ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-40

Here the episode starts…..

Anika said to shivaay u get ready soon and come down….and she turns to leave….

Shivaay said anika ….r u happy..?

Anika ask r u happy??

Shivaay said first i asked the question?

Anika said OK i m not happy….

Shivaay thinks that means she don’t want me to get married… So he ask why???

Anika said because after ur marriage i have to search a new job….

Shivaay looked at her like what the wuckand think here her husband is going to get married to other girl and she is tensed about new job….

Shivaay said if u want here many vacancies in oberio industry u need not to find job i will give u….

Anika instantly said no….and think what he want i can’t tolerate that cheepde sautan with my husband its better to leave from here….i can’t see him with anyone why cant he understand….

Shivaay ask why??

Anika said wo…i want to be independent…. So i will find my job….and u come down quickly… Saying this she left….

After some tym mehandi function start….

Shitia come down anika looked at them tears form in her eyes but she quickly wipes…as no one should… See her….

tia sits for mehandi

Mehendi girl ask what name should be written in mehandi…..

Pinky said shivaay my heera beta name should be written in Tia’s hand….

Dadi comes to anika and said put tar why r u standing alone chl tu bhi mehandi lgwa let else u will not get tym…u will be busy in work….

So dadi ask the mehendi wali girl to apply mehandi on anika’s hand also…

The girl ask anika who’s Nae should be written in ur mehendi….

Anika looked at shivaay….. On the other side pinky said shivaay… And the mehendi girl write shivaay on her hand….

Pinky said shivaay why r standing there come here Tia’s name should be written in ur hand….

He comes and sit and looked at anika….

Rudra said to om look at bhaiya taad rhe h anika didi KO but he will never accept….

Om said what should we do…Tia ‘s name is going to written in his hand…

Rudra said when Rudy is here why to fear….he goes to shivaay and when the mehendi girl…writing T on his hand rudra slightly bang with her and T become A…

Rudra said bhaiya aapke hath pe toh A likh gya what does it mean….om u think na A stands for….

Om said A no one is with A…here rudra….

Shivaay said aise kaise koi nhi h anika h na….

And then realized what he said wo…wo…i didn’t mean i was just saying….

Rudra said bhaiya we understand what do u mean….

Pinky says o my Mata this mehandi girl don’t have sense….shivaay u go and wash ur hand….

Rudra said choti what will happen by washing hand once the name is written means written no one can remove it….

Sahil goes to anika and ask her to show her mehendi…. And he sees shivaay written in her hand…

.so he said shockingly how SSO name written in her hand ….

Anika looks at her hand and she get shocked… Seeing it….

Shivaay looks at her

Rudra said to om bhaiya we didn’t do anything to anika di side then how bhaiya’s name get written on her hand….

Om said rudra something we do something and sometime it happen by destiny i think destiny also wants them together…..

We r playing our cards and destiny is playing their cards….

Anika said..i don’t.. Know… How…it happen… I will go and wash my hand….

Om said i think anika u didn’t heard rudra once the name is written means written….

Shivika looked at each other….

Tia says these mehandi girls r useless they spoil my mehendi….

Rudra said Tia i think u r forgetting one line Chlo m hi bol deta hu

I think universe don’t want that shitia ki mehendi ho…i think universe wants ki shivika ki mehendi ho or see shivika ki toh mehendi ho bhi gyi….

Tia fumes and leaves from there in anger….

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