Ishqbaazi takkar ki (shivika two shot)- part1

I always enjoyed reading others fanfics as a silent reader but today when me and my friend were discussing Oh jaana ff byPragya, it just hit us in the brains that Anika is a fighter and she will never at any cost bend infront of life and our prejudiced society, it is equivalent to me failing in my pg exams.So my friend came up with this idea and with her permission I am writing this. Enough with my bakbak and now up with my story.
I have made some changes with the plot, there is no cd drama, Billuji finally agrees on a date for his marriage with Tia. The gang consisting of OmRu, Soumya, Mallika and whole Oberio clan with Anika starts preparations for “biggest wedding of the century”.
Two weeks are left for the day of doom (atleast for us Shivika fans it is). Shivay Singh Oberoi the mighty one is pacing in his room agitated and cursing at the whole universe , OmRu enter his room in a sullen mood and see Shivay staring at evrything in his way as if to burn it down.
Om: Shivay are you alright?
Shivay: Do I look like I am alright to you Om?
Ru: Whats the matter bhaiyya? did you fight with Anika di again?
Shivay:(shouts) dont take her name infront of me Rudra.
Om: Shivay calm down and tell us what happened?
Shivay: that girl has made my life a hell, I cant even be happy for my own weddding.
Om: who? Anika?
Shivay: yes her. She is preparing everything for this wedding as if it is the last thing she is doing in her life.
Om: Shivay its her job, she has to complete it.
Om tries to control his brother and calm him down. Rudra is just watching their exchange with confusion. Mallika comes lokking for Shivay. She is confused at the scene infont of her but Rudy fills her on the happenings,she promptly walks to Shivay and gives a tight slap to her head.
Shivay:(angrily) what was that for?
Mallika: didnt I tell you that day to never let her go? look at yourself now. You are more dumb than Rudra.
OmRu just look on.
Shivay: now dont get started on that again Mallika, mujhe kuch bhi farak nahi padta, I dont love her.
Om: dont lie to youself Shivay.
Shivay: I am not lying to myself or anyone else,
Om: then why are you agitated and not enjoying your marriage preps?
Shivay: its.. its just that..
Mallika: what is just that? even your face betrays what you feel Shivay.
Ru: bhaiyya ap is shaadi se khush nahi to Shaadi kyun kar rahe ho?
Mallika: you still have time Shivay, bhaag jao is shaadi se.
Shivay: enough guys now leave me alone.
they leave the infamous bagad billa to stew in anger and go to search for Anika, who they find is busy talking on phone about curtains. After she finishe sher call, Mallika drags her to the corner.
Anika: Mallika when did you come? how are you?
Mallika: just now, How are you?
Anika: I am fine, but..

just then someone calls Anika over to check something and she leaves but Mallika notices that something wasnt right about her, she looked little sad. The days go on and each passing day the Oberoi clan witnesses a more agitated and stressed out bagad billa, he was snapping at everything and evryone. Gradually the whole family is made aware of Shivay’s dilemma so every member of the family tries to convince the stubborn cat but when everybody brings out the topic he nearly tears their head off and give his usual family, blood, lineage speech until their ears bled. So everybody gradually gave up on him as he was very stubborn but one thing they didnt notice was that Shivay’s resolve was wavering as each day passed. Finally on the day of marriage he got a chance to talk with the girl who was ruling his brain and heart at the moment.
Anika:? billuji its finally the big day.
Shivay:? why are you happy about it?
Anika: arey! Its your shaadi and my work here will be completed today. We dont have to see each other from tomorrow.
Shivay just stands there as if someone punched him in the stomach, Anika moves on with her chores without noticing him. Shivay had never thought about not seeing her again and the thought was not settling well with him. Finally it was evening and Shivay looked solemnly at his reflection in the mirror, his brain had finally given up as his heart was a no contest winner. He had finally come to terms with the fact that he was in love with Anika.
Om: Shivay are you ready?
Shivay: no Om.
Mallika: what happened Shivay?
Shivay:? pyaar.
Ru: dont tell me you are in love with lady baba?
Shivay: no dumbell Oberoi, its Anika.
They grin widely, Mallika hits him again on the head.
Shivay: ow! What was this for?
Mallika: for being a tubelight.
Shivay: now what should I do?
Mallika: simple, bhaag jao.
Shivay: but.. shaadi is in 15mins. I am Shivay and I dont run
Mallika: listen to me Shivay, this is not the time for your tadi, keep it aside go and get Anika, OmRu and me will cover for you.
Om: she is right Shivay, go to Anika.
Shivay: she is not here.
Ru: no I heard her telling dadi that Sahil was not well so she had to rush home.
Mallika: go Shivay.

He didnt wait for another single moment and dashed through the door to reach his girl. When he reached her home it was locked, when he enquired with the neighbours he was shocked to know that Anika with his brother had left the city that afternoon. Nobody knew the reason for their sudden departure. Ahivay’s phone rings showing it was Mallika’s.
Shivay:(in a broken voice) hello
Mallika: Shivay wherever you are come home fast, its very important. Anika..
Shivay:(hoping she is there) yes m coming in 5.
When he reached home hoping to see Anika there he was met with a teary eyed Mallika consoling dadi, when he questioned Om about it, he gave a letter for him to read with Mallika’s bangle which she had given to Anika. Shivay read the letter which was tear strained
Dear Mallika,
You gave me these bangles as a gift and told me to wear them when someone falls madly in love with me, but the truth is that I want only one person for myself and he is going far away from me today. I am returning these bangles to you as I an never wear them again because my heart wont accept anybody else. Also I am going away from this city probably forever, give my wishes to billuji.
well this is it for part 1, cheers and tomatoes both are accepted here, pls do comment on how was it and also Pragya sorry if I offended you in anyway. Also please do forgive me for any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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