Hello guys I’m Shivikajkmn back with another episode of Ishqbaazi Oberois. Hey wow nowadays IB is getting is much better. I;m really loving the episodes of Ishqbaaz it is really getting much interesting these days. And guys I’m posting my FF in wattpad too so u can read my FF there too and the title is the same. Ok guys I talked a lot today so let me start my FF.

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Part 16
Story recap : Singhaniyas go to Oberoi Mansion for a trip. Roop killed Mr&Mrs Singhaniya and Anika has been kidnapped, Gauri and Ranveer to get apart from Sowmya in a car accident. Shivaay, dadi and Tej gets to know about Anika Singhaniya (Anu) being alive in New York (USA). Shivaay’s encounter with Anika. Shivika feeling the presence of each other. Tia’s entry into Tammy uncle’s Mansion. Shivika’s liplock,

Person : Nothing is going to happen to her Geet. When MAAN SINGH KHURANA IS HERE NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO MY DAUGHTER.

(Yes guys the couple are revealed to Mr&Mrs Khurana i.e Maan Singh Khurana & Geet Maan Singh Khurana. While everyone are in shock. And they don’t know what to say.)

Geet : But Maan Anika lost a lot of blood we need to go to hospital.

Maan : Yes geet ur right.

(Maan lifts Anika in his arms and carried her to the car and the Oberois and Ranveer silently followed them to the Hospital. After reaching the hospital a huge crowd of media people surrounded them. Ranveer pushed everyone to a side and lead the way to Maan and Geet and other family members.)

Maan : Doctor, Doctor, Nurse, anybody there It’s an emergency dammit .

Doctor : Oh my the patient has lost a lot of blood. Nurse prepare for the operation theatre right now. It’s a really serious case. (Guys Anika was given a high dosage of drugs to keep her unconscious and also she has been badly wounded.)

(Anika was taken into the into the emergency room. The Oberois and Khuranas are waiting outside the operation theater. Maan was consoling geet and further consoled by Ranveer and Sowmya who got to know about the truth of Maan and Geet being their parents. And the Oberois were consoling themselves. Suddenly the doctor comes out of the operation theater.)

Maan and Shivaay in union : How is Anika doctor???? ( after saying this looked at each other.)

Doctor : Well I know that u guys are really desperate for the patient but let me say that the patient has lost a lot of blood and also she has been given a high dosage of drugs so it is really impossible to save her.

Maan and Shivaay in union again : U don’t know who I’m. I’m Maan Singh Khurana/Shivaay Singh Oberoi. With my power I’ll shut ur hospital. So be careful while treating her and YES if u don’t make this operation successful or else did u get it right. NOW GGGGOOOOO!!! (They screamed.)

Doctor : Ok ok (really scared) I’ll try my best.

Maan and Shivaay in union : Not try ur best but u have to do it. (Again screamed poor doctor he is going to be dead soon)

(After 1 hour the doctor again comes from the Operation Theatre and Maan and shivaay were like. Don’t come outside without any good news otherwise I’ll kill u and gave those kind of looks.)

Doctor : Ok I came outside to just say that She is out of Danger and she needs some rest. And ya she is really lucky to have a Dad and Husband like u because u guys really care for her.

(Shivaay blushes at this statement and this was noticed by everyone and everyone were like What is happening here.)

Maan : Doctor by the way can we see our Anika.

Doctor : Yup Sure but pls don’t disturb her she needs a lot rest.

Maan and Shivaay were the first person to go no rush inside they took the seats beside her and they holded her hand and they were caressing her hair.

( I know guys that Shivaay hesitates a lot to express his feelings but also really possessive towards Anika which makes him really cute wait what did I say he is cute well he is really handsomest bachelor in the whole India I’ve to say whatever he has a tough competition between himself and his future father-in-law *I mean Maan Singh Khurana not less than anyone I have to say and I mean it.*. And our Shivaay kept on crying even after seeing his ladylove safe.)

Maan : uh Shivaay calm down now I guess u need to take some rest ur really tired.

Shivaay : No uncle I’m alright I’ll be with Anika u guys can go and take rest.

(Geet omru understood what Shivaay was saying and they chuckled a little bit.)

Geet : Maan Shivaay is right I guess we need to take rest and ya Ranveer we r gonna tell the truth after Anika will be perfectly alright. Now let’s go.

Ranveer ; Ok “MOM” *he emphasizes the word MOM*

(Geet was really happy she just hugged Ranveer as tight as possible.)

Maan and Geet hugged Ranveer and said mom and loves u beta.

Anika : Ranveer who is this and who are u guys. Shivaay what is going on.

(Ranveer was shocked that she doesn’t remember him.)

Ranveer : Anu me I’m Ranveer ur brother.

