Ishqbaazi ki takkar – Part 1

Hey guys Akhana here and I am posting my ff please read it once and comment on how was it .

Anika reaches oberoi mansion . Dadi comes there .
Dadi : Arrey Anika you already came already ,anyways we need to get on work tommorow is shivaay’s engagement .
Anika : Dadi don’t worry I have done everything and rest of all things will be ready on time .
Dadi goes .
Anika (in mind) Why am I feeling bad if shivaay is getting engaged?
Anika was lost in her thoughts and she bumped into pinky .
Pinky : Anika can’t you walk watching ? I got a sprain on my leg .
Anika : Sorry pinky aunty I hope you aren’t much hurt .
Pinky : No, its okay but what I was saying Anika ki tomorrow is my only son’s engagement so I want everything perfect . Got it ?
Anika : Yes pinky aunty don’t worry I have done almost everything and the rest will be done on time .
Pinky : Are you sure ?
Anika : Yes pinky aunty .
Pinky : Get eveything ready on time .
Saying this Pinky leaves .

Anika gets to her work . Anika is doing the arrangemdnts when shivasy comes there staring at her . Anika ignores him
Anika (in mind) : Please shivaay go away from here let me do my work in fact if possible go away from my mind .
Shivaay (in mind) : Whats happening to me ? Why am I having this type of feeling towards Anika ?
Shivaay goes to talk to Anika but Anika simply leaves from there ignoring him .
Shivaay leaves from there .
At oberoi’s office :
Shivaay is presenting a presentation .
Shivaay : So what I was saying …
Saying this he stops.
Shivaay : I ah….I forgot
The clents get angry
Client : Mr. Shiivaay we were planning to give this deal to you . But seems like we don’t have any reason to do that . So, we should just simply leave .
Saying this the clients leave .

Precap : Shivaay postpones his engagement with Tia .

Okay guys just comment .

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  1. Sairan

    Good start
    Hope he realizes his love for Anika soon

  2. Should write longer ff !!! This is Tooo short …
    N please continue !

  3. Sat_9492

    Nice episode….. Waiting for next episode…

  4. Mukta


  5. Shivika


  6. Akshaya

    Nice start dear

  7. Good start…… Update nxt part soon….?

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