ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-4

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Hii guys how r u all? This is savera again with a new part ,first of all thank u for ur all valuable comment sorry I didn’t reply to them due to some reasons but I m very thankful for ur kind and support towards my ff ………..
Here the episode starts
At daksani house
Anika gets up early as she know it’s the first day of her job so she get ready soon.
Daksh-ani u get ready so early u r going somewhere
Anika-da..daksh u forget about my job in oberio mansion…..
Daksh-oh yaa I just forget about this so today is ur first day all the best and I don’t need any complain ……
Anika-ok daksh should I leave now….
Daksh-ya sure but remember one thing anika I don’t want ur closeness with any man ……I think u r understanding what I m trying to say……
Anika-thinks daksh thinking is getting cheap day by day I don’t know is this the same man from whom I have fallen in love………
Anika-says daksh ok…I know my limits and she leaves……..
Anika on her champa going to oberio mansion
She is talking with her champa…..champa how r u? u miss me after 6 month I m riding on u …u know champa today I m very happy becoz I got the job…bs boss may not be strict else u know na any one who talk to me on their top of voice I start fearing ,I just want that boss like my work I manage a wedding carefully…..

In oberio mansion
Rudra-om u know today bhaiya wedding plannar is coming
Om-seriously rudra so shivaay surely wants to get marry with tia…..
Shivaay-guys don’t start on the same topic I m ready for marriage and by this marriage our industry get benefit
And I have a meeting so I m leaving
Rudra –but bhaiya wedding plannar is coming to meet u and u r going.
Shivaay-rudra I will be back after an hour by this she can wait……or she hasto do jobhere so she will stay here till evening I can meet her anytime
Rudra-bhaiya why r u saying she is she a girl?
Om-rudra it’s a stupid question if he is saying she that means she is girl what a big deal?
Rudra-om u will never understand bhaiya become praya dhan before marriage he didn’t tell us that she is a girl bhaiya don’t want me to show my charm on girl ,becoz he himself wants to show his charm on her
Shivom-shut up rudra kuch bhi….
Just then shivaay phone rings its flashing name of khanna on screen….
Shivaay picks up the call
Khanna-sir ur wedding planner mrs khurana is coming to oberio mansion
Shivaay-khanna I get to know this ,but what did u say mrs khurana?
Khanna-ya sir
Shivaay –ok cut the call
Shivaay-rudra u r not able to show ur charm on my wedding planner
Rudra-see om what bhaiya is saying he doesnt want me to show my charm on her and what did u say MY wedding planner she didn’t come yet and she become MY………
Shivaay-shut up rudra from where u got energy to do stupid talks I m saying this becoz she is MARRIED
So tum or m cant show our charm on her do u get that
Rudra –what did u say TUM OR M it means u r thinking about showing ur charm on her… and give hifi to om
Shivaay-I will get mad if stay here one more minute here so I m leaving saying this he leaves
And omru laugh
Before anika reach house shivaay leaves from there,

Anika reaches oberio mansion ,she get shocked seeing a beautiful house in front of her she thinks these people r very much hifi don’t know they like my work or not and she gets nervous…..
So anika enters the house
One servant ask her from whom do u want to meet?
She says wo..wo I m wedding planner of mr oberio
Just then dadi and omru come there
Rudra-didi so u r the wedding planner of bhaiya…..
Anika still nervous she hesitantly says ye..yes…
Dadi-puttar what is ur name?
Anika-dadi I m mrs daksh khurana
Om-why r u giving stress on mrs u have ur own name
Anika-s..sir I m anika….
Rudra-didi don’t need to call sir and all I will introduce u he is my big brother om ,I m rudra and my big to big bhaiya is the same whose u r going to plan
Dadi-finally my billu is getting married u know my billu wants every thing perfect and puttar I want u to ask everything from my billu
Anika..thinks so mr oberio name is billu and says o..ok dadi
Dadi-puttar u need not to be hesitate or nervous everyone here is more friendly
Anika thinks these people r very much gud I m getting nervous before but now all ok anika u need not to be fear from any one…

After some time shivaay come
Dadi ask omru to take anika to shivaay room to ask his like or dislikes about the decoration of marriage
Omru takes anika to shivaay room
Shivaay is talking on phone turning back side to them…
Rudra-bhaiya ur wedding planner has come and u r busy on phone shivaay turns to their side anika and shivaay share a eyelock ….
Anika take out a form from her purse and says billu ji…it’s a form u can tick the option according to ur taste about marriage [she said all this normally she is not nervous becoz every one is saying to her that every one is friendly here]
On listening billu ji shivaay gets angry and omru cupped their face
Shivaay shouted on the top of his voice HOW DARE U TO CALL ME THAT?
Anika gets shocked listening so much anger she doesn’t even know what she has done ,she get feared and she start sweating and shivering and started crying…………

So guys tell me how is the episode by ur valuable comments and u can also suggest me what should next
And sorry for any mistake
Plz guys comment more and more
Thank u

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