Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 14

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Episode 14

Some hours ago- before the Oberoi juniors leaving to VVT’s home.

Vaani excused for drinking water. Advika, Shivaani, Anika and Karthik remained. Shivika just took a look at Adi. He felt her anger in that gaze.

“Saanjh if you wanna say something then please. I can’t bear this silence anymore.”

Anika gestured “What happened??”

Shivaani: Ohh again fight??

Karthik: Look if have a plan to cut wrist they don’t expect me for donating blood.

Anika gestured to Adi about the matter.

“I don’t know Bua. Everything was fine before a couple of minutes. I don’t know anything. Tell her to say something.”

Kittu: Haan that is the problem. You can’t see anything in fact you don’t want to see. You are the synonym of selfishness.

Adi: Selfishness!!! Stop accusing me Saanjh ?? and if you had seen something wrong then you can utter me

Kar: Kittu, if you have some problems with him then discuss it with each other. Avoid enlarging the topic.

Kittu: Adi you are forgotten.

Adi: What ??.

Kittu: Now you have everything your Mom, Dad, brother, wife, family everything. Remember Adi there was a time once you were alone, no no you weren’t alone. There was an individual who always stayed with you. For playing with you, for wiping your tears… In everybody’s absence. You both shared happiness and sorrows and today you gained everything. How easily you ignored him.

Adi: Saanjh

He unbelievably called. She tugged his hand and led him to Vivi’s room. She stopped a little far away to the entrance of his room. Vivi was pressing a stress ball vainly distressed. That lonely grief was evident in his face. A tear drop unknowingly emerged from Adi’s eyes. He remembered their childhood, blight due to double Ro (Rohan and Rohit).

“Yeah Kittu we are completely forgotten. ”

Adi nodded,

“For you it is your fault but for me, it is a large sin done by me. How could I. Thank you Saanjh…???”

Adi weeped… Anika tried to console him…

“No need to worry man. Go and say sorry”, Karthik advised. Anika also nodded. She could only do that. Nodding.

Adi dared to go near him but he was stopped by Shivika.

“Where are you going??”

Adi: To ask forgiveness…

Shivika kissed on his cheeks suddenly. Wiped his tears with her thumbs.

“Ohh My baby is crying. Too bad too bad. Ladke ni rote yaar. I know you were sinking in the spontaneous happiness. You can’t ignore your loved ones. That’s why I’m loving you so so much”

Others were aww…

“Why everybody is so shocked. I just kissed my husband. Doesn’t did a crime. In fact it’s god’s grandeur that the kiss was not passionate.”

Anika gave her a slight slap…

“Ohh wow you can watch lip locks in movies. If I just kissed my hubby. It is a sin..”

Shivaani: It is VFX might be…

Adi: Saanjh, I know something is rolling through your mind.

Kittu: Imagine, you said sorry. Haan you have to do it but not now. Imagine you invited him to Mama’s home. He will be happy… But do he consider that house as his own?? Your parents as his own??

Adi: Dad and Mom will allow him.

Kittu: Off course they will but not Vivaan. Agar aisa hai then why he isn’t calling Mr Oberoi as Paapa

Everybody became hell shocked by her unexpected conclusions. Yeah it was right. Why he accepted Shivaay only as his uncle. Shivaay never showed any partiality between Adi and Vivaan.

“That’s because he can accept his real parents as his Mom and Dad. But we can gift him something. We can give him a best life partner. Main usse uska humsafar ko dena chahti hoon. Main usse Vaani ko dena chahti hoon. I want gift him our Bittu”

Shivaani: Vaani ??

Kittu: Haan.

Anika turned her against him…

“Don’t scold me Mumma. Love is in between them. But they are failing to recognize.”

Karthik side hugged Shivika joyfully.

“Don’t be angry Mumma. My stupid Sisoo is right. I also had seen the sparks of love in them.”

Chiku: No no, if something like that then she would have revealed it to us…

Adi: I’m with Shivaani. Vivi also would have revealed it to me.

Kittu: Ayyooo they also don’t know they are in love… You want proof na… I will give you.

Vaani returned with Gauri.

“What’s going on here ??.”

Shivaani: We are discussing about a proposal for you. He is Adi’s friend…

Vaani’s face dimmed like a zero volt bulb…

She excused…

“I told you na… She is in love.”

Shi: But she could say it to us. There is no problem in the relationship…

Kittu: I will prove it tonight… Wait and watch… Vivaanika is in love.

Question marks were revolving around Gauri’s head.

Because of their sudden and unexpected bonding with each other.

“Jijji do they know each other??”

Anika indicated some signs which Gauri couldn’t understood…

“Maasi, I will help you”

Karthik offered her a helping hand.

Maasi!!! Gauri put forth some expressions of suspicions.

