Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 17

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Shivika entered inside for biding goodbye. It was her temporary job in the Agricultural college… She heard the murmurs from her colleagues…

“Hey look look dream creature is arriving.”

She used to blabber always about a Prince. A handsome hunk in her dreams. Who is he?? Then that cricket player Karthik. What is her relationship with him. She used to share her feelings with them. They failed to believe her. She couldn’t admit that she lost her precious memories. Her father strictly forbid her from to do so. Sometimes she is also feeling that it is right. Others can easily manipulate the situation in their favor and can use her according to their desire. So she remained silent. Nandini approached her and hugged…

“Will miss you yaar…”

Shi: Me too… But I will be back with my Prince and Karthik.

She said with pointing at the murmur committee. The irritating noise of horn irked her…

“Rohit… I am coming. Nandu Sir is inside na. I wanna go to Kendriya Vidyalaya. It’s Rohan’s 12th xms ending today. We are leaving tomorrow na. Packing shoppings, goodbyes, too busy.”

Nan: Yeah he is…

Shivika rushed inside and did everything she has to do. She picked Rohan and drove her Jaguar to the Mall.

“Single Ro, how was your exam??”

Rohit: Hehe like always zero zero. Right Single Ro.

Shivika shouted at Rohit like a lioness.

“Shut up, Rohit, it is not an ordinary exam. It is something which is gonna determine his entire future.?? wish him good luck.”

Rohit: Sorry di. ?? Sorry single Ro.

Rohan doesn’t replied..

Shi: Single Ro what happened?? You are gloomy gloomy nowadays. We are going back na. You wanted that. Now what happened ??

Rohit: That’s why Single Ro will miss his lady Ro.

Shi: You mean Roshni!! Is it true Rohan??

He stared outside for ignoring them…

“Rohit waise I heard another rumours about her sister Ro. Like she is having an affair with a brat guy. I’m really feeling pity for Rohini.”

Rohit: ?? what?? She is having…no no she can’t do this… To me…no no.

Shi: Hehe you also caught red-handed Single Ro. Leave it these infatuations are the part of this blood boiling age. Real love is beyond ages. It will battle with destiny. Love knows to achieve the goals itself. You will feel for them something special… Heart would mutter in your ears. “He or she is the one.”. They will stay with you in every difficulties. Some of your stubborn views would change because of their love and affection.

Rohan heard her words completely…

“Then I am loving her Di. Look she changed me completely. You are forgotten. This is not that previous Rohan. A spoiled brat guy who was arrogant about his family name and it’s social and economic status. But this one year taught me,those all are not durable. Rohan is nothing, I don’t have anything without my relationships. You, Single Ro and our Savior Badepapa. At the initial times I struggled to mingle with this unknown place. Unknown language unknown place everything was unknown. I don’t know when I started noticing her. Topper of my class, the Scholar cute girl and I am corner owner of the back bench. She is the daughter of a military officer demised in Kargil war. Her mother is struggling to raise money for their better living. Aur dekhte dekhte humdard humsafar ban gaya…

Shi: What about you Single Ro…

Rohit: Nothing di, just fight to love. Achcha lagta hai mujhe.

Shivika remembered those lovely moments. Actually she also felt pity for them. She offered them some money but their mother doesn’t accepted. Shivaay also taunted her for offering money for a widow. It is enough for creating rumours. Then she helped them in a unique way. Shivika taught them some north Indian dishes including chaat, vada pav, pao bhaji, pani, sev, bhel puris and north Indian sweets. They have a small bakery. Such north Indian items at the south tip. The bakery became the famous only. Shivika used to teach them in her home after sending double Ro to play cricket. But both of them loved to roam around their lady Ros. Finally Shivika had to beat them for sending them out. Like it happened yesterday. Now they are leaving the city forever……..


Her nails made scars on his hands. But he seems like unaffected..

“Mr Randawa it’s over. Now let her rest. I wanna talk to you. Please.”

She held his hands tightly.

“No worries Vaani. I will be back with a good news.”

Vivi came out of the room. He saw Shivaay coming in a hurry. He shook Vivi’s shoulders.

“Vivi… Vaani?? What happened??”

Vivi: Nothing Mama it is the regular chemo section. Don’t be worry. Just wait doctor doctor is calling me.

Shi: I’m also coming with you……..

Shivaay and Vivaan approached doctor… Both sat in front of him. Shivaay noticed Vivaan, he was panicking, sweating and pressing a stress ball. Shivaay held his hand.

“Nothing to worry.”

Doctor seated in front of them. His crouched head announced everything.

“We are sorry, we can’t do anything.”

Vivi clutched his collar..

“What do you mean?? This is a foreign nation and you are an excellent doctor and you can’t help us!! Unbelievable.”

Doc: This is just a foreign nation, not the heaven and I’m a doctor, not the almighty.

Shivaay and Vivi exited from the room distressed. Vaani approached them and asked about the inner happenings. Vivi smiled abruptly.

“Nothing yaar they said this is the last section.”

Vaani: It is not a digesting answer. This is either positive or negative. I can read your eyes Vivi.


Anika pushed the door, thank god Adi was about to fill the glass.

“Ohh Bua aap.”

Ani: Boozing?? Stop this Adi…, Anika begged.

“Really!! Do you daughter left something for me??”

Anika: Do what you want but don’t do anything inappropriate in this twenty second…

Adi: I know… Last year too, I couldn’t be with her. A stupid meeting… And I determined to celebrate it grandly this year… Dekho sab flop ho gaya.

Ankita rushed to Anika…. Bua come with me, Karthik is not well.


Shravan winked at the nurse. She poured some fluid on his injury.


“Take care sweetie. My fans would die.”

She blushed, two ruthless hands snatched cottons from the nurse.

“You may go now.”

Those eyes stared at the injured hand…The nurse left after furiously stuffing the cottons and scissor in her hand. Shivaani was about to say something. Shravan covered her mouth.

“I know I am harming myself. I’m prohibited to injure my own body as I am an actor. But what to do. I always wants to be with you. This is your comfortable zone. Attendar se surgeon tak saara kaam tum karti ho. Toh mujhe yahaan aana pad raha hai.”

Shi: Why Shravan please leave me alone.

Shravan sighed and nodded.

“Maa kehti thi hamein uska saath rahna chahiya jisko hamhaara saath ki sabse zyada zaroorat hai. And I think now you wants me.

Shi: I have everybody, I have my family. My Ahaan… Everybody.

Shra: Really Shivaani?? Then where is your mother?? She is worried about three of your siblings and she is feeling that you are fine. Reality is you don’t want to show her anything. They your father; where is he?? You don’t know. Your brother, that idiot is busy in ruining his career and life. Your right hand, your Vaani. Where is she, voh toh tumse baat karna bhi chod di. I think it has been a year right?? Lekin haan Agar Shivika hoti toh… Amid of all these your partner is ignoring you. You are not anything which you deserves. Think about you Shivaani. Who are you?? Shivaani Shivaay Singh Oberoi. A reputed girl belongs to a reputed family. You are gorgeous… An excellent cardiologist, wise, yahan tak ki you have two wheeler and four wheeler driving license… I won’t say you to go to Syria or else Palestine for observing what is life. At least go to the cancer ward here. You would slip into the pit of breaking dreams.

Shivaani: Will you please stop this. Tell me what do you want??

Shravan: Kuch nahi bas dill kholkar muskurao…

To be continued…….

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