ishqbaazi khwaabon jaisi.. (episode 4)

I m really sorry guys… I know I had promised to update the next episode in a couple of days but its almost a week now.. I just got held up with few college assignments. Ok now lets start ..
Oberoi mansion.
Rajmata with teary eyes asked anika
Rajmata- how did you get saved dear?
Ani- [ in a choking voice] I.. I don’t really know.. all know is that I was adopted by sahils parents and they loved me as if I was there own child.. and 5 years ago I lost them in an accident..
Shivaay realised why didn’t anika say her surname for so long… because she didn’t have one of her own.. and now that she has one its really huge..

Rajmata- anu bete, lets go home.. its deserted without u.. it has been waiting for u from the past 19 years..
Anu- I m sorry dadi ma I wont be able to come..
Rajmata- but why? Its your home dear.. u r not just my granddaughter but also my heir… its ur responsibility too..
Ani- dadi I really don’t know if I m good enough to handle this responsibility.. but right know all I know is that I have one very important responsilbility and that is sahil.. he loves me more than any real brother would in this world.
Rajmata- so what? I would really be glad if I get a grandson with my granddaughter..
Ani is surprised…
Ani- but.
Rajmata- no if’s and but’s..
Rajmata asked komal to get sahil directly to their mansion.. she walked upto dadi with folded hands and said…
Rajmata- knowingly or unknowingly its because of u that I found my anu and I cant thank you enough..
Dadi took rajmata’s hands into hers and said..
Dadi- plz don’t say that…
Rajmata requested all the oberois along with somya to join her and anu for dinner that night..
Rajmata left with anu in the Porsche…
Shivaay still could not believe what just happened in last 35-40 minutes…
A series of thoughts went through his mind
Anika-anamika-princess anamika- heir of chittorgarh..OMG

Here anu and rajmatas car reached a mansion which was about twice of that of oberois .. a board there read SINGH’S
Anu got down the car .. 15-20 servants were at the door who were showering rose petals on her..
By now sahil was also brought by komal singh..
Rajmata did anu’s and sahil’s aarti and welcomed them into her house.. the whole corridor was spread with flower petals.. anu still could not believe what was happening. Sahil was awestruck by the huge mansion…
Rajmata- these are our ancestors anu.[showing the pictures hung on the wall]
Last pic was of anu’s mom and dad..
Rajmata- and they are ur parents..
Anu’s eyes were filled with tears…
Rajmata escorted anu and sahil to their rooms…
Rajmata ordered all her chefs to put up their best dishes in the menu tonight and she personally looked into all the arrangments, after all she had found anu only because of oberois..

Oberoi mansion.
Pinky comes to janhvi with a couple of jewellery sets and asked…
Pinky- oh my mata jethani ji.. I don’t understand which one to were, these are the best two out of which I had… they are useless..
Janhvi- both of them look lovely pinky..
Pinky- nonsense.. did u see rajmata’s necklace.. it was so beautiful green rubies with diamonds..
Janhvi- there no green rubies pinky.. they are called emaralds..
Pinky- same difference.. now choose one for me…
Omru are ready and they go to shivaay’s room to see if he is ready….

In shivaay’s room
Shivaay is sitting on his bed with hands on his mouth..
Om- shivaay?
Rudy- bhaiyya?
Shivaay doesn’t respond… omru shake him… shivaay comes back to his senses..
Shivaay- what?
Om- aren’t u ready we have to go…
Shivaay- I m sorry…. Give me 5 minutes…
Om to rudra..
Om- rudy go tell everybody else to leave.. we will go with shivaay..
Rudy- ok..

Singh’s mansion
There is a knock at anu’s door…
Rajmata enters with servants who were carry almost 20-25 sets of dresses with them..
Rajmata- anu, sahil bete get ready for the dinner
Anu and sahil looked at each other and asked together.
Sahil- are we going out for dinner?why do we have to get ready to have dinner at home..
Anu- yes why should we?
Rajmata- because u r no commener now.. u r a princess.. so choose one from these and get ready..
Rajmata leaves..
Anu chooses the simplest one of all for herself and sahil..
That simplest dress made anika look like a princess in true sense.. a lemon yellow colour anarkali..
All the oberois reached singh’s mansion except for the obros.. all were welcomed by rajmata herself and komal.. they had a chat and oberois were served with a welcome drink…
Rajmata- your sons are not to be seen. Where are they?
A voice from the door said…
Rudy- we are here..

All the three obros had their own set of interests in the mansion..
Om was awestruck by the collection of paintings and sculptures that the royal family possessed both ancient and modern..
Rudy was stunned by the photographs of the royal family members with their cars both vintage and sports..
Shivvay had only one interest.. – ANIKA..
Pinky asked rajmata..
Pinky- anika is not to be seen.. where is she?
Rajmata- sorry she is not anika now.. she is anamika .. she’ll be here at anytime now..
Anika walks in with sahil looking stunning…..
Shivaay[ in mind]- she really looks like a princess..
Pinky- oh my mata.. u look beautiful..
Anika hugs dadi and prinku…
Rajmata- shall we all proceed to dinner..

In the dining hall..
It was a 20 chaired dining table with almost every cusine on it..
Rajmata made an announcement on the dining table..
Rajmata- I am going to throw a party for anu’s return in a couple of days… all my business partners, clients, friends almost everybody would be a part of it… now that oberois are also a really good friend of us.. I would like all of u to grace the party with ur presence..
Tej and Shakti saw this as wonderful opportunity to make friends with rajmata and her business partners and immediately said yes..

Precap- conversation between anu and rajmata, obro moments and party…

I m sorry for the delay and plz forgive my grammar mistakes and spellings… I really don’t have time to proof read it.. thanks a ton for reading and please do comment…

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    Plz do that if you can 🙂

  11. Thank you all for all ur lovely comments… i will update it as soon as possible…..

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