt like she would fall unable to hold herself. These sudden rush of emotions confused her she mutely nodded to what dadi was saying and left the happy-sappy atmosphere as it was kind of suffocating her.

When she had finally gotten time to sort out her feelings she named everything as indigestion and ignored the acute pain that was building up in her chest. She immersed herself in the preps of wedding in order to ignore the ache in her heart. Two weeks flew away but she felt as if time was punishing her. On the day of marriage she finally got the chance to speak with billuji. He was in a rotten mood whole week no surprise their she had thought to herself.
Anika: billuji its finally the big day.
Shivay:why are you happy about it?
Anika: arey! Its your shaadi and my work here will be completed today. We dont have to see each other from tomorrow.
The ache which was too small to be noticed hit her that moment like crashing waves when those words left her mouth. Her eyes started to burn and she excused herself giving the reason of some work. She couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing him again, the worst pain rolled over her when the actual realisation of the day being his wedding day to some other woman came to her.
She finally acknowledged the fact that she was in love with that bagad billa but what could he do about it? She was a nobody whereas he was Shivay Singh Oberoi, if he ever came to about her pety feelings about him he would literally laugh in her face. He was the man who gave importance to family, money, lineage, whereas she didn’t have any of that. She let out a pained chuckle when she thought of a future with him, it was all black. She finally decided to stay away from him, she took all her feelings and stashed them inside a box and kept it in the darker places of her mind. It was a no brainer that she was hurting but she had to get up and move on, this was what life had always taught her. She was trying to control herself when her phone rang, she took a deep breath and answered.
Anika: hello? Who is this?
Sethi: Hello Anu beta this is Anil Sethi your dad’sadopted) best friend.
Anika: Yes Sethi uncle how are you?
Sethi: I am fine beta, I called you today to inform you that there is an internship cum job opportunity which I think is just suitable for you.
Anika : (thanked the gods for helping her) yes uncle I am listening…
Later she finished her works , lied to dadi that Sahil wasn’t well as she couldn’t stand to be there for another minute came home packed her and Sahil’s stuff and left to Goa where Sethi uncle resided with her family.
And here she was after four years still running from the reality that her heart was left with him, where its home was. She had accomplished a lot in these four years , a pround owner of chain of restaurants across the country but peace was nowhere to be found. Her resolve of staying from him was crumbling away as her heart was not ready to listen to any of her reasoning. Yes she was rich now, had fame but what about lineage and family? After all he was probably a happily married man.
Her eyes were starting to burn again the same feeling of tears about to break out her hard exterior, she was saved from crying when a small child of two years came searching from her. The child was the antidote to her angst. “Parth” she cooed to the child, picking him up and pecking his cheek she went out to face another day.

Same day in Mumbai:
One blue eyed man was going through his day trying to keep up the hope of meeting his beloved one more time in his life and if possible make her his forever. Ishq to acche accho ko jhuka deta hai, phir Shivay Singh Oberoi kya cheez hai?
The day when Anika had left him he had lost it searched the whole city, transports and every other place his brain could come up with. Finally he had returned home looking defeated, he had holed himself up in his room unable to bear the pain of separation for a complete week, he had become Devdas Singh Oberoi. The whole family was worried for him immensely but one fine day he came out of his gloom as he was determined to become a better man if he ever got to meet her again and win over her. He never dared to hope that the man she had mentioned in her letter was him. From that day onwards he made sure that every I was dotted and every T crossed. He worked hard to become a better man for Anika. She was the only thing that was keepin him going on from four years. Her memories were the secret of his energy
He had bought the house in which she used to live and every free moment of his was spent there, her scent lingered in that house. He just hoped that some day she would come back to this house. Right now he was standing in the middle of that house, an unusual smile creeping on his face because from the moment he had woken up today he had this intuition that something good was coming in his way. That was when he received a call from Mallika.

Back in Goa:
Anika is looking at the arrangements that were made in one of her hotels for the third year birthday of Shaan Rana, the name brought the memories of her time spent with Mallika, she shook her head and got back to her inspection when someone called her name, she turned to look back and to her shock and surprise it was Mallika Rana herself.
Mallika: Anika? Is this really you?
She just nods her head as sudden rush of emotions blocks her throat and tears of joy try to escape her eyes. Mallika rushed forward and embraced her friend after she overcame her shock. She had never imagine to meet her like this. Later both the ladies took some time off and started to catch up, Anika was so overwhelmed that she just opened up to Mallika and poured her heart out, she cried out all her pain and misery but no amount of crying was enough for her. Finally when she could talk again
Anika: So how come you are here?
Mallika: it was Siddarth’s idea and Shaan is happy about it.
Anika left as an emergency had presented itself, Mallika found the opportunity to call Shivay and if situation called for it threaten him to fly to Goa this moment.
Some place in sky(private plane)
The Oberoi duo i.e, OmRu were confused as to why Shivay had made them board the plane on such a short notice and now he was sitting infront of them grinning like an idiot. They were concerned for his mental health from a long time but at this moment they were too damn worried about his condition.
Ru: bhaiyya are you alright?
Shivay: Yes Rudra, better than ever.
Om: so will you tell us the reason as to why are you so happy and why are you grinning like that?
Shivay: we are going to attend Shaan’s birthday in Goa.
Om: you refused to attend it before, what changed?
Shivay well…

2 hours back:
Shivay: hey Mallikaa whats uo?
Mallika: Shivay you wont believe what just happened!!!
Shivay: I might if you tell me
Mallika: I met Anika
Shivay: WHAT? WHERE?
Mallika: here in Goa, Shivay come to the birthday venue soon.
Shivay: yes I am coming.
He then asks OmRu to reach airport in 10 minutes as it was an emergency.
Present time:
Shivay finishes telling the brothers about it and they are happy for him but they pray that he stay happy forever.

