ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-3

Hey guys this is savera with a new part and thank u for all ur precious comments keep commenting
So here the episode starts ….
Anika reaches to daksh due to that much hurry ,nervousness,fear she started sweating………
Daksh –sees her and ask what happen ani why r u sweating u ok……,tell me if u r not feeling well we will go home…..….dak…daksh I m fine ….
Daksh- what no see ur face it becomes pale I think we need to go to doctor…..
Anika-daksh I said na I m ok
Daksh-ok but we will go home rightnow as u need rest………
Dakshani leave for home

Shivaay thinks of anika and says to himself the girl was strange she pulled her hand with that much jerk and sees his hand and then he saw his shirt button and watch contains the 2-3 strand of her chands bracelet…he looks at them
Oh jaana plays

Rudra-wow bhaiya what a girl she gave u chand in ur first meeting…….
Shivaay-shut up rudra I mean kuch bhi and start removing chands strand from his watch and about to throw them but…..
Rudra-bhaiya wait why r u throwing these strands ?
Shivom give him a look and so what will I do from these strands ……

Rudra-bhaiya u r very innocent u don’t know anything ,u know in bollywood movies before the girl and boy meets there is coincidence between them and then their lovestory starts ….so keep them safely who know u will met the girl again….and ur lovestory starts….
Shivaay-rudra first I advice u to stop seeing bollywood movies ……

Om-even I agree with u shivaay he is becoming more dumb
Shivaay-rudra love doesnot exist in the world it just infactuation ……and we r leaving in real world where the stupid things which happene in movie like in love sky seems more beautiful,rain seems romantic all this does not happen in real life
Om-now shivaay u r wrong u said love doesn’t exixt in world but between three of us there is a bond of love

Shivaay –guys plz u both know what I want to say love between girl and a boy and I don’t want any discussion over this love topic ….. and we should leave now….
Shivaay again about to throw chands strand but rudra stops him and says bhaiya keep them in ur violet this girl will definitely meet u becoz my bollywood logic is saying this…..and if u don’t do this then I will start crying…..

Om signals shivaay to keep them as he know his brother he will not agree and shivaay keep the strands in his violet…..
Rudra-bhaiya my logic is also saying that one day u will come to us with ur love symtoms ,sky seems more blue,rain becoming romantic

Shivaay intrupts and says rudra shall we go home……
Om –shivaay I agree with rudra
Shivaay-guys plz the day will never come and we will not discuss about this matter anymore and now lets go to home….
They leaves from mall

In daksani car

Daksh notice anika ‘s hand and says anika how ur chands bracelet breaks
Anika sees her hand and reminds how she banged with shivaaay then notice the number written on her other hand so she try to avoid daksh and says daksh it breaks yesterday only when I was working in kitchen and takes her hand back………
Dakshani reaches house
Daksh – u just stay here I will come from washroom
Anika-noded her head and thinks I will call on this number now and ask about the job,so she dialed the number from landline……

Poc-hello who is this?
Anika-sir I have seen a job advertisement for wedding planner I want to ask about this….
Poc-ok I will tell but no need to call me sir u can call me khanna….
Anika-ok khanna ji
Khanna –I will sir and I will call u back…..
Anika gets happy and cuts the call but when she turns back she get shocked seeing daksh standing a anger can easily be shown in his eyes ….
He comes forword to anika and slaps her tightly………

Anika gets shocked and start crying terribly…
Daksh-how many tym I will tell u that u don’t need to do job ….but u everytime don’t listen me see I have slapped u in anger ….and he holds her and start caressing her face ……he ask its hurting ani….i told u na no need to do job…..
But anika only is crying terribly

Just then the landline rings….
Daksh pick up the call
Khanna –hlo mam I have ask oberio sir u can plan his wedding so u can come from tomorrow to the oberio mansion
Daksh-ok she will come by tomorrow….
Anika-still crying ,daksh hold her face and ask what do u want u want to do job ….
Anika noded her head
Daksh –ok so u r going to plan mr oberio grand wedding

Anika gets shocked listening she doesn’t belive on her ear but that was true he agreed for her job and she hugs him and says thank u daksh…….
Daksh thinks my wife is going to plan wedding of big business man in return I can also benifited to my business when people get to know my wife is planning oberio’s wedding
At night
Anika was standing near the window she sees the moon she is happy that finally I can do job……
Then someone comes from behind and hug her from backside….it was daksh…
Anika get shocked she says da…ksh….what…r..u…doi..

But daksh turns her toward himself and keep finger on her mouth ……and says going more closure to cant I romance with my wife in a husky voice….
Anika gets uncomfortable she is least interested she is blusing she thinks why I m feeling uncomfortable I mean he is my husband and we did all this romance also but from when he started torturing me I feel uncomfortable when he comes near to me….but I cant resist him he is my husband …..

Daksh started kissing her neck and pulls her more closure to him anika was very uncomfortable just then daksh phone rings so he leaves from there……
Sorry guys for the last scene but somewhere it’s a true fact of a girl life that she cant resist her husband weather she is confortable or not…..

And guys I need suggestion
-U want anika and shivaay takkar wali
anika to be get afraid of shivaay so that shivaay can notice the pain of her life
guys plz tell me becoz I m very confused with this…..
plz comment more and more…..

and don’t throw chemeli or chandni on me after the last scene….
Thank u

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  1. Kajol

    It was awesome and i think 2nd option is better
    Pls update soon

  2. Nikita_jai29

    I think you should go with second opinion… And update is awesome…

  3. see listen u can make a brave anika for daksh i dont want him to touch anika plz if u dont mind and takkarwali for shivvay ya even sweet plx

  4. Niriha

    Fabulous part

  5. Surbhi Sharma

    Aree didi !! Again chameli . Huhh . This much good , no best ff who will throw chameli . And once again if u say this na I won’t leave u . (Showing fake anger???).
    Loved it . But plzz post soon and a longer one too . ?
    Love u ? ?

  6. So nice and I want 2 option

  7. So si good .loved it .I am a silent reader. And would chose second option

  8. Angela

    Loved it the second option looks good update soon

  9. Everyone is taking takkar wali ishqbaaz yaar so for a change u take 2nd option dude. …nice episode yaar. ..

  10. Loved it. Second option is good.

  11. Haridhra

    Yaa didi it was nice epi.. n I want the 2nd option n first to daksh I want Anika to face Daksh strongly..

  12. Nita D

    Hey nice episode…..
    Takkar wali toh many have sir. 2nd option will be new. So I will go with that

  13. Archisha

    I want 2nd. Well.. Nice episode

  14. Shivika4eva

    Awesome? chaand hi milwayga

  15. Simrat_14

    Love it ?! 2nd opinion plz

  16. crazy princess

    amazing nd 2 nd option

  17. Lisaaa

    Awesome…. 2 nd one…. Plz update soon

  18. Awesome…
    I prefer 2 option for shivaay as this will be the way shivaay gets to know of her pain.
    1 option for daksh as he deserves it.

  19. Like awesome one 2nd option

  20. Awesome update.. second option is good…

  21. Jerry_36

    Hey Savera. I loved the episode. Its a fantastic one. Don’t think its bad, you know its too good. Post soon?

  22. Alekhika20

    Asum update

  23. Gayathri.visu

    Awesome. But plz next time don’t let Daksh to touch Anika!
    I prefer 1st option for Daksh, after Shivaay’s entry in Anika’s life.
    And 2nd for Shivaay.

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