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After their vows Maan and Geet went to Anika’s room and saw her sleeping peacefully. They went near him and started to caress her hair and said to said to the sleeping figure.

Maan : Princess we love u a lot. I’m really happy that v got u back.

Geet : Maan she is even my princess. (said with angry pout)

Maan : Ok, Ok she is not ur princess, neither mine (Geet was confused) she is our princess. (Geet was really happy and Maan was really happy to see a constan smile on geet’s face. While they were talking with each other they heard some one talking with a sad pout.)

Unknown people : Then what about us.

Maan and geet turned back to identify who was talking it. When they saw the souce it brought a bright smile on their face. Because the source was none other than their children Gouri, Sowmya and Ranveer.

Gousowmveer : Then what about us dad and mom u guys don’t love us. U guys love only Anika di. (Said with a small sad pout.)

Maneet : Aww my babies we love u too.

(As soon as they heard it they started to smile very brightly and they came near them Gouri and Sowmya went near Geet and Gouri put her head on shoulder and Sowmya put her head on Geet’s lap as soon as they did Geet started to caress their hair and simuntaneously did the same thing with Anika and Ranveer. Ranveer said with Maan and started to talk to him about his life and also said that he loves Priyanka and wanted to marry her.

Maan : Really I’m really happy about it because Oberois have a good status and more than that ur mom and I like prinku a lot she is like out daughter itself really innocent and also ver obedient child and also their family’s precious treasure she has good manners and also a best partner we can get u guys make a great pair u see.

Ranveer : Dad wow like really u guys r not against it.

Maneet : Nope we r completely happy about that.

Goumya : Than we also want to share something with u guys.

Maneet : And what is that our baby doll (Sowmya) and Sweety (Gouri).

Gouri : Dad Om proposed me and I accepted it infact even I love him from childhood. But never told him as I couldn’t store enough courage within me. An d now finally my dream fulfilled.

Maneet : That is really good to hear. And Sowmya we know what u wanted to tell us. (Sowmya was confused so she ased then how they know about it what she was going to tell and waht about that to that they simply said that) We know that u wanted to say that u and Rudra love each other and also u guys proposed each other and about how then let us tell u we have ever small info about u guys.

Sowmya : Really mom and dad I’m really happy.

Maneet : Even v r equally happy about it.

(And by that they started to talk and talk and slowly they shifted to deep slumber Maan and Geet looked at each other they for last kissed their foeheads and covered them with comforters and went to their room. Geet was really happy that she slept and Maan was thinking about Anika and about her life but he were unaware that their thoughts/dreams are going to be fulfilled.

Here in Shivaay’s room After Shivaay got to know that even Anika has same feelings for him he decided to propose her but even now he is in dilema that the feelings he have is just love or infactuation. So in order to come out of this he thought to talk to Mana about it did i forget to mention that Maan and Shivaay are really good friends and they always share everything with each other so that is the reason he went to Maan and Geet’s room he thought to talk to him later but couldn’t stop so he knocked on the door.

Knock, Knock.

Maan : Who is that….

Shivaay : Uncle it is me Shivaay.

Maan : wait a second Shivaay u wait for me in the Garden I’ll just come in few minutes.

Shivaay : Ok uncle by sayig this he went to the Garden and sat on a bench and started to wait for Maan.

After that Maan made Geet comfortable by covering her with duvet and came out of his room and walked towards the garden and there he saw Shivaay sititng on the bench and thinking something.

Maan’s POV

Today is really a heectic day for us because 1st was that incident and after that thinking about out children’s future that to with my life partner Geet. when she is with me I forget the whole world. She was always my support system, she always helped me at part of our life. If I say it to her then she would obviously deny saying that she didn’t do nothing much compared to me. But I have to say Geet had to go through a lot of situations where sometime she lost the hope to survive

(revealed later If u watched Geet Hui Sabse Parayi then u may have a little idea what I’m talking about if not don’t than also don’t worry because all these things are going to come under the category of Flashback so going to be revealed if the story permits me Well let’s get back to the story.)

