ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-2

Part 1

Hii guys how r u all ? u must be remember me as savera I wrote 2 ff and I left one ff uncomplete ,so I m thnking to complete it becoz SIMRAT does a special request for it so I m trying to post it
Hope u all will like it and plz leave ur valuable comment in the comment box plz……..
Here the episode starts
Obro ready to go for shopping and they leave for shopping mall

In khurana mansion
Daksani also leave for shoping mall
So as u must be precdicted they all reaches the same shopping mall
Rudra-bhaiya I m very excited for the shopping
Om-really rudra yesterday only u did shopping and u r excited that much
Shivaay-guys shall we go inside…..
Omru yaa
After they enter daksani also enter
Daksh keeping his hand on her shoulder….
By his touch anika is uncomfortable she wants to remove his hand with jerk but she cant do this a pain can be easily seen in her eyes but in reponse she gives a smile to daksh which is fake and full of pain..
Daksh-ani baby today I will buy a saree for my beautiful wife and then we have ur favourite chaat and golgappe ok
Anika –noded only with a fake smile

On the other side omru deciding clothes for them and shivaay is least intrested in all this but he also smiles and help his brother in choosing the cloth….
Just then rudra says bhaiya this shirt suits u more I think u should try this in trial room
Shivaay-if u r liking this shirt then just buy it no need of trying
Rudra-no bhaiya u have to try this….
Om-I think shivaay u have no other option………….
Here daksh chooses a saree for anika ,but anika didn’t like the color of saree but she noded when daksh asked her weather she liked it or not ….
Daksh asked her to try the saree in trial room….
So she leaves for trials room on her way she is thinking god plz do something that daksh will agree for my job but before that I have to search for a job….. but how will I search…she is completely lost in her thought and shivaay who was coming from the front murmuring this rudra na what the need to try shirt if he likes then he should directly buy it …
And they both were lost in their own thought suddenly their shoulder hitted to ech other shoulder slightly which they both didn’t notice……
And start moving ….and they raches to trial room and try thrir dress…….
Anika comes to daksh she said saree is gud she liked it and daksh take the saree and they start moving to other section of mall
Shivaay reaches to omru and he tell them that he liked the shirt but rudra was rudra he said bhaiya I m finding the best for u ,u just wait…
Shivaay thinks before that rudra sends me to trial room again I think I should leave from there by making some excuse………….
Shivaay-rudra I need to do a urgent call I will just come……
Omru-ok but come soon

Here daksh phone rings he said anika ani……u just wait here I will just come…..
Anika noded and daksh leave from there as daksh leave anika saw book section in front of her she goes to books section…..and rapidly start checking news paper for job advertisng [guys becoz anika chk job advertising in newspaper so he didnt allow newspaper in khurana house…..
Shivaay-thank god I rescue from rudra warna he will tell me bhaiya this no this one and I will become mad….
He saw the book section ……and comes in the book section ….
Anika sees a job offer and take a pen ….she is going to note down the number of job offer but she get shoked seeing daksh coming….

Here omru
Om –rudra chl these all enough for today
Rudra –ok om but where is bhaiya
Om-lets search for him………….
She hurridly noted the number in her hand and keep the paper and she rapidly moving out thee book section but she banged to shivaay but her full concenteration on daksh and shivaay face on other side she didn’t see him and says sorry ……shivaay about to see her but she move suddenly she stoped as she feel something is hurdle in moving her she sees her hand is not coming forward becoz her bracelet tugged in shivaay watch and his shirt button…….
Oh jaana plays

She about to see backside but she then again saw daksh and she pulls her hand with a jerk and two three strands of her chands bracelet remain tugged in his shirts button and watch…….
She she move to daksh as soon as she can without seeing backside
Omru comes to shivaay and ask……what happened
Shivaay-wo ladki……..
Omru-which girl
Rudra- I think om bhaiya has a effect of our morning talks about girl and love
Shivaay-shut up rudra
Om-u tell me shivaay
Shivaay-thinks about their moment and says nothing the girl may be in hurry and she banged to me
Rudra-bhaiya how she looks beautiful ,hot ,s*xy
Shivom –shut up rudra I didn’t saw her face………..

Precap-daksh slaps anika and anika in oberio mansion

Sorry guys for late update and plz leave comment positive or negative but plz….post comments

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  1. Simrat_14

    Thank you sooo much for updating just by one request! Loved the chapter ?

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    Great…and ..fantastic episode…Ani don’t deserves Daksh..Different plot..Waiting for the next!

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  6. I love your siyappa wali ishqbaazi alot. NYC for this. You are a great writer

  7. Jerry_36

    Hey Savera di. I am happy that you are continuing with your story. The story is awesome and the concept way beyond that. That Daksh i want to kill him…but still Your ideas are a darling?. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, post soon.

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    I hate Daksh……….and Shivay shd bash him like hell……… post soon dr….

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    Hate u daksh , awesome episode ?

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    The start is awesome….eagerly waiting to read whole past of Anika….

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    Aww di . Forty a big wala THANKYOU to you and a Big wala SORRY also . Thankyou for posting this ff and sorry for not commenting in ur last part . But di , even if I comment or not my wishes will always be there with you na . But still , sorry .
    And now as u have continued this ff plz post soon . And as usual u nailed it . ??????
    Loved it <3
    Post soon ???

  12. Savera dear, if i am not wrong then you are the writter of SIYAPPA WALI ISHQBAAZI. ..???????

    1. Savera

      Yaa arpita

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    Finally u updated this part. This is different plot. Don’t stop dear.
    Amazing…. Want to see that psycho’s punishment!

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