ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-43


Here the episode starts…..

Anika went from there being happy after listening shivaay confession….

But when she was going to her room…she listened some voice from Tia’s room

Robin what r u doing here i said to u na its just a small pain in my leg i m fine….

Robin says Tia i m worrying for u ,

Tia says i know baby u worried for me but ….if anyone sees u our plan will flop…u know very well i m just marrying him for money only…..

Anika who listened all this she make a vedio by opening slightly the door of their room…

Anika thinks o bete ki this cheepde sautan is making pappu of shivaay for money….i will not leave this cheapde..

Tia feels like some one is listening them so she starts walking toward the door….

But anika quickly runs away to her room….

And thinks to show the vedio to shivaay in morning

Next day

Anika go to shivaay’s room….
And said to shivaay i want to tell u something about Tia…

Shivaay said what u want tell about Tia…

Anika said shivaay Tia is cheating on u she is only marrying u becoz of ur money and she has a affair also….

Shivaay gets shocked listening all this he said what r u saying anika ….

Tia is not like this before her marriage alliance she was my good friend…

It can’t possible…. I think u have some misunderstanding….

She said i have a proof shivaay i will show u a vedio …..and then u will trust me but there was no vedio in her phone….

Shivaay asked her to show vedio….
Anika said i don’t know how it got deleted but trust me shivaay i m saying truth Tia is making ur pappu

Shivaay said enough anika u can’t put any blame on her without proof and he went from there and goes to hall….

Anika comes out of his room Tia comes and said u r tinking urself very much smart u make vedio and will show shivaay baby….but there is no vedio… Now what will u do.

Shivaay called everyone in the hall that our marriage will be in 2hrs i don’t want any haldi function direct Saadi….from 40 episode only this marriage talk is going on Now i m fed up of this….so we will marry in 2 he’s

All gets shocked but then they agree…

Anika went to shivaay’s room and ask him what r u doing shivaay why r u marrying Tia in 2 hrs..

Shivaay said anika if u want me not to marry Tia then say to me if there is something in ur heart….

Atleast don’t put any random allegations on Tia i didn’t expect this from u….

Anika said if there is something in my heart i will not say it but i will make u to say…

Saying this she left from there and went to omru and explain them about robin and Tia…

Om said u don’t worry anika we will take robin to this marriage and stop the drama of this…
But for the tym u have to do something to delay the marriage

Anika said OK i will do something but we have to stop shitia wedding…..

Rudra said all the best bhabhi…

Anika gets shocked listening bhabhi…

Rudra said we know very well shitia marriage will break and shivika marriage will happen….

Anika from there went to shivaay’s room and she gets shocked seeing shivaay in sherwani….

She said i think u r very much excited to marry that cheepde Sautan…

Shivaay ask what..what did u say…

But anika start moving toward Washroom and take a bucket of water …

Shivaay ask anika what r u doing why r taking the bucket out..

Anika said u will get to know…. And splash ?she throw whole bucket water on him….

Shivaay said fhat the wuck anika….

Anika said u r very much excited to get ready now arrange another serwani and get ready…..again…
Saying this she leaves…..

After some tym

Shitia comes in the mandap….

Shivaay search for anika but she was no where …..

Shitia sits in the mandap…..

Just then everyone sees anika coming down in the bridal dress

Shivaay gets shocked seeing her and anika smiles winkly

Now what anika is going to do??

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    Amazing update

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