“Maasi now no more hide and seek. He is my brother. In fact they both are my sisters.”, Shivika unfolded.

Gauri is just aww.. Is it possible?? How?? Shivaani and Adi unfolded the mysteries.

“Matlab dho Chiraiyya aur ek Chirauta ??.”

Anika happily held Gauri’s hand.

“Omkara ji. He also has to know.”

Kittu: Maasi listen listen……. Let’s have some fun… We will tell him later…

They conveyed Gauri and left to the destination.


Sun bid a temporary goodbye. Neverthlessly

Ahaan’s room already surrendered in front of darkness. He was decked in the early dirty executive outfit. She laid over him. Her lips touched on his back neck. Her hand was moving through his body. Their hands tangled.

“Naaraaz ho??”

Ahaan: You are too late.

Shivaani: I was doing my duty. As a daughter, as a doctor.

Ahaan: Now you got time for me, for us right??

He tried to become rude. She blind folded him.

“Feel me.”

She also closed her eyes. Their lips told the matters left unsaid… That small lip lock slowly slowly turned a larger one… Ambika called them for dinner. That shout murmured that it was their beautiful dream. They are still at the brink of kiss. Nothing happened and nothing gonna happen….

“Excuse me.”

He attempted to go and moved until her hand stopped him.

“Shivaani please.”

Shiva: Shivaani kyun Chipkali kyun ni?? ??

Ahaan: Kyunki ab hum bachche ni rahe.


Anika laid on her brother’s lap… Under the sky garnished with shining stars. A little frozen climate roaming around that lawn. Gauri’s head was resting on Devyani’s lap… A tear droplet expelled from her eyes. Sentiments and emotional drama is over… Now love is remaining only love. That lonely talks left unsaid since childhood, it is remaining. Some unbreakable promises are remaining…

“Gauri, I know it is too late but I’ll be there for you. Whenever you wants me.”, VVT uttered.

Gau: I want you Bhaiyya… From now to rest of my life.

Devyani kissed on her head…

“Forgive me Beta, I can’t give you your Paapa back.”

Gau: Maa it was not your fault. It was destiny’s foul play. He is our sweet memory.Paapa is around us… He will be happy if you both will forgive Badebhaiyya.

Dev: How could you say that Gauri. Look at your sister’s condition.

Gau: She is becoming more and more fine day by day. That is only because of Badebhaiyya. Due to his unintentional love and presence.

VVT: You are right in your point of view but Gauri. He is the reason…

Gau: Badebhaiyya can’t do such a crime.

Anika held VVT’s hands… He avoided her hands.

VVT: It has been 24 years. I was trying to make you understand that he did it. But you are not willing. Anika your over trust will break you once.

Gauri decided to wind up the topic.

The emotional atmosphere changed to scandal when Gauri kicked Anika slightly…

“He is my Bhaiyya. You were savoring his love and care. Now I want it… Utho utho I wanna rest on his lap.”

Anika signalled Devyani…

“No no Maa is also mine.”

They started fighting… Anika clutched Gauri’s hair. Gauri bited on Anika’s hand…

“Maa they are battling like childhood.”

Dev: Your Papa’s heavenly soul will be happy after seeing this cute fight.

Everybody came near them followed by Shivika and Shivaani.Shivika side hugged VVT.

“Stop it guyz. Mama is loving me more.”

Shi: And Nani loves me more.

Shivaani also side hugged Devyani. Shivika showed Anika’s hair to VVT…

“Mama look I took your sister to salon. Nice makeover na.”

VVT: And the credit goes to my Princess.

Kittu: Dekha my Maama is in my side. Sirf unko fikr hai meri.

The other three disdainfully grinned at her.

Adi: Dad you are spoiling her. You are pampering her too much… I have to tolerate her for lifelong na.

VVT: Sometimes over love also leads to disaster Adi. Just like I used her for my revenge. I couldn’t pardon myself till. Just because me she tried to…

Shivika covered his mouth.

“Stop accusing yourself Mama. It was my stupidity. Aapko meri kasam hai. Don’t blame yourself again.”

Adi side hugged him from another side…

“Paapa pyaar hona humhaare bas mein tha. We are destined to be together therefore we loved each other. Because of those incidents everything gonna fine now.”

Aradhya served kheer for everyone. Ankita noticed her and Ahaan’s bowl.

“Ohh more Kheer for Bhaiyya ?.”

Ahaan: Off course because I am the favorite of my Mom and Maasi.

He hugged Ambika and Aradhya unite.

Adi: Once upon a time Bhaiyya. Now I’m my Mom’s favorite.

Adi also hugged Ambika.

Ankita tightly hugged and kissed Anika.

“I’m my Bua’s favorite.”

Meanwhile Karthik was lost in his deep thoughts.

