Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 23

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Anika sighed before closing the scrapbook.

“So what do you think??”, Shivaay asked her opinion.

“I want her as my bahu. I only accepted her immense concern as an infatuation of a immature teenager. But only she can take care of our son Shivaay.”

Shiv: I am not bothered about your ideologies but I know onething. She is your shadow. Only she can take care of my home after you.

His unknown words jerked her heart towards him. She glanced at his pearl eyes with an unknown hope.

“What happened??”,

“nothing”, she again opened the book.

“It has been 13 years, this unknown concern became my heart beats. Anything you can think about me. This book is about him, my hero. Moreover this is for you both. Did you ever noticed some trees. Those were very courageous enough in external appearance but are empty inside. Sometimes I am feeling that you both are partial. You are loving Kittu di and Vaani di more. Haan I know they are facing struggles. But what about Karthik. He is the like the tree that I had mentioned above. He is not too much strong like you think. I’m still remembering those days. When we used to go to school. He always made a lie about his father that he is in abroad. Once he caught red handed. And his classmates called him the word Bastard. Bua you don’t know how much he had cried on those nights. Maybe those were the time when Dad started filling venom in his mind against Shivaay uncle. You both can’t even blame anyone. You can’t rescue his school days, his PTA meetings, the joys of his achievements but you both are still doing the same mistakes. How could you do this to them?? So, first of all forgive each and apologize to your kids. Haan bachchi hoon aur bachchi hi rahni chahiye. But you both are becoming more younger than me and fighting like naughty kids. So, I have the right to taunt you……”

Anika and Shivaay smiled at the pages…

“She is right. But this is not so easier as I can’t forgive myself. Cz of you suffered…..”

Anika covered his mouth.

“Achcha hua. It all were happened for the well being. Agar aisa nahi hota toh hamein kabhi Adi nahi milta. Saahil ko kabhi Aradhya nahi milta aur Appu ko Anu bhi. Haan we suffered alot aur ab hum saath hai na Shivaay. I know you can’t pardon yourself. I am also unable to forgive. But at least we can try our best na Shivaay. Our children needs us. Think about it and if you want me to be with you then tell me.”


Shivaani switched on the lights. She just began to observe Shravan. His slowly slightly moving eyelashes. She moved closer to him. Just for stroking his kiddish head. He pretended, claimed that he is roaming through the vallies of deep sleep. The masculine heart desired to savor this care and concern which he never ever experienced before. He wished for this for so long, for life long. Neverthless the love and concern seemed like a rented shelter. He is savoring it in the absence of actual owner.

Past few months led him to an another module of life. He began to live for somebody. Someone who is special for him. He gave up dangerous stunts for someone, his loneliness betrayed boozing and her memories became his addiction. Ahaan’s avoidance shrugged her towards Shravan. She did numerous things for grabbing the attention of Ahaan but every arrows penetrated in Shravan. In the previous days she wished Ahaan to come back from Philadelphia. And now no, cz she know that the next step will be tying the knot. She can’t even imagine as Mrs Trivedi. Now she always wants to be a young free bird. But don’t you think something wrong?? In some instances, this free bird wants to Mrs Singhania. Anywayy now Shravan opened his eyes. She stared here and there like caught red handed.

“Nazrein mat churao. Just look at me.”

“Woh woh, it’s Diwali I have came here to invite you. I I knew that you haven’t had a plan to celebrate it.”

He smiled at her sheepishly. Suddenly she pulled him towards the floor.

“Get ready we are getting late.”


Shravan chose an off black kurta.

“Shivu how is it.”

“Boring boring. Try this one.”

She suggested a sky blue one.

“But this one is better Shivu. This off black suits more.”

Shi: Suits or not. I don’t care.

Adi: I don’t care means!! Then why are you compelling me.

Shi: That’s why I’m in Sky blue.

Shravan scanned her sky blue and yellow merging attire.

“Hmm k. “, he left to get ready. Later he questioned her post spotting her nervous.

“You should be there. Just a phone call, I would have came to Oberoi Mansion.”