Anika : Tammy uncle what is going on here I don’t know who he is??? I don’t know who these people are. Shivaay would u answer my question or….. Ah my head is paining.

Tammy uncle : Ani beta just take rest. Shivaay u stay here. Rest of u pls come with me. We need to talk.

(Shivaay stayed in the room itself and the rest of them left along with Tammy uncle.)

Ranveer : Mr Dharmender what’s going on why Anu di didn’t recognize me.

Tammy uncle : Anika lost her memory. On that day……

(FB :

On that day when I came to India to meet Raghav I saw a girl lying on the ground her head was bleeding a lot and she was unconscious lying on the ground like a lifeless body when I turned the girl’s face I was shocked to see Anika in that place and in that situation I was totally numb. I just went to the hospital. And the doctor said she was bleeding a lot and her head was injured in such a way that they have to do a head surgery and also they were r not sure whether she will survive or not after the operation. But I trusted in God and the operation was successful and my happiness have no bounds but something pricked that’s the truth that due to heavy injury on the head she lost her memory and they were 50-50 chances of her memory back. Till now I still have a hope that she will remember all of us. And I also got to know that Raghav and Rekha are dead and was like Raghav and Rekha are dead and I found Anika in this situation so I felt something fishy so I immediately left to Mexico I changed my identity to Tammy. At that time I just thought about Anu beta security so without informing u guys I had to take this big decision for her safety.)

Ranveer : Why always my dii have to suffer. Ha why always my dii???? Dad… (Maan looked at Ranveer with a lot of pain clearly visible on his face) I mean Mr Singhaniya had always tried to hide this secret from us but I got to know about it but I really don’t know that Mrs Roop Oberoi is behind all these things and also I never told to anyone as I was not big enough to act according to the situation so I remained quiet and next was this murder, and Anika di’s kidnap it was really hard to digest. And before I could realize and understand the situation another disaster of my life that is the accident which separated me from chutki(Gaauri) and Sowmu. And after the accident someone found me near the river side bank and they adopted me took care of me as if I was their own child and next from my childhood I was dieing hard to become a police so that I can investigate about my family personally and officially and of course legally too.

Rudra: Wait a second when u know about us being the Oberois and also when u remembered everything then why didn’t u come to us. U know what Sowmya was crying she just remember that she has a family with parents 2 sisters and 1 brother even though she doesn’t remember everything due to the accident but she do remember some glimpses of her past.

Ranveer : Actually Rudra Bhaiya (guys Prinku and Ranveer same age and they are younger than rudra so) even though I know about u guys I can’t contact u because I just had a strong belief that this murder, Anika di’s kidnap, our accident is kind of interrelated to each other and also…..

Om : And also u may have a strong suspicion that even at that time someone was observing our each and every move. And so for our safety u were away from us but even though ur away from us and u were investigating about the case but also u never left us alone as u sended 2 of ur constables as our bodyguards to have an eye on us.

Ranveer : How did u know about it. I mean yeh ur right. And by the way dad….(Maan was on cloud 9 he was like my son my son is calling me dad after so many years and he was in teary eyes. He hugged his son immediately with lots of love, care, sadness, happiness, everything was putted into the hug.)

Maan : I’m really happy, I’m the happiest father in the world can’t believe it u called me dad. Oh God I was just dieing to hear this.

Ranveer : I know that ur really happy but before that I just wanted to know the truth. If u and maa r my parents then why did Mr&Mrs Singhaniya said that they are our parents.
Maan : Ranveer at that time Anu’s age was 3yrs, Gauri’s age was 2yrs, Sowmya’s age was 1yr, and finally Ranveer’s age was 9 months. Snd handed all your responsibilities to Mr&Mrs Singhaniya. Re… Rekha…. is my….my…. sister and….and…. Raghav ….is my….my brother…..-in…..-law (said this while sobbing in between his talks.)

(Everyone were shocked as they don’t know about this truth this was truly a shocking revelation. And after that he continued his talks.)

Rekha was not my own sister but she was my adopted sister and this truth was unknown to the world as Rekha wanted to achieve something on her own and dad just helped in her studies only and with all her efforts she got the scholarship and also she got an opportunity to study in abroad.
And after mom and dad died this secret has remained as a secret as she married to Raghav Singhaniya and she officially came to be known as Rekha Singhaniya instead of Rekha Khurana. And after Geet gave birth to my babies and we were so happy even Rakha came to the hospital to congratulate us. But that day we never thought it would be a nightmare for us. Separating ourselves from our children was a nightmare itself but another nightmare was Roop torturing us. She held us as captive and she tried to kill Geet….

