Ishqbaazi Kahani (Episode 2)

Rohan: hw ur day beta
Anika: papa it was nice.
Rohan: Anika I have to tell u something
Anika: yes tell
Rohan: urs marriage
Anika: papa I will marry anyone but after one year
Rohan: u will marry u I will say
Anika: yes but after one year
Rohan: okay
Anika leave to her room

Shivaay: papa u know rohan uncles daughter came to our industry for job
shakthi: mmmm
shivaay: father u know these then why u don’t tell to me
Shakthi: no wow
Shivaay: father I was just shock by her thought she is really nice
ShakthIi(smile) : u like her
Shivaay: we just friends papa
shakthi:okay so go and freshen up
shivaay leave to his room

Rohan: anika hw is ur boss
Anika: papa he is smart
Rohan: do u like him ?
Anika: no papa we just friends
Rohan: it is late go and sleep
Anika: gud night papa
she went to sleep

Shivaay tell about anika to his brother om and rudra
Om: shivaay u r praising a girl and I can’t believe it
Rudra: yes om …….u see shivaay bhai is smiling when he talk about anika di. om I think he is in love
Shivaay: om rudra shut up and now onwards I will not tell anything to u guyz and gud night
Om: okay leave it. but I’m surprised she tell all answer to ur question she is very intelligent and we want to see her
Shivaay: now stop praising her go and sleep. All went to sleep. their conversation was heard by shakti
shakti call rohan.
Shakthi: Rohan I think shivaay like anika
Rohan: that’s great now I think we can proceed with our plan
shakthi: what about anika
Rohan: anika tell she will marry anyone but after one year
shakthi: okay we will give them one moth
Rohan: yes
Anika and shivaay work together they have some feeling for each other but both of them r not ready to tell to each other. Rudra and om also become friend with anika

Shivaay: anika did u forget to tell something
Anika: ha shivaay
Shivaay smile and eagerly waiting for that
Anika tell about some fail
Shivaay smile faded that time tia and arnav enter
Arnav: anika
Tia: shivaay
Anika and shivaay turns to see them and become sad
Anika(in mind): what was he doing here again come for the same thing to tell then I will …..who is this girl
Shivaay(in mind):Thia girl again ohhh…….wh is this boy
Arnav likes anika and propose her early but she reject it . same for shivaay
Arnav: Tia thia ur ex-boyfriend
tia: s……oh this is ur ex-girlfriend
both shivaay and anika get shocked
Arnav: Anika I come here to invite u to the wedding of mine
anika get happy: whose the bride
arnav point to tia
shivaay also get happy
Tia: shivaay u to come to the wedding

they four have talk and arnav and tia leave
But shivaay is sad anika forget specialty of this day
Shivaay: today is party in our house so come
Anika: anything special shivaay
Shivaay: After u come u will understand
Anika: sorry shivaay now I’m so tried so I can’t come
shivaay feel very bad but didn’t show and both of them leave to their house

Rohan: anika do u come for shivaay’s b’day party
ANIKA get a shock: what to shivaay’s b’day?
Rohan: u don’t wish him
Anika: I don’t know that today is shivaay’s b’day and think about shivaay question and she get one idea and tell that i will come and but not with u and don’t tell to shivaay that I’m coming
Rohan: okay……..u have any new dress
Anika: why papa for his b’day why should I wear new dress
Rohan: u r coming to oberoi mansion 1st time so…
Anika: I have one new saree but how will I wear saree for his function
Rohan: perfect……don’t think more wear it and come and we r going
Anika : okay
Anika call om and ask shivaay’s small days picture and warn him don’t tell this to shivaay
Anika make a presentation of shivaay picture with its family and anika

Shivaay is waiting for raizada family because he have some expectation that anika will come
Raizada family come bt he didn’t see anika and he is very sad and his all mood get off. This is noticed by om and rudra
Rudra: what happen bhai
Shivaay: anika didn’t come and she forget about my b’day
Om: so why r u sad for this ?
Shivaay: because I love her
omrudra: what?
shivaay then realize what he told: wow
rudra: go and propose her bhai
shivaay: I think to propose her today but
Om: u get a chance shivaay till then u wait
Suddenly light get off and the presentation start and everyone like very much and clap at the end then light comes.
Everyone thought who did these and anika came behind for the presentation .
Shivaay is surprise and happy to see her and he suddenly go and hug her.
Anika reciprocate it and wish him
shivaay break the hug
SHAKTHI: now we can cut the cake come
Shivaay cut the cake and feed to everyone
Shakti: today there is one more function is there and that is today my son’s engagement before that I will introduce my daughter in law
shivaay is shocked and sad
shakthi: anika singh raizada
Shivaay and anika were hell shocked but happy in their mind.
scene is freeze by their surprised look.

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