Ishqbaazi se Hosanna (SHIVIKA/ISHKARA/ROUMYA)


Character Introduction:


SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI: The Eldest son, and only son of Shakti Singh Oberoi and Pinky Singh Oberoi. The apple of eye of Pinky, Shivaay is very serious, quick – witted and business minded. His life had space for only two things, His business and his family. Being Eldest of second generation Oberoi’s he is very protective of his remaining cousins and treats them as his trueborn siblings. He is very rigid towards his belief, quick to anger which sometimes some people may misunderstand as arrogance. His believes that people from good lineages may never do anything immoral or wrong. Of course being a businessman his belief of ‘immoral’ varies time to time.

OMKARA SINGH OBEROI: Second son of family but the Eldest son of Tej Singh Oberoi and Jhanvi Singh Oberoi. A Deep thinker and most relatable to his mother and clashing with his father due to his infidelity to his mother, Om as he prefers being called is very serene. There was a phase in his life when he couldn’t bear his unbearable father and started taking drugs, at that time he must have been only 15. He was sent to a rehab centre where he was treated. There he had learnt his love for art and from there he went on to study arts and became one of the most successful artists of the decade, as titled by Art News Magazine. This fact created a greater rift between father – son. He believes in honesty and honor and strives to do good for people. Just for this fact he is dubbed ‘Philosopher’ of the family.

RUDRA SINGH OBEROI: Youngest son of Oberoi’s and second son of Tej and Jhanvi. Rudra is almost never taken seriously, with his both brother protecting him with world, he is rather naïve and innocent. Only things that interest him are girls and gym. He is not very serious things oriented and spends most of his time chilling and partying with his friends. He has somewhat of natural talent and charm regarding girls. Life is a party for Rudra Singh Oberoi.

PRIYANKA SINGH OBEROI: Only daughter of the family and Tej and Jhanvi, people would think she would rather be snobbish brat but Prinku (as her family calls her) is nothing like that, in fact the girl is only interest in her photography and chemistry classes. She is a sweet, simple girl who doesn’t think much of life. That doesn’t mean she is naïve like her brothers, she understands how world works, in fact when she was young she had witnessed her Phufa (Uncle) Abhijeet commit a murder, all the blood and his leery eyes had haunted her since them and had been cause of her many nightmares and panic attacks.

KALYANI PRITHVIRAJ SINGH OBEROI: The matriarch of Oberoi family, Kalyani has seen many hard days. Her late husband had been very hard working and had worked day and night to create Oberoi Empire. Kalyani may be old but her experience of life makes her a very intelligent individual. So experienced that when she saw future wives and husband of her grandchildren she had known immediately that they would be married and are made for each other. She knows that her business that she had started with her husband has been tainted in these past days. And her family is in pathetic condition with Tej – Jhanvi on the verge of divorce, and Pinky’s wish to make Shivaay Head of the business and Shakti’s god knows what attitude, she could only hope that her children would keep the family glued in one tight bond.

TEJ SINGH OBEROI: Arrogant is the one word anyone uses to describe Tej Singh Oberoi. He is very proud of what he had created along with his father, a legacy that should be preserved but instead he is saddled with a useless son who would rather play with mud than be interested in his work and Rudra who has only time for party and girls. Now Tej can only hope to preserve his hard work by having rich marriage alliance through Prinku. But Tej had not always been like this, once he had loved Jhanvi and his family so much that he had dedicated his life to them but there has been a rift growing between him and Jhanvi for years especially after Jhanvi’s Miscarriage, it seemed that only Svetlana had been thinking for him at that time.

JHANVI SINGH OBEROI: Rightful wife of Tej Singh Oberoi in all but name, Jhanvi was once promised to her childhood friend Vikram Rana but married Tej instead for love. But years had turned this love into bitter interactions between them and her miscarriage had only furthered the gap between them. Her only solace came from her children.
SHAKTI SINGH OBEROI: Youngest son but the middle child of Oberoi Family, he had suffered through Middle Child syndrome and had been always shadowed with his elder brother Tej, and had even married with the girl his brother and parents had chosen for. Shakti had never wanted Pinky. He had loved another during his college years and had had children with her and hence he always hides her and his children.
PINKY SINGH OBEROI: Loud mouthed and pseudo rich accent, Pinky prides in her son and sometimes suffocates him with affection without realizing. In her haste to make Shivaay Business Head of Oberoi’s Pinky had given many sacrifices, she had severed ties with people due to this lone fact, given up her lifestyle. She could never make her husband, love or desire her but she would go hell and back for her son.

