ishqbaazi khwaabon jaisi.. (episode 3)


Ishqbaazi khwaabon jaisi.. [episode 3]

Thank a lot guys for all your wonderful comments.. and yes I will try and write all the dialogues in English.. so lets get started…
Every single person in the Oberoi mansion was super shocked by the revelation done by rajmata…
The worst hit were the obros, dadi and anika herself [ princess anamika] Pinky; wha.. whats are u tellings? Anika-anamika what is this?
Anika; I.. I m sure there is a misunderstanding ma’am, I m anika no anamika..
Rajamata replied to this with tears in her eyes
Rajamata; I can understand dear. U r just not able to take this all of a sudden.. but believe me my heart always said that you would be fine and this hope has kept me alive from past 19 years..
Dadi; 19 years??

Rajmata ; yes 19 years.. I have been looking for my anu from past last 19 years…. Mine was a very happy family.. I my son, daughter in law and my 2 grand daughters used to live in my palace in chittorgarh.. until that dark day came..
Om; dark day?

Rajmata; yes it was my anu’s 4th birthday when all of my son, DIL, and 2 granddaughters when they were attacked by few goons.. my son tried to fight them and was successful to an extent and my DIL gave both by grand daughters to Mangal singh our chief securitn extent and my DIL gave both by grand daughters to Mangal singh our chief security and asked him to run away… by the time I reached the spot I found both my children I a pool of blood and my DIL somehow managed to tell me about the kids being given to mangal singh and she breathed her last..

Saying all this rajamta broke down into tears and anika tried to support her..
Rajmata; by the time I went the direction of mangal singh.. I.. I found him also In a pool of blood..and my granddaughters info was lost with him..

Shivaay still could not believe what he just saw and heard
Anika anamika…. What the wuck?
How is this even possible?
What am I supposed to do now ?
He somehow managed to come back to reality and gathered all his courage and asked rajmata ..
Shivaay ; then how did u come to know now? I mean u just told that ur granddaughter was a kid when lost… I mean it can be anyone now..
Rajmata; u r right… I’ll tell u how.. komal..

Komal gave her an envelope and rajmata handed it over to shivaay.. shivaay opened it and was shocked to see what was in it….
Omru and dadi also gave look to it and were shocked to see it.. as everyone saw what was in it everybody were shocked … finally it reached anika and so was she.. shocked.
Rajmata asked shivaay..
Rajmata; what do u see in it?
Shivaay, omru, dadi and everyone together exclaimed..
ANIKA.. yes guys the pic was of anika in a royal attire in sitting position with a man dressed as a king standing next to her..
Rajmata; no that’s not my anu.. that’s anu’s mother and my DIL. Queen of chittorgarh RANI MAITHLI PRATAP SINGH.
Anu is a exact look alike of her mom…
When komal saw her pics in the newspaper on the day before yesterday he informed me and my happiness knew no bounds…

Rajmata cupped anu’s face and said I felt all my prayers are answered..
Now anika was also crying ….
Rajmata; anu bete call me as dadi saab once.. I have been dying to hear this from you from last 19 years..
Anika; daadi saab…..
Anika hugged rajmata and started to cry vigourously..
Rajmata broke the hug and wiped her tears and asked ..
Rajmata; where were u all these years bete how did u escape when mangal singh was killed?

Precap- anika and oberois go to rajamata’s mansion in Mumbai and experience its grandeur and obros discussion about anika being a princess..

I hope I could entertain you guys to some extent.. trust me guys the next episode is going to be absolutely superb and It would take me couple of days to update the next… please bear with me … thank you.

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    I loved it dear. Something totally different. Now Anika also has a name, an identity, and Shivaay will never find her low 🙂 Good going 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  2. Super yaar awesome

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  6. Shaza

    Wow ….just awesome ??…a lil like Dekha ek Khwab …..but loving it …now Shiavey won’t be able to under estimate Anika !? ?….pls plot the next one ASAP…….. Eagerly waiting

  7. I will…. Thanks for those warm words…

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  10. Dowlath786

    It’s very super ya its toooooo good to read with more excitement

  11. silent reader

    Nice yaar

  12. Fantastic dear
    u have a gr8 imagination. Wonderful story. just loved it a lot

  13. Awesome episode … finally anika has a name as well .. so shivaay won’t hesitate to marry/love her

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