And after that we went to Anika’s room to have a look at her. Because in all these affairs Anika is the one who suffered a lot. She forgot everything well that doesn’t matter at some point because there is nothing that she can remember about us but at some point it does matter too because she forgot about her siblings all the happiest moments she spent along with them. Weel memories can be made again but at this point believing in someone can be a hardest job for her but u know what I have faith in Shivaay, I know he will settle the scores and make her believe in us. When we (Maan and Geet) were watching the sleeping figure of Anika we have some intruders well not exactly because they are part of our family too because they are none other than Gausowmveer then were reallt cranky and needs to get our attention well we would love to giver our attention and also pamper them. These were the things we missed a lot our phase of Parenthood watching our children growing, achieving something in their lives if not that at least seeing them happy we could n’t see that too but the only thing we assured was their safety. Eventhough we are far away from them we assured that their safe. Well when Rekha and Raghav were alive at least we could see their videos but after their death we couldn’t Obreois because it was too risky. Eventhough I’m powerful THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA but there were somethings that happened in the past that made me realize that eventhough I’m THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA I can’t write my own destiny where ever the destiny leads me I’ve to go there. I was really enjoying being with my family back again after a long time that is 22 years, 1 months, 11 days, 20 hours, 6 minutes and 5 seconds so good to be back again. And while talking only Gausowmveer went to sleep. We covered them with blankets went to our room and started to talk how the life turned into 360 degrees and we were really glad that Gausowmveer were in love with the Oberois but only thing we concern now was about Anika we guessed that she may love or fall in love with Shivaay according to the predictions and previos encounters because all our children except the Anika and Shivaay we know they love each other and according that we guessed that they also may fall in the same track. After that we confessed each other being together for the rest of the life and also welcoming the new sunshine rays for a beautiful still not sure what is stored for us but for now we were enjoying each and ever moment. While we were talking about this I noticed that Geet fell asleep . and for me sleep was forgotten business at first we use to have a peacefull time to spend and also spend some beautiful moments together but also in past before we being together Geet and Me came face to face in worst situations where I never to be in that situation but destiny forced us to . And after that……. ***while i was thinking there was a knock at the door*** and it was Shivaay I was expecting me because eventhough we spended time together for a small amount time but also we too are almost alike or u can say much alike we have a good bonding now. We have a lot of things that match let it be attitude or cooking. I even now remember Dadi making fun of me When I was cooking an omlete for Geet when she was pregnant because…..

(revealed later sorry for the dissapointment but it goes in this way so let it be revealing later make much more sense than revealing now because it doesn’t have any head or tail to add this so have patience.)

So I said the person to come Inside and it was….. Well it is obviously Shivaay. He looked tensed and his facial expressions said a lot. He said he wants to talk to me and can’t disscuss it with neither mom because she can’t understand nor dad because he was sleeping. Now I understood he wants to have some Men’s talk because “Men will be Men” and we also have some private talks unlike girls well their conversations always will be about fashion and some stupid things well I don’t know anything more than that nor I heard anything because I just heard Geet talking to Pinky about these stuff only about others than it is a forgotten buisiness because will kill me for sure and I personally don’t like it too. Because I used to belong to her, I belong to her right now and will remain. I always dreamt of my future with itself not others. Well I’m girls boy not others. So I made her comfortable and went to thee Garden not before giving a kiss on her forhead. After that I went to the garden and I saw Shivaay was sitting on the bench and thinking about something…. Well let me guess probably he is thinking about the recent even he seemed quite confused and also excited well I don’t know what the reason may be but I guess there is a good news waiting in store for us. Well I’m not the who can make good estimations but the thing I can only do was hope for the best.

And with this I’m ending the story. Hope u hade a good reading. Guys I post the samething to all my Wattpad and Tellyupdate readers I don’t edit it so. Manan Ek Pyaar Ki Kahani I posted in wattpad.If my tellyupdate readers wants it then I’m going to post it in Tellyupdates too not a big deal. But guys for that pls, pls, do comment and For my Wattpad readers I request u 2 vote and comment too because that would motivate me to write further. Well I’ll not discontinue it and nor set a line by threatening u guys that if my votes/comments doesn’t reach this limit than I’ll discontinue nor post any updates but just I’m making a request hope u guys understand it. Well gud day guys and see u next time with my another update untill then take care and love u guys don’t forget too read my stories which are




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