Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 16

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Episode 16

Vaani’s POV

I took the ruler… Hmm 2 centimeters crossed, till my shoulder. Hehe I am talking about my hair. His warm breath came close to my neck. His chin rested on my shoulder… Then an innocent gaze like a kid and a sigh.”

“Hmm now you can do it.”

Hehe he is talking about the video chatting. I pulled his one cheek and flapped myself like a doll. He also moved according to my rhythm. Suddenly something stroked in me. I punched on his head in my fake anger. “It’s getting late…go and get ready”

Lazy Halluboy he hates to go to job. Actually he is not at all lazy but showing his infinite concern towards me. I jerked him. Then a white towel threw on his white vannila ice cream face. Ni itni aazani se ni ab dum lagaana hi padega. I slowly slowly pulled him to the washroom and closed the door. My lips curved, I nodded at my Halluboy’s laziness. While thinking about my past I reached kitchen. Placed a big brinjal on the burner and lighted…

You know me but don’t know. You only know me as matchmaker between my family and nothing. I’m an unlucky fellow equally lucky also. I have everybody but nobody. We wished for our father since childhood. Maybe more than me Kittu, Chiku and Appu wished. That absence made them stubborn. They used to forget the desire for him with time. And the desire turned fury. I also forgot the wish and strived to believe that once I will gain his love, care and affection till… Till I got to know that I’m suffering from cancer. I started wishing for every wealth, love and happiness world wide. Tried out new dresses and tastes, explored Hong Kong and France. I lied to everybody that I am in hostel ??. Firing crackers in Warden’s room. The authorities suspended me for 15 days. My wish for getting a suspension hehe. Walked through the top of water tank in the addiction of Limited Edition liquor from London hihi looted from Mama’s shelf. I did everything weird and dangerous. My family and friends were aww ???. She is completely gone mad.

I did everything but mazaa ni aaya you know. I wanna do something difficult. During my journey was running with difficulties, it happened. Kittu tried to commit suicide… Obsessive fool. How could you do that Paapa. How could you marry an another lady..I blamed him inside.

Still I had the belief that true love never fails. Mumma and Kittu are loving them. Chiku was planning to light the fire of war. I followed her like tail to Oberoi mansion. There I saw a middle aged gentleman in his hot executive attire. He doesn’t even looked at us. He was busy in taunting Khanna. My cute Halluboy was coming outside with his tablet and headphones. He was humming an English lyrics. I don’t even remember the song but his concentration was fully on the tab. I know these types of guys. Maybe a porn movie is running in the screen… It is cz he startled due to witnessing Paapa. Paapa lifted the veil of an arrogant Bussiness tycoon and ran behind him. He and OmRu Chachus caught him red handed and beated badly. Poor Halluboy he was watching Dora the explorer. Hehe and after all khule aam porn movies kaun dekhta hai stupid me. He became my entertainment and I turned his irritation.

“Planning to burn whole Silicon Valley??”

He shouted softly for awakening me from the deep thoughts.

“Take rest okay. I like sandwich. I hate the Baingan ka bharta made by you.”

It doesn’t made me angry but I’m saddened about his helplessness. How long will he avoid his likes and accept the dislikes. Till my death. I will miss this concern Vivi… Will miss you…

He left for job… Today is my off. Carolin arrived after 10:30. She is our maid but her main job is to keep me away from household activities. Nowadays I am inclined towards Indian daily soaps especially for Ekta Kapoor’s paranormal serials. Vivaan isn’t aware about it. He will slay me once cz of this. I watched a normal one and started changing the channels when it’s slot is over… My phone started ringing promptly…

“Mumma.”, I said unknowingly. Her call led me to that cursed night when she left Paapa furiously. I fulfilled my every wish except their reunion. It remained my last.

Once that “Y” will possess it’s place and Vaanika will be vanished for ever. That night was our turning point. Everything were decided in front of me. Adi wanted to be with Paapa. My obsessive sister also wanted to be with him. Chiku was gonna engaged with Jiju. Accommodating her in Sasural before marriage. It is not fair na. There are too rituals. So she also remained in Oberoi Mansion. Don’t ask about Karthik. He is Paapa’s no. 1 enemy. Pinky Dadi whole heartedly wished his presence. Anyway we both with Mumma shifted to Trivedi Villa.

