Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 19

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Episode 19

Adi expelled himself from the living hall. His foots stepped backward. Meanwhile Shivika stepped forward… She doesn’t got a chance to meet her prince. She ecstatically ran forth to Shivaay and hugged him.


Karthik and Anika were astonished to hear the word “Paapa” from Shivika’s mouth.

“I missed you so much Paapa. Where were you ??.”

Meanwhile Shravan made his entry and silently stood near Shivaani.

Double Ro also made their entry. They hugged Ruvya and Rikara.

“Shivaay, you knew the truth?? At least you could say it to us”

Om questioned, he was shivering in anger. Shakti touched on Om’s shoulder…

“Om I think we should give him a chance to explain.”

Jha: Off course, why not. Always Shivaay need a chance to explain like he can’t do anything wrong. Leave Shivika. But who gave him the right to take decisions in our grandchildren’s lives??

Om: Mom please stop it. Shivaay is their Badepapa. He has the right but at least Shivaay; you could mention us. You can’t imagine how much we suffered.

Numerous questions arised in Shivika’s mind. Shivaay noticed it, he doesn’t wanted her to know everything too sudden. Karthik hugged her immediately…

“Where were you Kittu??”

She winked innocently…

“Shivika he is your brother.”, Shivaay said.

“aww?? Paapa aapne bataaya ni. Now I will utter it to my colleagues. You know na how much they teased me. I only said that I know you Karthik and they named me “dream creature. Said that I am a lier ???.”

Kar: Means you have a job. Yeh bataao tumhe job kisne diya????

Kittu: Paapa dekho na ? Karthik is teasing me.

Pinky stroked on her head and beated Karthik.

“Why are you teasing my lucky charm.”

Kar: Ohh wow Poti aayi ab Pota hua sabse paraaya.

Kittu: Means you are my Dadi right.

Pinky: You are right. And I won’t leave you at any cost. I will keep you in front of my eyes.

VVT: Kab tak Pinky ji. I will take her to my home. She is our asset.

Kittu: You!! Aap vohi hoon na. My teachers taunted you for my misdeeds. And you always saved me. I remember…


Shravan found Adi’s absence in the living hall. Means he has to be there… Shravan went to his room with Vivi… They saw a stressed individual in front of them. Vivi took the stress ball from his pocket and called Adi.

“Catch it.. Good for you to relief the stress.”

Adi caught it and furiously threw the ball away…

“What happened yaar. You have to be there.”

Adi: No I can’t. I can’t bear that pain also. If she forgot me and our relationship then??

Vaani entered inside in a hurry…

“Guyzz please come down… Kittu is becoming violent.”

Shra: But why?? What happened??

Vaani: Voh… She got to know that she is married and now she is in love with a Prince…

Adi unbelievably gazed at Vaani…

“What?? Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous. She can’t do this. She can’t do this to me.”

He rushed to the living hall… Shivika was weeping in a corner. He touched on her shoulder. She turned around.

Meanwhile Shivaay and Anika were undergoing through a tough fight. Anika is continuously covering the blanket of allegations over Shivaay. She isn’t giving him a little chance to explain.

“You knew that Shivika is married and gave her the space to love someone else. Okay she lost her memory but you say her everything. Always mistakes always mistakes.

Shiv: Anika please give me a chance to explain.

Ani: Tell me onething, are these mistakes happening knowingly??

Shi: Haan I did everything to fulfill my hidden intentions. Think whatever you want ??.

Shivaani disdainfully poked both of them and showed something. Everybody became aww ??.

Advika are hugging each other… She kissed on his cheek.

“Paapa look at my Prince. Meri Prince toh mujhe mil gaya ☺.”

Anika: Mil gaya matlab.

Rohit: Means She is always talking about her dream wala Prince. A Prince is always coming in her dreams.

Anika innocently crouched her head. She peeped at Shivaay like an offender. Shivaay raised his eyebrow and she nodded no.

Kittu: Paapa now no no Adi wadi. I only want my Prince.

Kar: Pagali he is Adi. He is your hubby.

Shi: Par yeh toh mera Prince hai. ?? aww Paapa aapne bataaya ni. Too bad too bad

Vivi reached his hand for a shake hand.

“Hai saale sahiba I am your cousin cum Jiju.”

Kittu: Omg I have a sister also. Papa apne bataaya ni.

Shra: You have two sisters and a bro. In fact you’re one of the quadruplets.

Shravan said with shrugging Shivaani’s hands.

“Thank you Jiju.”

  1. Shi: 6Jiju!!

ShiShra suddenly separated their hands. Both felt awkward… Anyway they doesn’t got the chance to correct Shivika’s misunderstanding. Anika hugged her in a sudden… Shivika unknowingly looked at Shivaay like what’s going on.

“She is your Mom.”

Shi: Paapa aapne bataaya ni that I have a cutie cutie Mom…

Shivika hugged Anika….

To be continued…….

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