“What happened Karthik??”, Gauri questioned… He nodded nothing.

“Nothing Maasi, I’m missing Sahil Mama. Agar woh bhi yahan hote toh kitna achcha hota.”

Gauri: Oops I forgot. Woh Chirauta kahan hai…

Aradhya: Dheedhi he is in St Peter’s Berg. He is the Indian ambassador there.

Gau: I can’t believe this. Our lil Sahil… He is a husband, father…and such a good profession.

Chiku: And he is hating Paapa the most. He is right in his stand.

Gau: Beta, maybe he’s wrong.

Karthik: And he is lying right?? ??

Gau: No no I doesn’t meant that.

Vaani: Maasi don’t say anything against Chote mama in front of him. He is Chote mama’s pet.

Karthik: Haan toh, he is my mentor, friend everything. He is the the reason for what I am now. He always gave me the courage… Helped me to achieve my goals for life

Things began to flow out of Karthik’s hands. His ire started rising spontaneously. Now there is an only one path… Changing the topic..

“Everybody is somebody’s pet and I am alone ??.”, Vaani complained childishly… Shivika gained her trump card from that single simple sentence…

“Haan haan you are harppic’s 0.01% germ. Lonely germ. What a pity.”

Vaani: Mumma ??.

Anika pinched on Shivika’s hand… She alerted Vaani to calm down.

“I said the truth Mumma. Just look at you. Your favorite is Anu na.”

Ankita back hugged Anika and showed her tongue to Vaani just for teasing.

Ambika: Gauri, Anika come I will show you your room. Go to sleep everybody

Vaani: No no Maami. No sleep. We met too many days later…

Ambika: Yeah…

Shivika glared rudely at Ambika.

“Yeah but I’m feeling dizzy.”

Ankita yawned, “Good night guyzz.” she left.

Kittu: Offo mine is sleepless night. My hypothesis is still pending.. ???.

Adi: I don’t have any work and sleep is not showing it’s mercy on me…

Kittu: Then please help me ??

Adi: Offo we have earth and sky’s difference. You are a great genetic engineer and I am a poor MBA holder…

Kittu: Idiot ?

Shivika left inside distressed. Shivaani glanced at Ahaan. He approached Adi for avoiding her.

“Second show… I think three of should go for a second show.”

Shivaani: Okay ?.

Ahaan: I mentioned Adi and Karthik. Second show and night doesn’t suits for girls in India. Even nights and days also.

Vaani: Why ??. Why it doesn’t suits us. Men and women have the same rights everywhere. Our constitution is assuring it. If it is like you said then it is against Indian constitution and the fundamental rights of an Indian citizen. The right to equality…

Ahaan: Ohh Lawyer Saheba is charged.

Karthik: You are right in your point of view Bittu. But there are too many blo*dy brute animals here. They don’t know your Indian Penal code and the great Indian constitution. A girl is not safe under the shields of your so called constitution. Hmm justice for Asifa, Soumya and the list is enlarging… DP’s color is changing not the circumstances. Today she will scream from Kashmir and tomorrow maybe Kanyakumari. And we are just lighting candles for her. Afsos toh iss baat ka hai ki her memories don’t have the life span of at least those candles. Again new morning and new victim and the great democratic India is shouting

Justice for ———-


“Hmm tell me something.”, Vivaan said. Time is 2 am. Vivaanika’s phone in conversation is still on.

“You tell me. Yaar this boredom. Here everybody is sleeping and I don’t want to sleep. Therefore thought to call you.”

Vivi: Tell me onething why you don’t want to sleep??

Vaani: I wish to savor this world… It is too adorable. I started loving this world more and more and more.

Vivi: Cancer hai kya??

Her eyes widened for a second.

“Wh what??”

Vivi: Your crazy literature compelled me to ask. You are a demon and every mortal diesease will elope from your evil clutches.

Vaani: Please don’t talk about death. I hate it. Something else please…

Vivi: Okay… I’m gonna apply for a bank loan.

Vaani: How much…

Vivi: I donno but I want at least 1 cr.

Vaani: 1 cr bank loan for you!!! Are you mad?? Do you have any any property to apply for loan.

Vivi: I don’t know. But Mamas and Nanu Nani knows. My parents definitely saved something for me na. I doesn’t asked them about it but now I have to do something stunning in my own risk.

Vaani: Ask to Paapa he will help you.

Vivi: I mentioned you, I wanna do it in my own risk. Our Halluboy is eagerly waiting to see the world.

Vaani: Our Halluboy??

Vivi: Haan my self-made game.

Vaani: I asked about “our”.

Vivi: Yup our. You are my inspiration, you motivated me and the name suggestion is also yours.

Vaani: My word and patent is yours?? Copy cat.

Vivi: I thought company’s name also..

