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Part 15

(Shivaay went to his room to fetch some sleep but was shocked to see the person he opened his mouth in a perfect O shape.)

S : what r u doing in my room ANIKA (yes guys the person is none other than our Anika.)

A : Shivaay ur shocked as if u saw a ghost ?.

S : Actually ahh…. Mmm… U here …. What…. R u…..Ah…Doing… In my room?????

A : U can come to my room to calm me and to kiss me why can’t I come to ur room.

S : (Shivaay was shocked to see Anika so bold usually he assumed that girls r really sensitive and what not by seeing Anika so bold he was like Fhat the wuck!!! Compare to me she is more better than me. I can’t really express my feeling but Anika she is really different she always gives me shocks everything I guess she has tons of shocks in her store.)

A : Shivaay

*No response*

(She called him twice and thrice but no response so she was really angry so she blurted her anger by throwing water in him and our Shivaay is really drenched in water ??? and she was like.)

S : Fhat The wuck paanika ru mad throw water ? on me.

A : Mr baagad billa don’t call me paanika ur just spoiling my beautiful name Billu Ji.

S : Fhat the wuck don’t call me that.

A : what Billu ji.

S : that only.

A : i’ll call what will u do now Billuji, Billuji, Billuji​.

S : oh just stop stop stop it there. by the way if u excuse me then I will change my clothes.

(By saying this he goes inside the bathroom to change his clothes.)
S : (He open his kurta then he realized that he forgot to bring his set of clothes. He slowly opened the door thinking Anika left the room so he casually walked to his wardrobe to take his clothes then only he noticed that a pair of orbs were staring at him so without even thinking he said.)

S : Anika I know that I’m too handsome that doesn’t mean that u have to check on me.

*No response from Anika.*

S : Anika (then he turned back to see Anika so close to him.) Uhh Anika what r u doing???

A : Why can’t I come close to u ha??? U can come to my room and u consoled me and kissed me then why can’t I come to ur room.

(Shivaay was shocked to hear this from Anika now Anika came so close to Shivaay she is just inches apart from him Shivaay was mesmerized by her beauty. He dragged by her waist and with another hand he tucked few strands of hair behind her ear and slowly placed his hand on her face. Now his one hand is on her waist and the other hand was caressing her face and Shivaay was really enjoying to see his effect on her, now Shivaay couldn’t control anymore her perfume was driving him crazy, it was creating a havoc in him. He slowly grabbed her lips by his and and started to kiss her they were having a really passionate kiss, he was sucing her lower lip and was about to taste it fully but both of them got apart due to lack of oxygen. Now Anika’s face became like red swollen cherry who is blushing like hell. Shivaay was about to drag her for second round but someone knocked the main door continuously which dragged them from their fantasy world.)

A : Shivaay I’ll just go and open the door.

S : Anika I’ll also come with you.

(Anika slowly opened the door and saw a family near her Mansion’s doorstep. The family was shocked to see Anika and that too with Shivaay. Suddenly an elderly woman came near Anika and said.)

Elderly woman : Anika my child how r u????
(Anika was shocked as how then know about her. With gaining a lot of courage she said.)

A : Excuse me do I know u???

(Shivaay interrupted her and said)

S : Uh Anika this is my Family when I was talking to the online I introduced u but I didn’t show them to u. So this is my dadi Kalyani Singh Oberoi, My mom and dad Pinky and Shakti Singh Oberoi, my bade papa, badi maa(uncle and aunt) Tej and Jhanavi Oberoi and this is my dear sister Priyanka Singh Oberoi, also called as Prinku.

A : Oh wow I’m Anika by the way I know Shivaay introduced me but also I like to introduce myself.

Dadi : (Everyone were confused that why Shivaay and Anika are behaving this way so to clear out the confusion she asked.) Beta where are ur parents, I want to meet them.

(Now Anika was in teary eyed she somehow composed herself and said)

A : Dadi I don’t who are my parents. I was a orphan and Tammy uncle adopted me legally( guys that was the thing she knows other than that she doesn’t know anything and even Tammy uncle never said anything about her.)

