ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-10

Hii guys this is savera with a new part hope u all like it ,and thank u guys for ur valuable comment ur comment gives me the energy to write more and more ,keep supporting me like this plz do comment more and more,
Here the episode starts
Anika leaves from the shivaay’s room while crying and go to her room which dadi has given her for work ,start crying more and more
Shivaay reaches to her room
Shivaay goes to her and calls her as she was standing near window
Anika turns back and sees shivaay she weeps her tears
Shivaay-anika wo I m sorry what tia has said to u ?
Anika-while crying wh…why r u say…saying so…sorry its my mistake I shuld knock the room before entering , I m sorry mr oberio……..
Shivaay-its shivaay not mr oberio
Anika-but I m a employ here I should know my limits…….
Shivaay-but I m saying na u will call me shivaay and I m sorry again for what tia said to u…….
Shivaay-no if no but only shivaay………. U get that
Anika-ok shi..shivaay…….
Shivaay-anika if u don’t mind can I ask u one thing………
Anika-noded her head…….
Shivaay-why u get scared on small thing I mean u start shivering ,crying is there is something…..
Anika gets shocked by shivaay’s question and she reminds all the tortures which daksh has done with her ………all the flashbacks r coming in her mind
She start sweating and breathing heavingly……
Shivaay gets shocked by sudden change of her reaction ,he gives her a glass of water and tries to calm her……….
Anika drinks water …….and calms down…..
Shivaay- thinks may be something bad happen in her past that’s why she is so scared I should not ask
Shivaay-anika I m really sorry I don’t know that u will get scared with my question
Anika-its no..nothing like that shi..shivaay actually I have lots of work to do so I m going to do the work
Anika turns to leave but then she turns back and ask shivaay which colour of curtains u would liketo see in the decoration……
Shivaay-I don’t know about colour and all
Anika-but its ur wedding u should know about it…..
Shivaay-wo do one thing use ur favourite colour in decoration………..
Anika-how can I use my favourite colour if u don’t like it then……
Anika looks at him oh jaana plays
Shivaay-wo…wo..i mean I always like ur choice anika…..
Anika leaves the room ….
Shivaay thinks thank god she leave what I was to her I like u anika I mean like seriously shivaay how can u say this to her ,I mean r u out of ur mind she is married shivaay don’t ever think of this……and always keep one thing remember that shivaay singh oberio’s heart and mind r in control…….there is no match for shivaay and anika,but there is something with anika she is a mystry she has very much pain in her life which I want to know,I want to share her pain ,
Then he thinks oh god shivaay u r again thinking the same thing just don’t think about her remember one thing u r going to marry tia ,and on which girl u r going mad she is married so stop thinking about her……….
Anika was doing her some work she sees tia and thinks I should say sorry to tia becoz it was my mistake that’s why she scold me
Anika goes to tia …..
Tia stops and turns to anika……
Tia-now what u want anika becoz of u shivaay baby is upset with me…..
Anika-wo..wo tia I m really sorry it was my mistake I should knock the door…..
Tia-now what will I do of ur sorry ha shivaay baby is upset with me then she thinks something and says if u r really feeling sorry for what u have done u have to do one thing for me
Anika-ya I m very sorry I will do what u say?
Tia-ok then decorate the pool area becoz universe wants me to surprise my shivaay baby……
Anika-ok tia I will decorate the pool area…..for u …
Tia-ok do it fast……..
Anika leaves to decorate the pool area …….
Anika was decorating the pool area while standing on the stool……
Meanwhile shivaay comes to room and sits on the bed and thinks to cool his mind and thinks to stay away from anika the more he goes near to her the more he will get mad…..
Anika while decorating the pool her leg slips from the stool and she fall in the swimming pool,
Anika start screaming bacho bachao becoz she ont know to swim
Shivaay heard her scream and thinks this voice is of anika then he says to himself voice is coming from the pool area……..
He goes to pool area speedily and gets shocked seeing anika in the pool
He jumps into pool and helps her in standing the pool and she hug shivaay and start crying becoz she was very much scared …….
Shivaay start consoling her that nothing happen to u ,u r safe becoz I m here but anika hugs him more tightly

Precap-daksh torture anika

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    Precap is horrible.

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