ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-5

Part 4

Hiii guys,this is savera again with a new episode and thank u guys for the comments keep supporting me like this and I will try to give my best
So here the episode starts
Anika started shivering and sweating when shivaay shouted on her.
Shivaay again say don’t u dare to call me that again u get that ,
Omru notice and her sweating and shivering ,so om go to shivaay and slightly says
Om-shivaay what r u doing she is fearing from u , u can talk her nicely,
Rudra goto anika didi and says didi relax when rudy is here no need to fear
Anika-ask frightenly to rudra wh…what… I have…do…done?

Rudra-I will tell u later first u relax and give her a glass of water
Om to shivaay
Om-shivaay u need not to shout on her see how much she is fearing,
Shivaay look at her…..
Om ask rudra to take anika from here……
Rudra take out anika from there……..
Om-shivaay she is a very nice girl I think u should say sorry to her…..
Shivaay-why should I say sorry to her ?
Om-becoz u shouted on her,
Shivaay –but why she call me that word…..

Om-shivaay I don’t know but have to say sorry to her…….
And leaves from there…………..
Rudra ask anika
Didi why r u crying u r dabang didi ,u know prinku our little sister he also get scred when someone shouted and u know we used to say her prinku pehlwan ..h wo…….
Anika-bu…t… why ….bil…billu ji…… shouted on.. me….
Om comes there and says becoz u call him billu ji……..
Rudra-didi this is the pet name of our bhaiya ,only dadi have right to call him by this name
Om-and u call him by this name that’s why he shouted on u…..

Anika stop crying becoz giving her a brotherhood feeling
Anika-that what’s his name? I don’t know about it ? I will say sorry to him
Rudra-his name is shivaay and u can call him by this name….. I will not call him by this name if he again start shouting on me then I will get faint…..
Rudra-then what will u call him ?
Anika-mr oberio…….

In shivaay room
Shivaay was thinking do I shouted on her that much that she start shivering and sweating ? this never happens before to me ,no one scared of me that much ,should I say sorry to her………
Then his ego comes in between and he said no why will I should say sorry to her she calls me billu ji………… then he thinks but billu ji sounds very nice when she call me by this name….. then he thinks shut up shivaay what nonsense, u r saying billu ji sounds very nice ,no.. never this cant happen…..

Scene shift to aniomru…………
Rudra-didi u know bhaiya is very nice ,he loves us very much sometime he show his ego to new person……
Om-but u need not to get scared ok ,and shivaay is very good from heart u will get to know about this…… slowly slowly
Anika- thank u om and rudra for conselling me
Rudra-no need to thank didi

Ab didi kha h toh bhai giri dhikhani pdegi na and does logic wala sign……
Anika gets up and about to go…..just then omru ask where r u going?
Anika-w..wo.. I m going to mr oberio to say sorry becoz its my first of my job and and I spoiled my first impression on him,
Rudra-didi no need to say sorry i… will say it
Om-then we r also coming with u……..
Aniomru go to shivaay room
Shivaay was lost in his thought turning backside to them near window…….
Rudra-didi all the best and u need not to fear

Rudra-bhaiya didi come to meet u again
Shivaay –turns back and looks at anika and thinks why she is so nervous …….
Anika- w..wo… I m so..sorry …I do..dont know… ur… name ….thats why I said it…..but again ..i..m sor..sorry mr ob..oberio……
Shivaay –thinks why the last word get stuck in my heart I don’t want to hear that last word from her mouth mr oberio…………then he thinks what r u thinking shivaay u become stupid ……and u r thinking stupid things………

Om intrupted his thought shivaay say something ……..
Shivaay-ya he says its ok but don’t call me by that name again…….but his heart is saying u can call me by the word billu ji……
Om to shivaay
Om-I think shivaay u should also say sorry to her……
Shivaay thinks she looks so innocent ,her eyes seems like she has lots of pain…..she want to say many things

Om again intrupted his thought shivaay what r u thinking say sorry to her……
Shivaay-think how to tell u om I m thinking stupid things about her……… then suddenly he comes to sso mode and says
I have lots of work so I m leaving omru….
And u pointing toward anika

Anika-MRS KHURANA……….. she speaks
Again the word mrs khurana got stuck in his heart he don’t want to listen the word again……..
He ask don’t u have NAME rather than SURNAME
Anika-I m anika Mr oberio she said
Rudra-bhaiya is it true what I have listen I mean people used to tell their name to u and u ask their surname but there scene changes
She tells u her SURNAME first but u don’t care about her surname and u ask about her NAME…..
Bhaiya u r ok na I mean I think u have fever u r behaving differently………
Shivaay-wo…wo…I was just….i …mean…I need to do a call and leaves from their rapidly
And he thinks on his way what happen to u shivaay what stupid thinks u r thinking she is married……….

Guys jo dimaag m aaya bs likh diya hope u guys like it
Plz do comments more and more becoz in last episode I got less comments so I m requesting silent readers plz comment
Thank u

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