Geet : But Maan was always my saviour, we somehow escaped from there but she was guarding the Singhaniya’s mansion so we couldn’t meet our babies nor we stayed there as Roop may harm u guys if she gets to know about it. So we just settled in Australia but even though our bodies were there but our souls were just thinking about u guys. how are my babies??? what are they doing??? Did they eat anything or not just always thinking about u guys. (While saying this she started to cry Maan was trying to console her but Geet was too stubborn she was not calling then suddenly Ranveer who couldn’t see her mom cry vigorously just hugged her tight. Both felt the warmth of being with each other after so many years. Sowmya was literally crying )

Sowmya : Mom did u forget me???

Geet : (Geet just extended her arms and Sowmya just hopped in her.) Sowmya my baby (kissed her forehead).

Sowmya : I really missed u maa.

Geet : Me too baby. (Everyone became too emotional seeing their bond. After wiping her tears Geet asks where is my Gauri.

(Everyone except Ranveer Maan and geet were numb and their legs were glued to the floor.)

Ranveer : Will u say something pls where is my chutki di.

(Everyone were in deep thoughts they don’t know how to react and how they will react after knowing the truth that they itself don’t know whether she is alive or dead. But their thoughts were interrupted by a voice and they turned towards the voice.)

Person : I’m here.

(The person’s eyes were filled with tears. She was literally crying. She just ran and hugged Ranveer and said)

Person : I’m here chote

Rudra : Chulbul what are u doing he is not O to hug him. U just spoiled my O and now Ranveer. Now a days O is always sticking to u like a gum. U snatched my O from me. I thought O will bring a very beautiful nice girl like Shivaay bhaiya brought Anika BHABHI bu….

(Everyone were shocked and their and their jaws dropped down. By saying this Rudra composed himself and continued)

I mean why O is bringing a brother-in-law for me instead of sister-in-law. (by saying this he made cry baby faces. And all started to laugh and now Om understood what he was trying to say and he was hell angry on him.)

Om : Ru nuts Rudra. First of all I’m straight and pls don’t damage my image.

Chulbul : Will u stop guys. I’m chiraya not chirota (I’m a girl not a boy.)

(Everyone were like what????? She slowly removes her wig.)

Ranveer : Gauriiiiiiii di. (And hugged her tightly.)

Om : Gauri why did u hid this from us.

Gauri : Actually

(FB :

On that day when I was passing by Tammy uncle’s room I heard him talking about mom and dad I mean Mr&Mrs Singhaniya so I just went into the room with a bang at that time I was literally crying I somehow composed myself and asked him Tammy uncle u know that I’m gauri so that is the reason u selected me over everyone even though I’m not qualified.

Tammy uncle : Ha my child actually Roop was behind u.

Gauri : Roop bua!!! Why is Roop bua behind me.

Tammy uncle : I don’t know but u have to always be in this guy form itself don’t reveal ur identity to anyone it will cause u harm.

Gauri : So Tammy uncle it is becoz of u that manager talked to my politely and asked me to do this.

Tammy uncle : Yes my child now ur safe.

Gauri : You know about me that means u also know about anu di, Ranveer and sowmu.

Tammy uncle : Well I know about Anika but Ranveer and Sowmya I don’t know about them.

Gauri : It’s ok probably di knows about it Wow so Anika di itself is my Anu di. Let me go and tell her (she was about to go buy Tammy uncle stopped her by holding her wrist.)

Tammy uncle : not now Gauri.

Gauri : Why uncle??? After so many days I’m meeting my Anu dii. I’m mean I daily chat with her but never talked like a sister. I just want a hug from her.

Tammy uncle : No Gauri…. (and says everything about how he found Anika and Mexico attackings and all those thing.)

Gauri : Now my di can’t remember me… (By saying this she started to cry. Tammy uncle somehow consoled her) Tammy uncle whatever u say I’ll do like that only.

Tammy uncle : Good girl, now get some rest…….)

So by like this I got to know about Anika di but now I just got to know about Roop bua and also about my and dad. (pointing towards Geet and Maan)
After saying she emotionally hugged Geet, Maan and Ranveer and eventually it became a family hug along with the Oberois and don’t forget about Sowmya. And yaa Shivaay and Anika were not there in the hug as they were inside the ICU.

And the screen freezes on the happy family and on the ICU where Shivaay hold Anika’s hand and sleeps there itself by joining their heads and slept so closely too Anika.


That’s it for today guys. And yup I’m really really sorry guys as I have some testing next week so was really busy in studying but don’t worry guys I’ll try to post my episode whenever I’m free so pls don’t be angry on me PLS…… PLS…. PLS…. Until then please read my FF and support me. See u next time with another episode guys. And yes like always Please throw your precious comments of concerns or appreciations or likes or dislikes or clarifications or confirmations everything is accepted. Bye Guys. Have a gud day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………… But don’t forget to comment.

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