Dadi : (Dadi understood why Shivaay was acting weird so she said.) It’s ok beta u go and take rest until then we’ll talk to Shivaay.

A : Ok Dadi.(By saying this she went from there.)

S : Dadi…

Dadi : No need to say anything I understood.

S : Dadi actually I have doubt probably she is our Anu because she doesn’t really remember us but…

Dadi : Shivaay she is our Anu only

S : But Dadi we don’t have any proof that she is our Anu.

Dadi : don’t worry we will get to know about it very soon.

(Everyone nodded their heads as yes in a chorus agreeing to dadi.)

S : Ok everyone I’ll show u ur rooms and we will have dinner later, after Tammy uncle come home. And Omru and Sowmya went outside to watch a movie so they will return back at 11:00pm.

(By saying this he showed their rooms and everyone went to their rooms and were relaxing themselves and also waiting for the call to have dinner.)

(Tammy uncle comes from his office as usual he goes to the kitchen to eat pastries but he didn’t find them there, so he calls Anika.)

Tammy uncle : Anu beta, Anu beta where r u. U didn’t prepare my pastries see ur uncle is starving.

A : ha uncle actually, I just kept all ur food in the basement, As today u have a small alcohol party with ur friends right.

Ta : Ohh Anu beta, ur so sweet but the bad news is the party has been postponed. I’m really sorry dear.

(Anika comes to Tammy uncle and says.)

A : Uncle, why r u saying sorry, it is not ur fault. It’s ok now all the food is ur bonus. Because I’m really happy today. (by saying this she started to blush.)

(By then all the family members comes to the hall as Shivaay has called them for dinner. Suddenly the whole family and Tammy uncle gets shock seeing each other.)

Tammy uncle : Kalyani u here what a pleasant surprise.

Dadi : Dharmender!!!!

(Now Shivaay was shocked to hear his dadi calling Tammy uncle as Dharmender.)

A : Tammy uncle how do u know dadi????

(Tammy uncle was about to say something then there was a power cut in the house. And Shivaay was like)

S : (saying this to himself in his mind) Fhat the wuck??? Tammy uncle was about to say something and this power cut. GOD whenever I just want to know the truth something unusual happens always.

(And suddenly Tammy uncle and Shivaay remembers something)

Tammy uncle and Shivaay : OMG Shit how can I forget this Anika is afraid of darkness.

(Suddenly the power came and everyone were shocked to see Anika missing.)

Shivaay : Anika, Anika where r u??? Anika.

Tammy uncle : Anu beta, Anu beta, my child, my baby where ru.

(By then a security guard enters the Mansion and says)

Security : SIR someone has KIDNAPPED ANIKA MADAM.

Shivaay : Fhat the wuck, someone Kidnapped Anika and u guys did nothing. U guys just fit for nothing.

Security 2 : Sir we know that we know that we did a wrong but we are not irresponsible. Actually the traitor has threatened us that if we follow them then she would kill Anika Madam. But don’t worry Sir, we always do our job sincerely so we putted a tracking device on the traitor’s shirt so now we can trace him easily.

Tammy uncle : Good Job, now trace the location.

Security : Sir we traced it. They are traveling in a private jet and they are heading to Rhode Island.

Shivaay : How much time does it take to travel from New York to Rhode Island.

Security : Sir it takes almost takes like 10-15 minutes.

Shivaay : (He calls to Khanna and says) Khanna arrange me a private jet quick.

Khanna : Sir don’t worry Sir I’m here only I already arranged the jet as Om sir called us.

Shivaay : What but Om is not in the house right then how did he know??/

(Om comes into the Mansion and says.)

Om : Shivaay actually Prinku called me and said everything so without wasting time I informed Khanna about it so don’t worry.

Khanna : Sir ur private jet is ready and it is on the runway.

Shivaay : Good Om, Rudra come with me.

(A person comes and says then what about me??? All looked at the direction of voice. And the person is revealed to be Ranveer. Yes guys it is Ranveer he came along with Tia.)

Shivaay : Tia u here???

