ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-11

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Hii guys this is savera again with a new part thank u guys for ur valuable comment and silent readers plz comment I m also waiting for ur comments also ur one comment can give me energy and ideas to write something more better then this so guys plz comment……
Here the episode starts
Anika still hugging shivaay tightly,and shivaay is consoling her that nothing has happen to u ,u r fine….
Suddenly anika realizes her position she feels awkward so she sees downward and understand her situation …….
So he ask anika when u don’t know how to swim then why u come in the pool………
Anika-w..wo actually I was decorating the pool area….my leg………..slips from the stool and I fall… the pool
Shivaay-but why r u decorating the pool area……
Anika-w…wo becoz u were angry……
But shivaay interrupted so u r decorating the pool for me….
Shivaay-but anika I m not angry from u so why r u decorating the pool area for me……
Anika-get shocked listening this she says I m deco…..decorating the pool area becoz…u r angry from tia….becoz of me … I was just doing all this….
Shivaay-thinks shit shivaay what r u thinking that she is decorating the pool area for me……….but she is doing all this on saying of tia…….
Anika-shi…shivaay where r u lost?
Shivaay back out of his thinking and says nothing I think we should move out of the pool…..

Shivika start moving in the pool to come out of pool but anika’s leg again slips but shivaay holds her from waist oh jaana plays
As shivaay hold her from waist a shiver runs through out her spine….
They both look into each other eyes but they realize their position they get apart and feel embarrassed ,but shivaay said to her hold my hand I will help u to come out of the pool
Anika looks at him
Shivaay said don’t worry this tym u wont slip just hold my hand……
Anika hold his hand and by shivaay’s help they come out of the pool…..
They were still holding each other hand
But someone is watching all this and to other who were hiding and watching all this ye ho kya rha h
Om-rudra don’t know what is happening between them but u just focus in making the vedio….
Rudra-don’t worry O agent rudy will make the best vedio bechare bhaiya he didn’t even know we r making his vedio they give hifi to each other……
Shivaay sees toward his hand which was anika holding and he thinks this is the best feeling in the world and smiles….
But then anika realizes that she is holding his hand so she suddenly leaves his hand
Shivaay’s smile faded when anika leave her hand but then he realizes her situation…. And he said u change the clothes becoz u r fully wet and take prinku’s cloth
Anika-noded and start leaving
But shivaay calls her and said anika……
Anika turns back

Shivaay –after changing cloth u come here only wo…wo I will make coffee for u….. while saying he fingercrossed his finger expecting that she should not say no……
But anika said ok…..and she leaves when she leaves shivaay start dancing………
Omru get shocked seeing this version of shivaay while hiding
Rudra-om u just pinch me becoz I m not beliving on my eyes……… this my bhaiya
Om-rudra I m still thinking the same…..
Rudra-om just go from here we have to handle lady baba else she will come and she will spoil their date …….
Om-u r right rudra..
Omru come to tia
Rudra-tia listen I want to tell u in xyz place there open a new reiki centre I think u shuld visit there becoz I think some negative energy comes in ur life….
Om-ya tia rudra is right I think u should visit there
Tia-ok I will visit there
Rudra-so go na……
Tia-I will go after sometym
Rudra-no tia u just go now else u will not get appointment
Tia-oh ya rudra u right…..i should go now…. Saying this she leaves….
Omru gets happy rudra says chlo om now we have to make vedio of them
Om-no rudra we already made a vedio that’s enough……..
Rudra-no om jo hmne record kiya who toh trailor tha picture abhi baaki h…..and lets go om else we will miss the new version of shivaay singh oberio…….

Anika changed her cloth she is coming to pool area on her way she was thinking about their moment how shivaay saved her,how she hugged him ,how he console her,she thinks why I m thinking all this he just saved becoz I was in problem and remember one thing he is ur boss ,u should not think about him like this… u r married anika u cant think of anyone else ,but I feel safe when I hugged shivaay which I never feel when I hug daksh…..then she thinks what rubbish u r thinking I think I should go from here ,I should not drink coffee coffee with shivaay ,I should go from there else I will think again something rubbish……
Thinking all this she turns back to go but she didn’t realize that while her thinking she reaches to pool area and shivaay was already so he calls her anika where r u going?
Anika-no…nothing I was….just….
Shivaay-come here sit and have coffee
Anika-just noded and she sit on the chair and omru were making their vedio while hiding……
Shivaay gives his favourite espresso to anika
Anika-take the coffee and she get shocked seeing the black coffee becoz never drink it
Shivaay-what happen anika drink it na….
Anika-y..ya I m drinking she sees shivaay who was drinking coffee happily she thinks I think coffee is tasty I should also try it everything is first tym in life I should drink it……
Anika take a sip of coffee and she spit the coffee on shivaay shirt and make faces shivaay get shocked and he stands up of the chair….
Omru also get shocked seeing
Rudra-now bhaiya will shout on didi and she will cry we have to console her
Anika-sees shivaay standing and she also stands up from the chair she get scared what she has done ,she thinks now he will shout on her definitely
She says shi…shivaay co..ffee wa..was very bitter … like it… taste and by mis..mistakely i..spit ….on u…i..m so..sorry……
She takes her dupatta and start cleaning his shirt from her dupptta ….shivaay holds her hand by which was on his chest she was cleaning the coffee stain…..

He said its ok anika no need to get scared from I don’t know the fact u don’t like the coffee
Omru gets shocked listening shivaay what is happening to bhaiya they both said and cupped their mouth from one hand and other hand of rudy holding the mobile fr vedio….
Shivaay holds anika from her shoulder and said its ok…..then suddenly he sees her mangalsutra ….he leaves her and think what I was doing………
He said slightly in anger anika leave …….
Anika get shocked in sudden change in his behavior
He again said I think u anika u should go home ur husband and son may be waiting for u…….
Anika didn’t say anything she just leave from there
Guys I hope u liked this part plz guys comment more and more silent readers its an request plz cmment……..
Thank u

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