ROOP SINGH OBEROI: Only daughter of Kalyani and Mr. Oberoi tied up knot with her long time boyfriend without her family’s consent. Abhijeet her husband has been targeted by her family since them and has wanted retribution for him. In her eyes, her husband could do no wrong and her brothers had conspired so that she didn’t inherit Oberoi’s wealth that had been assigned to her from her loving father. Also due to Oberoi’s her only child had died and this fact had had Roop itching for revenge against remaining Oberoi’s.
ABHIJEET BHATIA: Roop’s Husband who was jailed by her brothers due to crimes that are not freely discussed in her family. He has turned Roop against her family because he wanted nothing to do with them after his child’s death.

DOLLY SINGH OBEROI: Kalyani’s sister in law and sister to Mr. Oberoi. Bua (Aunt) of Tej, Shakti, Roop and Bua – Dadi of Shivaay, Om, Rudra and Prinku.


ANNIKA: Adopted daughter of Chopra’s who had adopted her since they had no child of their own, but later had Sahil. But unfortunately they had expired in a car accident and since them Annika had huge responsibility regarding her brother. Independent and bubbly, Annika puts up with world’s misogyny and struggles for her brother who is only family she knows. She believes Money can be inherited but identity should be made by their own hard work. Annika had frequent dreams about her childhood where she and another girl called chuthki are being ripped out of her mother’s arm by a group of men but are rescued by her father, who gets shot by bullet.

SUNDARI CHOPRA: Greedy Aunt of Sahil who wants to take all the money inherited by Sahil but is always stopped by Annika.

SHAHIL CHOPRA: Apple of Annika’s eye and Bane of Sundari’s existence, mischievous and intelligent his only demerit is his handicapness and the insecurity regarding it which arises. All Sahil wants in his life is his Annika didi and all things shall work in line.


ISHANA PATEL: Ishana may seem like one of those rich girls who would want nothing but selfies, designer clothes and fame in their life but she is so much more than that, being the youngest daughter from Vishaal Patel’s first wife, she is his apple of eye, but since he’s mostly absent Ishana has to forcefully interact with her step mother, who was her mother’s best friend incidentally. Ishana unlike girls of her age is very accomplished and is running ART SCHOOL in memoriam of her mother. All may seem Happy & Sunshine in her life but it is not anything like that. Ishana has a one sided cold war going on with her step mother, Devika Patel, whom Ishana sees as gold digger who betrayed her own best friend.

ROHAN PATEL: Eldest and only son of Vishaal Patel from his first wife, Rohan is mostly always on business trip or engrossed in work, though whenever he gets time he always spends most of his time with his family and that also includes his step mother and step sister. Having mostly girls in his family, also having a very independent strong step mother, Rohan Patel is very respecting towards females.

ASHIKA PATEL: Ishana and Rohan’s eldest sister, she had been arranged marriage to Dhruv Ghoswami, who was chosen by Devika, her step mother. Though initially she had wanted to marry a different man, Ashika had learnt to love Dhruv by time. The man she had wanted to marry had only wanted her money and realizing this Ashika had thanked her stepmother, whom she had started to call Maa, every day since. Unfortunately this fact is not known by Ishana who thinks Devika had removed Ashika from succession to control her father’s business more.

DHRUV GHOSWAMI: Ashika’s husband chosen by Devika. He is kind and soft spoken and loves Ashika. He is self made; reliant man who had came from humble beginning.

VISHAAL PATEL: Ishana’s absent father whom Ishana loves dearly but is bitter with him when he married Devika.

DEVIKA PATEL: Ishana’s step mother whom she thinks power hungry. But the truth couldn’t be more different. Devika had been long time friend of Ishana’s mother, who when dying had had Devika promise to look after her children. Devika had dutifully looked after each of them but only was able to do so by Dhruv and Ashika. Ishana had been distanced and bitter regarding her and had never spoken more than required words to her.