At the party:
ShiOmRu reach the venue the moment it was about to start, they find Mallika easily.
Shivay: where is she?
Mallika: (hugs him) hello to you too Shivay, she is here somewhere.
Shivay is about to say something when Rudra jerks him to look in other direction, soon Shivay’s blue eyes find what he was looking foe, she was standing just metres apart from him, she looked the same to him but she was also different in many ways. Then he notices the child on her waist and a man standing their looking lovingly at her holding her hand and she was smiling back at him.
Shivay’s started to see red but his anger was suppressed by hurt and pai, no pain can compare to the pain one experiences when all hope is lost and dreams breaks. He hands a packet to Rudra takes one final look at her and leaves from that place just to get back to the house where he knew his Anika existed for him. The moment he goes out of sight Anika notices Om and Rudra in the party looking solemn, she tries to search for Shivay but he is nowhere in sight, sda but still happy to see them she approaches the.
Anika: Om Rudra, how are you both?
Ru: (stiffly)who is this child di?
Anika: (slightly taken aback) this s Parth my nephew.
Om: (surprised) nephew?
Anika: yes my brother, I mean Atharva Sethi’s son,bhaiyya just came and handed him to me as he too wanted to attend the party.
Ru: O we have to stop bhaiyya soon, di only you can stop him come with us soon.
Anika: but..
Om: explain everything to you in the car Anika, please come with us now.
Anika: ok.
She hands Partha to the manager whose company he enjoys a lot and leaves with OmRu with a lot of questions whirling in her mind. In the Rudra explained everything to Anika and she was so overwhelmed hearing everything she wasnt able to decide anything whether to laugh and to cry, she finally opted for crying but the tears were of joy. Om was desperately trying to contact Shivay but he wasn’t answering. Finally Shivay picked up told Om that he was at airport and going back to home, he cut the call before Om could utter a single word. The trio soon rushed towards airport. After reaching Rudra gave har the packet saying your bangles, you will need it. She nods at him once runs through the gates in search of her billuji. OmRu in hot persuit behind her. Then she saw him holding a glass of water yelling at someone to get his plane ready soon or they would curse themselves for waking up that morning.
Anika: billuji?
Shivay forgets his shouting and shuts his eyes automatically as he couldn’t bear anything related to her at the moment, he feels her standing just behind him and soon all his emotions were so jumbled up that anger won and he crushed the glass with his bear hands.
Anika: (shocked rushes forward and holds his hand) have you gone mad billuji? Someone please get me a first aid kit, Rudra borrows a kit from nearby help desk ands it to Anika, meanwhile she ushers him to the nearest washroom to clean and dress his wound. Shivay is feeling nothing, he is numb to everything and he is pretending as if she isn’t there although his brain is running around questioning everything.
Anika: how could you do this? Glass?(she has tears in her eyes) are you mad or what?
Shivay just ignores everything. She finally cleans his wound and looks at him in anger.
Aanika: you are still the same egoistical human being as you were before, what if that glass went into your bloodstream and infected you? Did you even think about your family? Did you even think for a moment about… about..mmm.. me?
He finally looks up at her and sees her tear strained face, he regrets doing that as it brought a new wave of feelings in him. A lone tear escaped his eye, which he wiped away quickly but she noticed it. Then Anika gave him the packet which Rudra had given to him.
Anik: (feeling bit shy)kya aap mujhe ye nahin pehnayenge?
Shivay makes her look at him, they see into each other’s eyes, look into each others soul. No words are spoken as the coupl converse through their eyes. The time for questions and answers would come later for now they were just happy to be at this place and in this time. Shivay breaks their eye lock and makes her wear the bangles. He then hugs her and holds to her to never let go again. Anika let go of all her emotions in this moment and cries in happiness, she was home finally.
Anika: I love you billuji.
Shivay: finally .. you made me wait for so long.
Anika: it was your fault.
Shivay: no it was your fault, you just ran away from me.
Anika in anger breaks their embrace and tries to go away from him but he again pulls her back to him.
Shivay: (growls) never go away from me again, I love you so much that it hurts.
Their moment is broken by OmRu clearing their throats loudly.
Ru: bhaiyya we are at airport
Om: and in washroom.
Ru: save some romance for your honeymoon too.
Anika blushes like a tomato whereas Shivay holds her by the waist and gives a boyish grin to his brothers. The couple then head towards a new dawn of their life promising each other to never let go and loose hope again and stand with each other in every up and down.


Well friends this is it, I am leaving the rest to your imagination. Thanks a lot for your comments and support on first part. Hoping you would like this too. I was bit disturbed by the war which is looming on us so I think this second part came more emotional than I had intended it to be. At last forgive me for any grammar and spelling mistakes.

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