ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-45

Part 44
Here the episode starts….

Shivaay gets shocked listening anika that she will not marry him….

Shivaay said anika what happened why u don’t want to marry me???

I mean just before u were saying that i m ur husband u r giving warning to Tia…to stay away from me…then happen… I mean r u still angry that i didn’t trust u …..but for that anika i m very sorry i promise it will not happen again….

Anika said shivaay its not like that but i m saying this because i know u don’t have feeling for me and i don’t want to become ur responsibility….

So that’s why i m saying that if u have feeling for me then i will marry u….

Rudra said bhaiya in short bhabhi want that u to propose her that so simple… Just say the three magical word and get married…..

Shivaay looked at anika then he look at omru and said how can i….

Anika said what how can i….u can  confess the whole thing to my photo but not me…live…

Shivaay get shocked that…. Means…u listened everything…. That day….

Anika nodded…

Rudra said bhaiya u r very chupe rustum ur all secrets r getting out…

Om said OK shivaay we also want to listen… That what u confess to her photo…. Just again say it…

Shivaay said OK he said …anika…

Anika said shivaay say…i m listening…

Shivaay said omru…..

Rudra said bhaiya u have to propose bhabhi not us…so say anika…

Anika said shivaay just say it fast else i will throw water u….

Shivaay gets scared said no…i m doing..i m just saying….

Shivaay go closure to her and said

Anika u know first tym i met u in mall u collided with me and i didn’t see ur face but ur chand got stuck in my watch…that day i felt some unknown connection to u…

And our Rudy uses his Bollywood logic that.. My love story is going to start and i didn’t believe it…and that tym i don’t know u….

Then u come here as my wedding planner and u by mistakenly called me billu ji…if i say truth then that i love the moment when u called me billy ji but being SSO i shouted on u..

And u got very much scared u were crying but my heart is paining…

Then when u said that u r Mrs daksh khurana then for the first tym i feel like i don’t want to listen surname that’s why i asked ur name..

Then when we go to dark room u get scared of darkness… U hold my hand that day i feel like that i don’t want leave ur hand i just want to hold it for forever….

Omru were saying to me that i m going in wrong direction… But i don’t know what happening to me my mind and heart r not in my control….

When i saw in ur eyes ,u eyes says lots of pain i want to know about ur pain…

Then our first date near pool was the best moment ….

And i decided to make u my friend so when that day when u come in kitchen i was rolling roti in air and it fell down and flour come over my face and u start laughing…. That day i saw the most beautiful smile.. I was feeling like if u laugh becoz the flour come on my face
Then i can do it 100 tym to see ur smile…

Then i asked khanna to get information about u as i want to know about ur mystery….

And when i got to know about u i was hell shocked listening ur pain so i decided to make u bold…

My decision to postponed marriage, and i said to u that i want to be friend with u as i want to sleep with u..u remember when i said to u throw water on my face…. Vikram entry u did o my Mata of vikram its all my plan to make u dabang anika…

Shivika r having tears in their eyes…

Shivaay continues omru used to say me that when i fell in love then sky become more blue… Rains become romantic… I will love Bollywood movies…. Everything is happening

He goes on knees and say anika

I Love u….will u marry me….

Anika is almost crying ….she is just shocked after his confession he remember everything…

Shivaay said anika speak fast my legs r paining…

Anika bents down and hugs shivaay as much tight as she can and she started crying….

And said thank u shivaay for coming in my life….
To make my life from hell to heaven

I love shivaay ….i love u very much…

Guys tell me u like proposal or not i want u to comment on proposal u liked it or not

Guys plz do comment

Plz its a request….

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