ishqbaazi khwaabon jaisi.. (episode 2)


Ishqbaazi khwaabon jaisi [episode 2]

Hey guys, thanks a lot for all those lovely comments and suggestions. And I will try and make these lengthier and yes for all my friends who don’t understand hindi I’ll try and give English translation too… so lets get started….

Oberoi mansion
Anika had prepared everything as per dadi’s instructions for her highness’s visit and left the oberoi mansion after informing dadi. she left about before her highness’s arrival..
The clock struck 4:00 when a black Porsche entered the Oberoi mansion gate and an elegent lady in her late 60s entered the mansion..rudras eyes popped out seeing the car and the very next second he knew what to do..he said to om.
Rudy; o kitni khoobsurat hai! [ o shes so beautiful] Om; behave yourself rudra! Hamari dadi ke age ki hai.[ shes of our grannys age.] Rudy; o see the car yaar.. I m talking about that I have to talk to bhaiyya about this.. I know my puppy eyes will work..
Om; duffer oberoi.

Tej and Shakti moved forward to greet her with a hand shake..
It’s a pleasure to have u here higness, tej exclaimed ,extending his hand.
Good evening Mr Oberoi. Rajmata replied with folded hands….
Rajmata always has her important servant – komal singh by her side. [ komal is heavily built man with huge moustache] ..
All of them settled down in the living room and their conversation starts.
Tej; I hope aapko ghar doondne mein takleef nahi hui.. aapka safar theek tha na?[ I hope you could easily find our place and your journey was good I hope?] Rajmata; Ofcourse not Mr Oberoi. Oberoi mansion is a major landmark here in Mumbai it seems it was quite easy.
Tej; any special reason for your sudden and uninformed business visit.
Rajmata; yes the reason is special but not business but personnel. I need your help Mr Oberoi.
Shakti; ofcourse your highness anything that we can do for you.
Rajmata; I need the information about girl in the photograph with your son.

For a second shivaay nd mallika’s photo struck everyones mind and pinky suddenly exclaimed
Pinky; oh my mata, yours highness jaisa aap soch rahi hai waise nothings hai. We don’ts knows mallika.[ its not the way u think, we don’t know mallika] Jhanvi; yes your highness mallika is Rana’s would be daughter in law. She has nothing to do with us at this pint of time.
Rajmata got confused hearing mallikas name and asked
Rajmata; who mallika? Whos would be daughter in law?
Dadi’; the girl u are talking about!
Rajamata; I m talking about this girl…
Komal handed her an envelope and she pulled a few photographs that were published in the newspaper from rudras account.
At last she showed a enlarged pic of some one from the group photo and every one was shocked to see it
All the Oberois along with somya exclaimed ;
Rajamata; yes I want her details..
A series of thoughts went through shivaays mind
What is it rajmata got to do with anika?
How does she know anika?
Did she fly down all way from London for anika?
Jhanvi; anika is our shivaays wedding planner..
Dadi; why do u have to meet her? Is anything serious?

Rajmata; yes very serious. Can u please call here now…
Rajmatas voice trembled a little as if she remembered something very painful.
Everybody in the room could sense that..
Dadi; prinku call up anika now and ask her to come here as fast as possible..
Prinku; yes dadi.
Prinku calls anika while here anika is busy with sahil showing him ganapati pandals.
After 3-4 trials anika finally picked up the phone to tell that she would call back in sometime.
Prinku; anika there is something really important here please come down to my place, everyone wants you here now.
Anika; is everything ok priyanka?
Prinku; please come down anika.

Anika could feel prinkus seriousness and asked her friend to show other ganapati pandals to sahil and drop him home safely.. sahil also let anika go with a promise that she would get him a lot of chocolates while returning..
Anika reached the oberoi mansion in half an hour and every passing second made rajmata restless..
As anika entered the oberoi mansion door…. Rajmata stood up from her place and every body else did the same..
With her eyes filled with tears rajmata walked towards anika while others looked on.
Rajmata cupped anikas face and said..
Rajmata; ANU, bete aap itni badi ho gayi hai… komal dekho humari anu.. humari anu itne saalon baad…[anu u have grown so big , see komal our anu after so many years] Saying this she hugged anika. And started to cry ..
Anika is super shocked.. and said

Anika ; I m sorry aapko koi galat faimy hui hai. Mera naam anika hai ma’am.
Pinky; yess shes anika.. my shivaays wedding planners….
Jhanvi; yes your highness she is anika..
Everybody tried to expain that she is anika when rajmata couldn’t take it anymore and shouted…
Rajmata; Nahi wo anika nani, humari anu, hai humari ANAMIKA.. aur yeh koi wedding planner nahi, humari riyasat ki waris hai aur humari poti hai… yeh ANAMIKA AMAR PRATAP SINGH HAI.. [ no she no anika, she’s my anu, my anamika. And yes shes no wedding planner but my heir and my granddaughter. Shes ANAMIKA AMAR PRATAP SINGH.]

So guys how come rajmata knows that anika is anamika?
Please ignore my grammar mistakes I m in a hurry.. and yes any suggestions and comments are welcome.. thank you….

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