ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-38

Here the episode starts

Anika touches her hairline and sees the blood of shivaay in the form of sindoor she gets shocked seeing like how to react on the situation….

Mean while shivaay was fighting with the goons and then he come to anika ….he touches her face from on hand and ask anika r u fine…… Or not anika tell me….

Just then shivaay sees the sindoor in her hairline…. And he goes in flashback what happened before

he was shocked that now they r married how to react what must be anika thinking….

Just then anika notice shivaay’s other hand bleeding… She says ur hand is bleeding she says come with me…. And they went to car and anika did her first aid by taking the first aid kit…from the car….

Shivaay thinks to ask about the incident…. So he says anika….

But she said shivaay i think we should go every one must be waiting at home…

Shivaay thinks may be she don’t want to talk about the incident so he just nodded and they leave to oberio mansion….

In car both of them r silent… None speak a word….they reaches oberio mansion….

In oberio mansion

Omruhil were waiting for them…

Rudra ask bhaiya divorce is done or not

Shivaay looks at anika… And says yaa…now she is free from the devil..

Just then om notice shivaay’s hand….
And ask shivaay what to ur hand r u fine…..

Shivaay said no need to worry om everything is fine some goons attacked on them but….

Rudra intrupt and said but bhaiya did their o my Mata…

Waise bhi jb ldki sath hoti h na toh har ldka Bollywood hero ban jata h….right bhaiya….

Every one laugh…on rudra logic…

Anika bent down and hugged sahil…
Sahil said didi now everything thing is fine u need not to worry….

U r free from pony tail walla cheepda

Anika smiles listening him and thinks now i m feeling like or raita phailne walla h…

Sahil notice sindoor in her hairline sahil said to her didi still why r u wearing the sindoor now u r divorced u need not to do anything on name of that devil…. I will remove it….

He is about to remove the sindoor… But anika holds his hand….

Shivaay looks at her….anika too looked at him…

And she said sahil i will remove it u don’t worry… Saying this she stands up…

And they all leave to their room…

Shivaay in his room thinking about their accidentally marriage then he think about how anika stop sahil by removing the sindoor… he thinks to talk to her….

Here anika passing by shivaay’s room she thinks to talk to him about their marriage….

But Tia enter in  shivaay room….
She hugged shivaay while anika is seeing them hidenly….

Tia said shivaay baby i can’t even believe… We were friends and now r going to get married…. I m very excited from evening… Our marriage functions r going to start….

Anika listen all this tears r flowing from her eyes and she leaves from there and go her room she started crying…. She went to bathroom and start shower ? and stand under the shower….

Anika thinks while crying what u were thinking anika that u become his wife how can u forget that already he is going to get married…. And i m here to arrange his marriage…
He is such a good man he did a lot to me and now its my turn to do something for him….i will his marriage i will arrange my husband’s marriage…
What a 2 rs kismat i have in first marriage i have devil and in second marriage i have the prince but i can’t be his….

In shivaay room
Shivaay said Tia i have important work… I will just come… He leaves from the room…and thinks to talk to anika…

After changing anika comes out of bathroom… Then she heard a knock on door she opened the door and shivaay was standing there he comes inside…

Shivaay said anika…wo…i need to to u…

Anika said i know shivaay what u want to talk about our accidentally marriage don’t worry i will not tell about this to anyone it was just a accident…..

Shivaay was hell shocked listening this he then notice her hairline with a hope and there was no sindoor (it washed away becoz of shower)…

Shivaay said an..anika..
Anika said shivaay no more discussion on this topic just forget about it just get ready at evening ur marriage function r going to start …saying this she make out him of her room and closed the door…

Shivaay was having tears in his eyes he was thinking that may be she can give a chance to that incident… But she don’t want to talk about this…

Here in room anika is also crying….

Then shivaay think no i will not force anika to accept this baseless marriage… She suffered a lot in her life… Now i will not make her suffer more

If she wants me to marry Tia…
I will marry Tia ….without  any argument….

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