ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-19

Here the episode starts

Shivaay called khanna and ask him have u done my work…..

Khanna said yes sir i did ur work i gave a project to daksh khurana for he has to go to Delhi for 2 weeks and he is very happy for this project, but i have a doubt sir why have u given a project to daksh khurana i mean….oberio industry may face a loss becoz of this project….

Shivaay said i know khanna but it doesn’t matter to me waise bhi u must have heard to get something precious we have to loss  something… So u don’t worry i will manage…and cuts the call…

Shivaay thinks for now i just want to keep daksh away from the anika….
And for that i will do anything…..

Shivaay thinks to talk to anika so he go to her room…
He says anika….she turns and said shivaay what… R..u doing here?

Shivaay said anika i think u r forgetting its my house and i can go anywhere where i want….
Anika thinks anika why do u ask always stupid question but what to reply him ….

Anika said w..wo m..i mean….
Shivaay said speak clearly what wo .wo m….

Anika wo i mean..just then her phone rings the name flashes on the screen is daksh…she gets nervous and thinks why is daksh calling me he never called me at this tym she starts sweating….

Shivaay notice the change in her behavior and thinks she is very much afraid of daksh ….

Anika picks up..the call and says h..halo…
Daksh says hlo baby why did u take so much tym to pick up my phone…..
Anika said dak..daksh wo..m..i mean…i was ..doing…
Daksh said OK let it be….
Anika gets shocked listening this she thinks what happen to him he never said this to me he always need full explanation from me but he is saying let it be…
Daksh said anika i have a good news ….
Anika ask good news…..??
Daksh said i got a big project for which i have to go Delhi for 2 weeks.

Anika gets excited listening this and says really daksh u r going to Delhi wo bhi for 2 weeks…..

Daksh said anika i think u r getting very much happy …..that i m going to Delhi..

Anika said no daksh its not like that i m just happy that u get a big project…
Daksh said OK i have  lot of work…talk u later….and cuts the call..

As he cuts the call anika starts jumping in happiness and says yes????..daksh is going to Delhi…i m so happy..
Shivaay who was standing there only get mermerised seeing her happy face and anika didn’t even notice this…

Shivaay said so u r very much happy because ur husband is going away from u…
Anika notice him and compose herself and says its not like that i m happy… Becoz …..
Shivaay intrupted and said i know what will u say… U will say that u r happy becoz ur husband got a big project…..right anika….

Anika on listening this widens her eyes and thinks how he always know what i m thinking is he a mind reader..i think there is something in his kanji eyes….

Again her phone rings again daksh is calling her she thinks why is he calling me now if he cancel his Delhi trip… No this can’t happen….
She picks up the call….and says halo daksh is everything OK….

Daksh said ani.. I m going to Delhi how will u live alone in house….
Anika said daksh i m not alone sahil is with me u just focus on work don’t worry for us….

Daksh said and Mr oberio marriage is after 5 days then u have to live alone at home and if something happens….

Anika said daksh….shi..i mean Mr oberio marriage postpone for 2 weeks…
Daksh ask her but why ?

Anika said i don’t know… Daksh….
Daksh said OK i will talk to dadi u and sahil will stay in oberio mansion until i come back….

Anika said how can….i stay in oberio mansion….

Daksh said u have to anika its my decision i can’t leave u alone so u have to follow my decision OK…..

Anika said OK…and thinks ek musibat jati nhi h ki another problem come so fast how will i handle shivaay….. Oh god why u always do this to me…..
Plz guys do comment….. Its an request

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    Ufffff yeh Daksh ke nakhre. Jaldi se uski bhi oh my Mata kardo. Totally loved it

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    Amazing???Loved it….Wanna daksh to go away forever….

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