RIYA PATEL: Vishaal’s daughter by Ashika. She is only 11 and sweet and more intelligent than anyone of her should be.

RAVEENA DESAI: Ishana, Dhruv and Ashika’s Masi (Aunt) who deliberately tries to put wedge between Ishana and Devika to fulfill her greedy desire and to take revenge from her dead sister’s children, as she views their existence an insult by her sister as Vishaal had been promised to her but had married Ragini out of love.

RAGINI DESAI: Vishaal Patel’s first wife and mother of Ishana, Dhruv and Ashika. She had died due to Lung Cancer.


SOUMYA KULKARNI: Soumya is a free spirited girl who is not bothered by society’s restrictions. Society says that slim girl are pretty but she breaks the stereotype and wins a pagent contest and is hailed as Miss Pune, Society says that girls should be docile and unopiniated but she is a famous RJ under the alias of RJ Love Angel, who is said to be influential to many youth. Though not as rich as Oberoi’s, her family belongs to upper middle class society.

ARYAN KULKARNI: Soumya’s decreased brother who died in Car accident. Soumya was very close to him and went to him for major advices of life.

JAYESH KULKARNI: Soumya’s decreased father who died in car accident along with Aryan.

Dr. ABHA KULKARNI: Soumya’s mother whom Soumya is very close to. She is very open minded and intelligent woman.

NEELA KULKARNI: Soumya’s doting Dadi (Grandmother), who sends Soumya to Oberoi’s since they want to settle there from Pune.


TIA KAPOOR: Shivaay’s fiancé whom he is marrying for business relations.

MRS. KAPOOR: Tia’s ambitious mother.

SVETLANA KAPOOR: Tej’s secretary and Tia’s sister, with whom Tej is having affair.

ROMI: A beautiful girl from Rudra and Soumya’s college, whom Rudra wants to impress.

DHUSYANT/ROBIN: Romi’s brother whom Tia likes

RHIDHIMMA” Om’s girlfriend who does social work for fame.

MALIKKA KABEER CHOUDHARY: Shivaay’s ex girlfriend who comes to resolve his problem but actually is running away from his problem.

SIDDHARTH VIKRAM RANA: Malikka’s fiancé who accepts her as she is and loves her.

VIKRAM PRADEEP RANA: Tej’s business rival and Jhanvi’s ex fiancé with whom she was set to marry and Siddharth Rana’s father.

KETAKI VIKRAM RANA: Siddharth Rana’s mother and Vikram Rana’s wife.

KAMINI KHURANA SINGH RANDHAWA: Shakti’s old flame, mother of Mahi.

RANVEER RANDHAWA: Kamini’s nephew, an ACP who constantly harasses Prinku.

MAHESH: Generally called Mahi, Kamini’s bane of existence also known as her son.

GAURI KUMARI SHARMA: Annika’s Chuthki who ran away from Bareilly, to escape Kali Thakur.

DEV CHABRA: Priyanka’s ex fiancé.

RHEYHAAN CHABRA: Soumya’s ex fiancé.

DAKSH KHURANA: Kamini’s brother, Annika’s ex fiancé and stalker.

RAJ KHANNA: Oberoi Mansion’s Security Head.

RISHABH MEHRA (CHUBBY): Rudra and Soumya’s college friend.

MAITHILI JINDAL: Annika’s true mother, who died because of honor killing by her family.

RAM JINDAL: Annika’s father, who died along his wife because of honor kiiling.

This fanfiction is set around the time Annika was hired by Dadi for Shivaay’s wedding planning but before Om met Ishana and as you read above, my Ishana is different than Show!Ishana.
I do not own Ishqbaaz nor claim to know any future plot lines, this is just for fun piece, Just an idea guys, please tell me should I continue?

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      Riya is Vishaal daughter by his second wife, Devika, who was Ragini’s best friend.
      Dhruv is NOT Devika”s relative, he was an employee hired by Devika, who moved out and created his own business. Devika married him to Ashika, since she did not like her boyfriend. Hopefully you stay on board with story and it will get more clearer and interesting for you.???

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