ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-12

Part 11

Hii guys this is savera again with a new part hope u like it and thank u very much for ur valuable comment and this tym silent reader also comment thank u guys u all makes me happy so guys keep commenting like this ……….
Here the episode start
Anika leaves to her house and shivaay go to his room…………
Rudra-wow O we will enjoy this vedio and pull bhaiya’s leg…..
Shivaay in his room thinking

Why I m doing all this what happen to me ,I know that she is married and but when I go near to her I forget everything….. I don’t what is it…. I just want to know about her,her eyes speaks lots of pain ,I want to know everything I just want that she should share her every pain with me,but why would she share becoz I m nothing to her…. Oh god what will I do….
Anika reaches her house
As she enter the house sahil hugs her and says didi I was missing u badly u know I get bore today becoz u were at work and jiju is also at office and u know I was also missing rollno 21
Anika-and who is this rollno 21
Sahil-she studies in my class ,she is very cute
Anika-really,sahil u r a kid and u r talking like this….
Sahil- didi I m very much hungry and tired too I just want to eat food and sleeps……
Anika-ok I will make something for u ,u just eat and then sleeps
Sahil-ok didi ……..

In oberio mansion
Omru come to shivaay room
Rudra- go to shivaay and start checking his fever ….
Shivaay-rudra what r u doing….why r u checking my fever….. I m fine I don’t have fever and all
Rudra-if the great shivaay singh oberio behaves abnormally then something happened to him……
Shivaay-when did I behave abnormal what u want to say?
Om- waise tell me shivaay why were u dancing…
Shivaay-me…dancing….he reminds whey anika said yes for coffee and left from there he started dancing……
Then he tries to cover it up.. no why will I dance…..
Rudra-bhaiya don’t lie to us this tym agent rudy have a proof
Shivaay-wh…what proof….u have?
Om-this vedio ….the swimming pool scene
Rudra-the dancing scene
Om-the coffee spiting scene…..

Rudra-the consoling part……
Everything is there in this vedio……
Shivaay-wh..what u made vedio give me this vedio
Rudra-first u tell me what was happening there?
Shivaay-leave it rudra u give me the vedio….
Rudra-ok take it aap bhi kyaa.. yaad rkho ge….
Om-shivaay u r going in wrong direction ………
Shivaay-don’t worry om I m not going in wrong direction I mean I don’t have the intention of ishq and all I just want to make her my friend that’s all so that she can share her pain with me…………
Rudra-bhaiya waise who said u have intention of ishq and all like we didn’t say it….
Shivaay-but u both were trying to say this so I just cleared it……I don’t have intention of ishq and all….
Om-shivaay ishq kabhi soch ke nhi hota h ,

Shivaay-ok leave it guys I don’t want to talk about all this
In khurana house
Anika prepares food ….. and serve sahil
He eats the food and go to sleep
Anika is working in the kitchen just then daksh comes and hugs her from backside…..
Anika first gets scared and when she saw daksh she was uncomfortable….
Anika-da…daksh what r u……..doing?
Daksh-cant I hug my wife he said in a husky voice and turns her toward his side……. And gets more closer to her and he keeps his hand on her waist and pulls her toward himself…….
Anika was very uncomfortable with that much closeness she want to resist him but she cant after all he is her husband

Anika thinks why I m feeling uncomfortable ,when daksh is getting close to me I mean when today I hug shivaay ,I was very much close to him I didn’t feel uncomfortable what is happening to me…..
Daksh is going to kiss her and anika close her eyes as she was very scared but he stops ,anika opens her eyes as she didn’t feel anything……..
Anika- what happen daksh?
Daksh-anika tumne ye kiske kapde phn rakhe h……….
Anika-daksh these clothes r of shivaay’s sister……
Daksh-but why r u wearing them……..

Anika-w..wo daksh today I fall in a swimming pool and my clothes r wet so I wear her clothes……..
Daksh-ani…. U don’t know how to swim then who saved u…..
Anika-wo….daksh actually shivaay saved me……
On listening this daksh get angered and he holds her tightly….
Anika says ouch…. Daksh what r udoing its….hurting me…..

Daksh-oh….really baby is it really hurting u….he digs his nails on her shoulder…..
Anika was crying daksh leave me plz mujhe dard ho rha h…….
Daksh-waise tellme where did he touched u……. he start moving his hand on her hand sensually and ask… here then he moves his hand on her neck and ask here.. then he moves his hand on her waist ask her……bhut maza aaya hoga na when he touched u….it will be fun na….tell me …tell me….
Anika-crying terribly dak..daksh wh..what r u saying…its nothing like that..
Daksh- I know u very well u loved the moment when someone touched u…….
Anika-daksh…..plz…leave me sahil will come

Daksh-I know very well he is sleeping he wont come today…..he pulls her hair …..anika scream…..but he is a devil he didn’t leave her he says only I have right to touch u if some one dare to touch u it will not be gud …… so mind it he push her and leaves from there
Anika sits on the ground and cries terribly……….

Guys some of r u saying to me that let shivaay know about her torture and daksh devil avatar but guys first I want to make a bond between shivika so u have to wait for this for some tym I hope u will understand……

Guys plz do comment more and more and plz don’t throw chandni on me becoz of daksh torture..and comment plz
Thank u

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  1. Next part plzzz jaldi post Karoo interesting story

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  3. Nice update, I always waiting for ur update..update soon… thoda jada likhana yar

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  5. U nailed it di. Please please please post next ASAP. ? loved it. ?

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    Nice one dear… Please make shivaay to find Anika pain

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    Plz update soon savera… And longer plz… Waiting for anika to share her pain?

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    I understand dr but really need that track… let shivay know about daksh

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    Awesome and I wish Shivaay to find about Anika’s pain soon too. Post soon

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    Yup right first there should be a strong friendship bond b/w them

  11. Hey what is this? Is this actual story or ur script? Please let me know I am so confused. I saw this randomly but I am really confused can anyone let me know what is going on here. Where from did this idiot daksh came and how is he married to Anika. How did they separate. Areyar what is this??????

    1. Savera

      Hey this is my own script and track is totally different from the ishqbaaz track and to know what is happening in my ff u have to go through all the part and thank u

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    Nice update

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    Awesome… post nxt asap.. plz make it a long one if possible

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  16. Yvonne Codner

    Short and spicy!! OmRu reminds me of the first part of Ish when they used to tease Shivaay about Anika…really is hilarious.

    Why Anika, why did you not go and change your clothes knowing that you have a demented husband? He had better hoped that Shivaay doesn’t know about this abuse because he will be destroyed. See Anika is already Omru’s Didi!!

    Thanks Savera, looking forward to the next episode!

    1. Savera

      thank u yvonne codner for giving veiws about my ff its really very appreciative thank u keep commenting

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