Tia : Shivaay now this is not important. First we have to find Anika.

(Now Shivomru and Ranveer went to the spot to save Anika. And after the going there the they got to know a very big secret. And also the kidnapper has been revealed. It is none other than ROOP.)

Roop : Hello Oh WOW all the Oberois and also Singhaniyas are here.

(The Oberois were confused)

Roop : Oh Shivaay I thought u were too intelligent but actually ur not as intelligent as I thought.

Shivaay : Stop ur nonsense bua(aunty) and tell me the truth why did “U” kidnap Anika and what about Singhaniyas.

Roop : Offo Shivaay, u even didn’t get to know who is ur Anu, very bad then let me tell u Anika is only ur Anu, and the one who is standing with u is none other than Ranveer Singhaniya . Did u get it???

(Shivomru were shock)

Ranveer : Oh so ur the one who kidnapped my sister Anika.

Roop : Oh wow I’m really glad that u know about it.

Shivaay : Where is my Anu, HAAAAA where is my Anu.

Roop : Someone is really desperate to meet her lady love. Hmmmm not bad.
Hey Bring that girl here.

(Two goons brought Anika there. And Anika was almost beaten to death she was almost semi-conscious. And Shivomru and Ranveer were really burning in Anger.)

Shivaay : (Shouted on top of his voice.) ROOPPPP BBBBUUUUAAAA HOW DARE YOU TO BEAT MY ANU HA. I’M GONNA KILL U. I’LL KILL U. (He was about to go near Roop but someone held Shivaay not even Shivaay but also Omru and Ranveer. Some goons held them tightly and didn’t allow them to move from there even.)

Roop : How was my plan dear.

Ranveer : Leave my di otherwise I’ll kill u.

Roop : Acha ok now infront of u only I”M GONNA KILL UR ANIKA. HHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

All in union : Don’t even dare to kill Anika/dii

Roop : HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

(Anika was about to be killed but someone stops stops the goon from stabbing. He fights with the goons. While Shivomru and Ranveer comes out of the clutches of the goons and started to beat them brutally. And by the way Roop was about to escape from there but The person who saved Anika catches her and gives a tight slap on her face because of which she falls on the ground. While all the Oberoi family reaches there and witness the scene.)

Dadi : Chi u have to be ashamed to kidnap Anika. Do u even have shame to do that.

Person : U (he catched Roop’s hair and said) U tried to kill my daughter I’m not going to spare u. (By then a woman comes there she was a little bit bleeding. She comes there and holds Anika and says.)

Woman : Anika beta, get up my sweet heart, get up my darling. (And she started to cry.)

(The person goes to her and says)

Person : Nothing is going to happen to her Geet. When MAAN SINGH KHURANA IS HERE NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO MY DAUGHTER.

(Yes guys the couple are revealed to Mr&Mrs Khurana i.e Maan Singh Khurana & Geet Maan Singh Khurana. While everyone are in shock. And they don’t know what to say.)

New Characters of my FF.

Maan Singh Khurana & geet Maan Singh Khurana parents of Anika, Gauri, Sowmya, Ranveer

(And this is their pic.)

And this is the pic of Raghav and Rekha Singhaniya

And the screen freezes on the Shock faces of the Oberois, and the concerned faces of Khuranas.


That’s it for today guys I’m really sorry for the late update and also I know that I stopped my FF that to at the point of suspense. I know guys that after reading this FF probably many questions have arised in ur mind how can Khuranas become the parents of Anirisowveer and how did Ranveer came from nowhere and declared he is only Ranveer and how did Tia and Ranveer get to know about it everything will be revealed in my next FF. so stay tuned to get to know all the answers of these questions and also the dark secrets will be revealed soon. And one more thing guys let me clarify u that Khuranas are the parents of Anirisowveer not Singhaniyas. I will update my next episode ASAP until then please read my FF and support me. See u next time with another episode guys. And yes like always Please throw your precious comments of concerns or appreciations or likes or dislikes or clarifications or confirmations everything is accepted. Bye Guys. Have a gud day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………… But don’t forget to comment to comment pls.

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