Fever of love doesn’t affected us but he was tightly holding my hand. Why?? I didn’t knew. Mumma shrugged my hand which resulted in our separation. I got to know that there’s a connection between us…….

Shivaay’s POV.

After a year and this unexpected face off. My courage has ran away leaving me in such deadly situation. I’m back in Mumbai only for returning her joys. But who wants it.

“In these 24 years I wished to talk for once. Just once, only for uttering my children that you’re innocent. Par mera viswaas thoot gaya Shivaay. Saath saath aapne mujhe bhi tod diya.”……..

Her words pierced my heart.

“She will pardon you.” Badimaa’s consoles doesn’t created any variation inside me. Forgiveness!! Ohh really. Who wants it… No no I don’t need it. In fact I couldn’t even pardon myself.

Her punching on the table muttered like a furious command.

“What do you want?? Why did you called me in this stupid restaurant.” she said with gazing around the romantic themes.

“Please don’t misunderstand me. I wants to talk some serious matters.”

I turned around after hearing an another statement.

“You can discuss it with me Mr Oberoi.”

The statement belongs to my son led me to the past night again… He showed a laptop proving Anika’s innocence in the case. I got to know that it all were Roop Bua’s plan for separating us. That old police station’s CCTV footage was running in it.

He angrily throw the laptop away. Sometimes it is be like he is imitating me.

“I hope now everything is clarified.” he tugged her hand and moved away with Vaani. Saahil, VVT everybody left to their house. Then I lived there for seven or six days. Vaanika and Karthik spend their days in Oberoi mansion with Shivika and Shivaani. In some nights Vaani would stayed with Shivaani with us and Advika used to go to Trivedi villa. Everything was becoming normal except my relationship with Anika and my quadruplets. Their presence began to affect me like a tumor. It seemed like it is gonna gulp me slowly slowly. Their faces reminded me my sins. In a night I exited from their world. I don’t know what was my assumptions behind it. Wanted to come back?? Or not?? I don’t know.

She was giving me a cute death glare.

“What?? Michmichi machti hai??”

“yes off course.”

Karthik interfered between us. I forgot my sin for some seconds and he again reminded me. I am angry on him.

“Mumma come on.”, he grabbed Anika.

“Wait, I want to talk to her.”

Kar: Don’t dare think about it. I won’t allow you. I won’t allow you to harm Mumma.”

It was unbelievable that the guilty started justifying my faults.

“Stop it Karthik. It was my mistake. I agree… But it is not your license to say anything about me.”

I concluded…

“Anika I want to talk to you.”

Kar: Kaha tha na no. No means no.

I forcefully pulled him and closed the cabin.. He started punching and kicking the door… Childish guy. At least he should bother about his celebrity status. And whose son is he?? Anika’s…

She furiously jerkerd me for several times.

“Appoo I want to go… Open the door Shivaay”

“You have to stay here”

Blaahblahblah karne lagi stupid. An irked me rolled a roti with raayta and malpua and something something I spotted on the table. Then stuffed it into her mouth. Promptly closed her mouth then.

“I just want to say that I am planning our Quadruplets’s birthday. You have to come with Karthik, Shivaani and everybody who are prominent for you and them…”

Anika angrily left me. She began to chew the stuffings with reminding me about Shivika and Shivaani. Kiddish Mom and kiddish daughters.

“Nice”, she replied.

“Ohh really lemme taste.” I wrapped her waist. Just once loved her chin…

A big sound like exploding made me angry… Urrff this boy is a trouble maker. Public nuisance.??

She pulled me back again and attempted to go…

“And what about my need?.”

Anika: No way Kittu ke bina kabhi nahi.

Me: If your Kittu is in my clutches then??

Offo so shocking aww. Her enlarged… I nodded

“Yeah she is alive. I will present her at that big day, If you will cooperate with me then.??

She jumped in happiness. Kittu hai… Hai Kittu… She shouted some irregular words presenting grammatical errors…

She was about to open the door to tell Karthik about Shivika. I forbid her from to do so.

“No not now. Solely on that big day.”

Anika : As a caring brother, He has the right to know.

Me: Hoga par uske baad Kittu tumhe kabhi ni milegi. Kabhi ni…

To be continued…….

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