ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-13

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Hii guys this is savera again with a new part .guys thank u for ur valuable comment keep supporting me like this……..
Here the episode start……
Anika cried the whole night , the life only gives her pain and tears ,she become a scared anika from bold anika ,when someone shout on her she get panic attack ………the life always cheated her
Next morning
Anika’s eyes r red becoz of crying she looks at her shoulder which has fingerprint of daksh and marks ,but she didnt get bothered to apply ontiment becoz she is habituated of all this………she take shower and get ready for oberio mansion she wears a full sleeves suit so that marks of her hand should not visible
Daksh comes there and said so u r ready ,u forget about last night so easily…..
Anika-dak..daksh I signed a contract I cant leave job before mr oberio marriage,so I have to go…
Daksh-then go if I got to know about u and shivaay then the result may be wrose then the last night….just remind it……
Anika-dak…daksh he is going to get married and I m married I know my limits very well….
Daksh-wow…… then where ur so called limits went when he touched u ….ok leave it just remember the last night ok baby and kissed on her cheeks and smiles evily …..
Anika leaves for oberio mansion
Anika thinks how can he think about me like this ,I m not that type of cheapde girl ,from today onward I will stay away from shivaay I will just do my work and never I will daksh about him he is a physcho…….

In oberio mansion
Obro’s are making food in the kitchen and having their obro moment ,
Rudra-bhaiya today I want to eat pizza
Shivaay-ok I will made it …..then he ask rudra that anika didn’t come yet
Omru-ohoh someone is very desperate to see someone ,and start singing inteha hogyi intezaar ki………but shivaay said in between u both shut up ,I was just asking about her and u both started ur stupid talks…..
Anika enters oberio mansion … and thinks I will go to shivaay ask him the work of whole day then I will not go infront of him……

In kitchen rudra said to shivaay yesterday u were saying that u want to do friendship with anika didi ,u know bhaiya I watched the movie mujse dosti krogi then u directly ask her ,anika kya tum musjse dosti krogi….
Om-ya shivaay rudra is right u ask her…..
Shivaay-ya u r right but its very difficult……don’t know what will she think if she said no…then…..
Rudra- so finally there is something which is difficult for shivaay singh oberio…….
Just then tia comein kitchen ,and say what is difficult for my shivaay baby…?
Shivaay-no….nothing tia he is just joking ,there is nothing difficult for shivaay singh oberio……
Tia-oh shivaay baby u r perfect in cooking , how u do all this?
Rudra-lady baba u know bhaiya can rolled this pizza base roti in air……..
Tia-really shivaay baby ,
Shivaay –ya tia I will show u now …….
Shivaay take a roti base and rolled it in air but suddenly he saw anika coming in the kitchen and his concentration lost becoz of anika and the roti fall down in flour and whole flour come over shivaay’s face,

Omru tia cupped their mouth and one person is laughing uncontrollably seeing shivaay……..
All of them looked in the direction and get shocked seeing anika laughing who is standing on the entrance of the kitchen…
Shivaay get mermerised seeing her laughing whole heartedly and thinks if u r laughing becoz the flour come over his face then I can do this 100 times for u anika to see the bright smile over her face ,I for the first tym see her laughing and she looks more beautiful when she laugh….
Rudra-in shock anika didi….. u r laughing on my bhaiya………
Anika comes into her senses and realizes that she is laughing after so many months wo bhi heartedly….
Shivaay-so u r laughing on me……
Anika she again scared and says wo..wo… i..m so..sorry …
Shivaay-I again rolled up the roti and this tym I will catch it u will see it……..and just tia’s phone rings and she moves out of kitchen…
Shivaay –again rolled up the roti in the air but this tym he willingly leave the catch and again the flour come over his face….
Aniomru try to control their laugh but they cant stop it so they started laughing hardly…
Rudra while laughing leave it bhaiya today is not ur day that’s why ur catch is missing again and again….
Shivaay-no rudra today is my day ,sometime when we loose it gives us the more happiness than winning….. he said all this looking at anika…..
Rudra didn’t understand this but our om understand what shivaay is trying to say….so he just signal rudra to comeout of the kitchen and leave them alone……
They both come out of the kitchen……

Shivaay-wash his face and anika thinks anika ask him about the work and leave from here as soon as possible…….
Anika-shivaay wo…but shivaay intrupted in between and says u look beautiful when u laugh…. I mean first tym I saw u laughing smile suits on ur face then why r u always scared
Shivika looked at each other oh jaana plays….
Anika-try to avoid what shivaay said to her….so she said to shivaay ,shivaay I want ask u about the menu of the wedding….
Shivaay-but I asked u something u didn’t reply….
Anika-wo…wo…shivaay I think work is more important then it…..
Shivaay-ok he named some Hollywood type dishes name anika didn’t get what he is saying,so she looked at him blankly….shivaay understand so he ask her to give her diary ,he will write it …anika give her diary to shivaay….. while writing he ask anika ,ANIKA KYA TUM MUJSE DOSTI KROGI …….
Anika gets shocked listening what shivaay said to her…she don’t want to respond what shivaay asked her so to avoid the situation ……she said shi..shivaay u write the menu in the diary….i need to call to creaters… she hurriedly turns back….to leave suddenly her hand touch on the hot vessel which r kept on the gas… she shout ouch….
Shivaay gets concenerned for anika he hurridly keep the diary and hold anika’s hand and says show me anika…….shivaay start scolding her cant u see ,see ur hand got burn he puts her hand in cold water…….anika just look at him and thinks why he is so concerned about me …….but suddenly she takes away her hand from his hand and said shivaay it’s a small thing no need to worry waise bhi muje dard sehne ki aadat h……..
Shivaay looks at her and again hold her its not a small thing let me apply the ontiment and what u said tumhe dard sehne ki aadat h let me tell me tell u,u r human and human feel the pain ,he applied the ontiment
Anika has tears in her eyes after seeing so much concern …..after shivaay applied the ontiment she said I have lots of work I should leave……
And she about to leave but shivaay said I will be waiting for ur answer she looks at shivaay and leaves……

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    Hopefully Shivaay will find out about Annika’s truth later. Amazing update ???

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    Superb episode ???? plzz do post the next update ASAP ?? loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeee

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    Pizza part reminded me of that real IB Scene but never expected shivaay in tias place lol . Very nice

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    It is lovely dear

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    Awesome…plz kick out daksh soon

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    Amazing update

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    Mujhe dosti karoge part nice.

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    Emotional and funny: Poor Anika, she needs so much love and care to feel like a human being and not the battering that she gets from her so called husband. Such a shame! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Good job Savera 🙂

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