Shi: I just felt that this place wants me. Sorry I have taken some more freedom. I have lighted some diyas. Are you okay with it??

Shra: As you wish.

Both moved towards the living. Shravan became really astonished to see the light arrangements there.

“Hmm k. “, he left to get ready. Later he questioned her post spotting her nervous.

“You should be there. Just a phone call, I would have came to Oberoi Mansion.”

Shi: I just felt that this place wants me. Sorry I have taken some more freedom. I have lighted some diyas. Are you okay with it??

Shra: As you wish.

Both moved towards the living. Shravan became really astonished to see the light arrangements there.

“So are you planning to celebrate here??”

Shi: No this is my first Diwali in Oberoi mansion, might be my last one there also.

Shra: Are you really thinking that Ahaan will marry you??

Shi: I don’t know but mujhe achchi lagegi agar Ahaan iss raste se peeche hatta toh.

Shra: Why don’t you??

Shi: Only for Mama. I am grateful to him.


Adi came inside of his room in search of Shivika. She was seriously in search of something.

“Saanjh everybody is asking about you. What are you searching for??”

Shi: Adi I’m searching for my Mangalsutra. Mil nahi rahi hai please tum bhi doondo na.

She again attempted to search for it…

He pressed on her shoulder. She turned her head.

“Do you have??”

He nodded no. She again began to search… Midst of the process, she opened Adi’s cupboard and saw the baby shoes.

“Adi this is so cute. For whom??”

Shivika frowned.

“For our Advika.”

Shi: So you want me to gift our Advika.

Adi nodded a little, he doesn’t aquired the courage to say about their lost baby…

“Me too wantπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯. Even I want quadruplets 😍😍.”

“Mm” He hugged her, then slowly stroked on her hair. Suddenly she again shouted for Mangalsutra.

“Saanjh don’t shout. Woh nahi hai.”

Shi: Kya nahi hai. Aww 😳😳 tumne kho diya. Is this your love πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯. Irresponsible hubby.

Adi: Saanjh shut up. We aren’t married yet.

Shi: 😳😑 Matlab. But you told me…

Adi: Means we are legally married. Doesn’t married according to the culture and custom.

Shi:😰 Means no Sindoor no Mangalsutra, no no Pheras and Panditji!!

Adi: Hmm yes.

Shi: Adi what happened?? We have a sweet supportive family. Then what happened??

Adi seated her on the bed.

“Sit down I will tell you.”


“Where is Vaani, Omama.”, Vivi asked.

Om: What Omama!!

Vivi: Haan Om +Mama =Omama. Tell me where is she??

Om: Maybe in her room.

Vivi looked above and rushed.

Om: Arrey ruko, I wanna ask you something….

But Vivi already reached the room…

Vaani was getting ready,…

“This pink and yellow merging lehenga suits in you so much.”

Vaani: Are you praising me or my lehenga??

She frowned.

“Off course lehenga 😜😜.”

Vaani: hmm 😏😏. Useless Kahika.

Vivi: Call me whatever you want. Now it is hospital time. Come on.

Vaani :😯aww now. Now everybody is here.

Vivi: Health first. Mama will manage it.

Vaani: No Vivi noo hmm πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯…

Vivi: Vaani just an hour. We will be back soon.

He grabbed her and hands. Then moved in a sudden. Aradhya spotted them in mid way.

“Arrey wah, outside romance πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. Pooja ke baad jao na Bitto.”

Vivi: Aunty pehle ya baad mein. Romance is romance. Mood is important πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Vaani pinched him angrily.

“He is my Maami😑.”

Ara: Arrey beta I’m your Mami cum friend na. Go go don’t waste your time…

Both eloped in a second.

Ara: This guy is really naughty 😁😁


Shravan’s hand roamed around her waist. He removed her hair band. Cool breezes attempted to grab loosened hair. Lips were already knotted with each other. They quarrelled for each other. His hands suppressed her head towards him…

The lip lock lasted for so long…


Urrff ant in heaven…

Both shockingly stared at the sounded direction.

😳😳 Karthik.

To be continued…….

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