ishqbaazi takkar ki.. A beautiful love story… (princess samaira) episode 6


hey guys. Had a lot of work today… damn tired… but I know that people are waiting to read my ff so this is just for you guys. Don’t want to make you all wait longer..
Till now……
Anika is back in oberoi mansion along with her brother.
Shivaay agrees for fake marriage with tia just to show her mom.
No atha patha of daksh
At night.. Anika was not getting sleep so was sitting near the pool and deeply thinking something. Tears start rolling from her eyes. Even shivaay couldn’t sleep so thought of sitting near pool side. just than he notices anika and tears in her eyes.
Shivaay: (just gazing at her. He just felt like holding her in his arms and say that not to worry for anything, but because of his hesitation keeps quiet) Anika… its late night. What are you doing here ? Why are you not sleeping?
Anika: Oh sorry I forgot I should take your permission before coming here. I will leave. Gets up to leave
Shivaay: (holds her hand and pulls her towards him) Why anika? even if I try to be good to you, you are being rude.
Anika: pushes him aside…. wow Mr.oberoi whenever u feel like being good to me , u be good. Otherwise u keep insulting me, torturing me. And by the way why should I be good to you. Ur just my ex.boss. I don’t even work for you now.
Shivvay: (notices that her mangalsutra is missing) Anika… where is ur mangalsutra?
Anika: I don’t consider that marriage. So I don’t value that mangalsutra. Just as an ornament I don’t like wearing it. And my neck started itching after wearing that gold managalsutra. Am allergic to gold. Happy with this answer Mr.oberoi.
Shivaay: If you did not like the pattern you should have told me na…(with a innocent face)
Anika: Oye, hello who the hell ru? why will I tell you? Oh pls don’t say that you have started to believe in this marriage, love and all that. I think u forgot u always used to say that u don’t have a heart. U take decisions from mind. So pls don’t trouble ur heart. Let it rest as always.
Shivaay: Anika…(but she doesn’t stop and just leaves from there)
(next day morning)
Anika goes to the bathroom to have bath. Comes out in a bath towel. Opens the cupboard and doesn’t find her clothes. Some new expensive sarees and beautiful gowns and matching sandals were kept in her warddrobe. everything was brand new and expensive. Looking at that she is shocked.
Anika: what the hell is all this? Where are my clothes. Last night I kept all my clothes here. Today I cannot find anything. She stares at the cupboard and thinks is this that same warddrobe? This room is so big which warddrobe did I use?
Shivaay: (clearing his throat) Can I help you Mrs. Oberoi.
Anika: (shocked to see him standing and staring at her. She feels shy coz she was just in bath towel.
Shivaay: (he was just mesmerized looking at her wet hair. half naked body. He was moving towards her silently)
Anika: Mr. oberoi please stay over there don’t come forward. If you come forward consequences wont be good.
Shivaay: I never want consequences to be good (with a cunning smile)
Anika: Shivaay pls…………
Shivaay: (the word shivaay was soothing to his hears that he couldn’t control himself.) what did you say?
Anika: (with trembling tone) shivaay plsssssssssss………………………..
Shivika: why cant you call me that everytime.
Anika: comes to sense. Mr.oberoi look don’t take advantage of me. I will scream and call everyone.
Shivaay: try screaminG. Ur my wife now no one will say anything
Anika: but all know that we are divorcing soon. This is just a contract marriage. Am not ur wife.
Shivaay: oh ya… than scream..
Anika: ru challenging me.
Shivaay: (moves even more closer) Yes…. mrs.oberoi
Anika: (opens her mouth to scream..but shivaay locks her mouth with his mouth. he bites her rosy lips softly. Doesn’t allow her to push him or move. Just grabs her in his arms tightly. anika was completely lost. He than moves down and kisses all over her neck. and gives her a love bite. Both of them start breathing heavily. He goes to open her towel but she pushes him and runs inside the bathroom)
Shivaay: (with a blushing smile.) Anika u lost. U couldn’t scream…(and smiles) I have done changes in ur ward drobe. u have no other option than wearing what I have brought,
Anika: Just leave me alone pls….(she cries thinking that even if she tries to go away from him, he is not letting her. ) why is he punishing me like this. If he doesn’t have any feelings towards me why he must do all this. May be he is just using me for his benefits. Now onwards I have to stay strong(wipes her tears with angry face)
Anika wears red saree from warddrobe as she was left with no option and comes down to have breakfast.
At the dining table
Shivaay was completely lost looking at her. She was looking like an goddess wearing that beautiful red saree.
Dadi: shivaay… shivaay..
Shivaay: haan…haan dadi(still lost )
Dadi: Anika is looking pretty na
Shivaay: beautiful, amazing
OMRU: cupping their mouths… shivaay is admiring someone..
Shivaay: (with trembling voice) beautiful, beautiful breakfast. Amazing taste
Rudra: mene aaj thak sirf tasty khana kaya he bhayya… khana beautiful bhi hotha he kya? (with his innocent face)
Om: shaadhi ke baad sab beautiful or amazing hotha he rudra.
Shivaay: shutup omru
Pinky: watches this and was very angry. Anika u cant sit with family. Ur breakfast would be sent to your room. Ur a guest don’t try to be family.
Shivaay: Mom, this table is very big. There is space for everyone. She can sit here.
Pinky: oh my matha… (with a crying tone) I think this middle class girl has done black magic on my innocent son. He is talking against me…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(cries)
Shivaay: ok mom stop that crying plsss……… Do as ur wish. And he leaves from there without having breakfast. Dadi pls naukar se ke dena aaj ke baad mera khana bhi room mein beje de. (gives a smile to anika saying this)
But anika just ignores. She acts as if she didn’t listen anything. Dadi thinks tashan baazi abhi bhi he. Mera billu zaroor anika ko jane nahin dega. she gets really happy thinking this.
Tina enters oberoi mansion. Anika boils in anger seeing her. Coz because of her all this happened. And she knew very well that she is a liar.
Tia: Anika…. (scene pauses for a moment they give each other a staring look) Finally ur plan got successful in marrying shivaay. But don’t forget that shivaay is only mine. And by the way I came to give you good news I and shivaay are going to get married soon. Poor girl hope you wont commit suicide after hearing this.
Anika: (with a attitude smile) Tia do u know whats your problem. U dream a lot. And to a certain extent day dreaming is good. But u have mistaken one thing shivaay is not leaving me am leaving him. And by the way for a girl like you who keeps changing her husbands use and throw item is also fine na. U can marry him. He is someone whose dumped by me. Repeats her words…poor girl I hope now u wont commit suicide listening to this insult. (anika leaves given a victprios smile and does shivaay’s signature step and thinks what was that. Why am doing like him. Anika focus ur just anika not Mrs. Oberoi)
Tia: (to herself) Anika u ll have to pay for this insult… be happy as long as you want. coz am gonna break this attitude of urs.
anika gets a call…
anika: hello
Caller: Good morning mam. Am calling you from Gulmohar fashion house. We just saw ur resume. Mam you have done ur fashion designing course and the designs sent by you were liked by our boss. Can you come an interview today.
Anika: (with a happy face) ya sure. pls give me the address.
anika goes for interview. Anika sits in the lobby and waits. The boss was sitting in his cabin and watching her. She couldn’t see from outside but he could see her. He was totally blank looking at her beautiful face. Anika was just seeing her watch and thinking when will he call me.
Attender: mam sir is calling you inside
Anika: thank you…and goes inside
that’s it guys…. 2mr will see who this new boss is… and will he bring any new twist in the story. Please leave your comments below. Pls let me know whom should I add as new character. Suggest any handsome and hot guy…

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