Vaani: Tell me…

Vivi: No no never ever.

I will show you once.

The conversation continued…. Shivika, Shivaani and Ankita were overhearing everything…

“Chiku, I told you na she is in love with Vivaan.”

Shivaani: I don’t think so. It is a common chit chat.

Shivi: Common chit chat..?? hmm at 3 AM. That too with a guy.

Shiva: She is an extrovert…

Anu: I’m also feeling that Kittu di is right. Haan she is an extrovert. But if she feels lonely. Then she could call her BFF Ria or else Aman. She has numerous friends then why Vivaan Jiju.

Shiva: Seriously!!! Jiju!!

Kittu: Haan we accepted him as our Jiju.

Chiku: At least you can ask them.

Kittu: Their answers will be “No”. Love is in air. Remaining is the recognition.

They again concentrated on Vaani’s conversation. In one point Ankita observed Shivaani. She caught up the grief and confusions exploring on Shivaani’s face.

“Are you okay Chiku di??”

Kittu: Who told you. She is not okay. Bhaiyya had gone without her. That too for a movie. Shah Rukh’s movie. Waise I’m also feeling bad ??. But this was inevitable for Adi’s bonding with Jiju and Karthik.

Chiku: Sometimes stronger bonds will also gets weaker Kittu.

Kittu: Stop it yaar. Don’t be distressed. Achcha theek hai. You wanna watch a movie with him right?? Anu book 8 tickets. We are going for a movie at this weekend.

Anu: 8 tickets. ??

Kittu: Haan 8. You and Karthik, Me and Adi, Chiku and Ahaan Bhaiyya, Vaani and Vivaan. I also want to show you all that there is something between Vivaanika… OMG you know Chiku Shravan’s movie is releasing at this weekend.

Chiku: Idiot flirt ?.

Kittu: Hehe he is a prankster. But Chiku he is awesome. It needs courage to laugh and do pranks amid of such sorrows.

Adi told me, he is an orphan. His mother burned herself in front of him after knowing his Dad’s extra marital affair. His step-mom shot his Dad. And something something.


Anika fumbled in darkness… Her tears doesn’t noticed by anyone; none heard her silent screams…

Suddenly her fingers entangled with other five. Someone’s lips gently touched her neck. She couldn’t elope from his clutches as she is familiar with that masculine odour.

A lots of sky lanterns lighted unite.

She saw his face, She attempted to call him.

Shivaay wrapped around her waist.

“Thank you.”

Her eyelids blinked, she asked ‘what’ with head.

“For giving such four children.”

He showed her that previous letter. Anika became damn shocked.

Bhavya: Bhabhi we are sorry. We kidnapped you. We couldn’t control ourselves after knowing such truth…

Gau: Sorry Jijji I helped them.

Pinky hugged Anika, she stroked her head…

“Thank you, thank you for making my dream come true.”

Pinky wiped her tears..

“Anika I don’t know how much I am happy now. My grandson, my Shivaay’s son… He will forward our vansh,

my granddaughters, they will make my home heaven. They will call me Dadi. It’s all cz of you.”

Anika nodded in tears.

Shakti slightly slapped on her cheeks two times.

“Thank you Anika beta. We are really glad and excited. Thanks.”

Om: I think we should leave them alone…


Karthik has broken down cz of Saahil’s tight slap. Ankita tugged Saahil back…

“Paapa please he is innocent.”

Saah: That’s the issue that he is innocent and everybody is taking advantage of him. Karthik how dare you to sent Di with SSO… It’s for good that I returned back.

Chiku: Mama woh OmRu Chachus were planning a surprise for them.

Saahil: He is dangerous Chiku. And Bhaiyya you too changed your stand??

VVT: No I didn’t. I tried my best but you know her.

Vaani: You don’t know how he saved her?? His unconditional love for Mumma.

Saahi: Me!! Seriously Bittu?? Solely I know the intensity of their love story. Maybe I am wrong and SSO is right, I am also wishing my Di to rescue her love. But he confessed everything in front of me. How could he harm my Di. Afsos mujhe iss baat ka hai ki Di is still believing him. Her love and trust will break her once.


Family members are already gone. Shivaay reached his hand.

“lets dance.”

Moon and stars peeped from the sky. That terrace garnished like heaven…

They danced in rejoice.

“I’m sorry.”, he said..

She indicated what??

“For sending that goon for throwing you out of that house.”

Her heart stopped for a second. That gorgeous eyes widened in shock. She unbelievably jerked him. That past incidents ran through her mind like a movie…her sufferings. That goon’s misdeeds. If Saahil didn’t came to her rescue then?? She would have raped brutally. Her infants and their lives…

That thoughts unitedly resulted in a tight slap for Shivaay.

To be continued…….

Let’s wait for Shivika’s separation.

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