ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-17

Here the episode starts

All of them leave the table after having food except shivika and omru….

Shivaay is mostly staring at anika instead of eating food he thinks she is so happy today i want to see her like this only always ….

Omru also leave the table thinking both of them should talk….rudra while going from there he slightly said in shivaay’s ear bhaiya all the best….
And omru also leave….

Anika still having food and lost in her thought thinking about the behavior of shivaay, she thinks when i come here for work … For the first when i called him as billu ji by mistake he scolded me alot but when today morning i had said to him alot about his character instead of scolding me he is asking me to have aaloo puri….
Waise inko dekh kr toh nhi lgta that a angry man who is like kanji aakhon walla bagad billa will eat aaloo pure
Then she thinks oh shit what i m thinking to call him kanji aakhon walla bagad billa if he get to know he will kill me …..

Shivaay intruptes her thought and said so kya socha tumne?
Anika give him a look like about what???
Shivaay said about our friendship….
Anika who was eating start coughing…..
Shivaay gives her water and she take it and drinks….
Shivaay again asked what happened did i ask something wrong???becoz u r coughing…. I think u r not expecting this from me…..right anika

She looked at him hell shocked…. She don’t know what to reply she gets nervous and starts sweating but she thinks anika u don’t need to be weak u have to do something else if daksh will know about this then he will torture me again and i don’t have more tendency to bear more pain

So she said to shivaay,shi..shivaay i think u r forgetting what i said to u in morning i …do..don’t want…ur fri…friend….

Shivaay asked anika if u don’t want to be my friend then why r u nervous saying this shivaay i don’t want to be ur friends it seems like u want to be my friend but some one is stopping u….right anika….

Anika now hell shocked and thinks how did he know about this…

Shivaay said what happen anika i think u r thinking about how did i know about this?

Now anika widens her eyes and shivaay said to her anika u know ur eyes say everything…. I can read ur eyes….

Anika thinks o bete ki he can read my eyes i think there is something in his kanji eyes…then she thinks anika why r thinking about him in my solid language which i used to spoke before meeting daksh…then she reminds all the torture of the daksh ….and she starts sweating again …she thinks to avoid the discussion about friendship with shivaay so she starts leaving….

But shivaay holds her hand …
Oh jaana plays…

Shivaay asked anika u didn’t reply me till common anika itna bhi Kya sochna….

Anika said my decision will be the same if u ask me 100 tym or 1000tym and let me tell u one thing u r going to married in 5 days so i think we should stop here only becoz after ur marriage i will leave job and then what will u do my friendship….. And i think ur memory is weak u so easily forget what i said to u in morning….

Shivaay pulled anika and she landed on the shivaay’s chest and said i didn’t forget anything what u said to me…i just want be ur friend only becoz i want to sleep with u….right anika u said it na…. So now i m saying u r right i just to friendship becoz of this only …so r u ready….

Now she was hell shocked listening this she didn’t expect that shivaay will say to her these words becoz she always thinks he is not like that man so she steps back….and tears start flowing from her eyes….she don’t know how to react she never feel so much broken even when daksh torture her she was heartbroken, angry,crying but she want to fight back with his words which she never feels to fight back even when daksh torture her…

But anika turns back to leave
And shivaay thinks why she is not doing what i m expecting she will do this definitely…. Oh god my plan will fail…anika plz don’t go do what i want…
Just then anika turns back and she takes a glass of water from table and splash……anika throw water on his face…..
Shivaay first shocked and then he smiles…flashback shows khanna also told him when anika get angry she throws water and breaks glasses flashback ends

Shivaay thinks i didn’t expect that she will throw water on my face khanna didn’t tell me that she has a habit to throw water on face in anger i will take his class…..

Anika intrupted his thoughts and and said Mr shivaay Singh oberio stay in ur limits if u said again the words which u said to me just before then it will not be good for u…..i was thinking right about u ..u r a kanji aakhon walla bagad billa ….so Mr SSO stay in ur limits u get that and she leaves from there…

Shivaay thinks oh god she can give warning also nice version of anika i mean she gives warning to shivaay Singh oberio…. Then he thinks what’s she said to ka..kanji aakhon and SSO what does it mean….
Guys plz do comment and tell me u liked it or not becoz i got less comment on previous part so i m thinking u r not liking the track plz tell me about ur views

Thank u

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