ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nhi hoti -by SAVERA part-1

Hii guys this is savera with my first part thank u guys for supporting the intro of my new ff and don’t worry guys I parallel post nazdeek h dil ke and ishqbaazi kabhi soch ken hi hoti .but I will post only when u all leave comment after reading may be negative or positive but plz comment
Here the episode starts

In oberio mansion
Shivaay go to omru room
Shivaay-omru just get up how much u both will sleep
Om- shivaay today is Sunday plz let us sleep atleast on Sunday
Rudra-bhaiya om is right let me sleep else I will get dark circles and then no girl want to date me and how will I impress them
Shivaay-rudra u r impossible while sleeping u think abot girls
And omru gets up and says shivaay u should learn sleeping
Shivaay-if I will sleep then who will run oberio empire
Rudra –bhaiya don’t start again talk of work let talk about girls ,u know bhaiya girls r very hot
Shivom pats on rudra’s head and says u r impossible
Rudra –bhaiya lets do obro moment
Shivomru hug and do their o bro moment but suddenly shivaay ‘s phone rings and tia’s name flashing on the screen
Rudra- lo aa gyi obro moment ki sautan
Rudra- nothing bhaiya u talk to ur lady baba
Shivaay picks up the call and says hii tia……
Tia-hey shivaay baby I m missing u very much……….
Shivaay- I m also missing u tia

Omru give a look to shivaay and slightly says really shivaay baby….
Tia-u know shivaay baby m coming back to Mumbai after two days
Shivaay- oh ya tia u come after u come we will talk ,
Tia-ok shivaay baby and I will send reiki to u…
Shivaay-ok tia and cuts the call
Omru give him a look shivaay ask what?
In khurana house
Anika is sleepimg , just then daksh come with breakfast and calls out ani… ani…. Get up darling
Anika gets up she is slightly in fear says da..daksh u…
Daksh-ani why r u fearing from me see I make a breakfast for u…
Anika-y..yo…you made it
Daksh-ya I made for u with love
Anika- got the flashback of daksh beating she shouts no…………..
Daksh- ani… how many tym I said to u that u don’t need to do zid of doing job and u know very well I don’t like ur zid that why I become anger and I don’t know what I do in anger sorry for yesterday night and keep hand on her hand .
Anika-shout oouch……………
Daksh- is it paining ,I say to u na if u do a zid then it will pain like this
Anika-daksh cant we leave like before says this while crying .
Daksh- anika we r leaving like before but u don’t do zid of doing job,u don’t need to do job,we don’t need money I m earning a good salary ,u tell me u want to go outside lets go for shopping ,u get ready ok
Anika-nodes yes
Daksh leaves
Anika crying says daksh its my mistake to love u ,god why u always do this to me first u snactch my parents then sahil’s parents adopt me then u snatch sahil’s parents ,I thought daksh will give me every happiness which I want,but he is………. Becoz of him I have to keep sahil in hostel,its gud that sahil don’t know how daksh behave to me ,he only thinks that his jiju is worlds best jiju, but he is the worlds wrost man………. And crying vigously.
Just then a voice come from outside anika get ready soon
Anika controls herself and says just coming

In oberio mansion
Rudra-bhaiya really u love that lady baba
Shivaay- ya I love hershe has everything surname,bloodline,money everything
Om-shivaay this is not love this is only ur thinking ,these things cant give what love can give
Shivaay-om don’t start again for me surname ,bloodline,money is love so according to this I m in love with tia
Rudra-bhaiya that means u will also chant universe universe like tia………..
Om-shivaay when u will fall in love na then u will not see any blood line ,surname,relation etc
Shivaay- om my heart and my mind is in my control
Om-shivaay when u fall in love u will feel her pain,her happiness will become ur happiness,her pain will become ur pain
Rudra-stopp…… om u r doing swimming in these love wali feeling
Shivaay-ya rudra is right I don’t understand ur dusri duniya ki baate
Om-shivaay I know u r taking these talks in joke but when all these thing will happen with u ,then u come to me while crying and will says that u r in love
Shivaay-om first thing I m in love with tia and in these 20 days we r getting marry so in this lacking of tym no one can fall in love with any other girl, and second shivaay singh oberio is not that much weak that he will cry
Om-first thing for falling in love u need only one moment,and second thing ishq ache acho ko kamjor bna deta h
Rudra- guys can we further discussion tomorrow,becoz something should be left for tomorrow
Om-ya sure but mark my words shivaay
Shivaay-sure love guru
Rudra- guys can we go for a shopping
Om-rudra u went on shopping yesterday only
Rudra-om u r very boring plz chlo na shopping bhaiya………
Shivaay-ok rudra we r going becoz I have to buy gift for tia
Rudra-I will give u advice
Shivaay-ya sure
Rudra-bhaiya u should gift universe to lady baba and do a logic wala step..and give hifi to om…
They both laugh
Shivaay-now can we go or u want to laugh
Omru –ok we r getting ready ……..

Precap-shivaay and anika in same shopping mall

Sorry guys for any mistake I m very nervous about this ff so finge rcrossed hope u all will like it.plz comments positive or negative but plz comment its an humble request
Thank u

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  14. Actually dr I hav a doubt Ankia nd Daksh married right can u mention how many months r year dr..If am not wrong…

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