ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by SAVERA part-15

Here the episode starts

Anika crying in her room thinking about shivaay’s words what he said to her that he doesn’t think about her like the way i m thinking about him…he doesn’t want to sleep with her,he genuinely wanted to be her friend but what i have done i don’t know how cheap things i told him ,if he dismissed me from the job ,then again i have to suffer again i think i should say sorry to him he is like that ….

Then she thinks no this tym i don’t trust anyone words its all drama to become good i will not say sorry to him..

She weeps her tears and back to her work

Khanna comes to shivaay’s room
Khanna said to shivaay sir got to know about anika mam
Shivaay said tell me everything about anika
Khanna asked shivaay sir why u want to know about anika mam
Shivaay said its none of ur business just do what i said to u…tell me everything about anika
Khanna said OK sir and start telling about anika

Sir anika mam is orphan she lived her childhood in orphanage, and that her brother sahil’s parents adopted her but after some years sahil’s parents also died and anika took all the responsibility of sahil whom she consider more than her real brother sahil is handicapped so she take Care of him more than her,as the tym passes she started working in college canteen ,where she met her husband daksh khurana he is come in canteen and fall in love with her ,he asked her to be his friend anika was very fun loving girl she accepted his friendship, as the tym passes she also fall in love with him ,one day daksh proposed her and she accepted his proposal becoz she thinks he is very nice guys he would take care of her the struggles she had done in her life now she got someone whom she can love ,share everything, and all before 6 month they got married ,after marriage he become possessive about anika he did allow her to do job ,and he don’t like when she talk to some other men if she done this he used to locked her in dark room and she is very scared of darkness he also beat her because of all this she got panic attacks she become scared when someone talk to her in loud voice
And sahil don’t know anything about daksh behavior he just think he is the best man…and daksh also beats her ….and now she don’t trust anyone…

Shivaay gets shocked listening all this he has tears in his eyes and anger but he controls himself and asked khanna that if he is that much possessive then why he allowed her to do job..

Khanna said sir becoz of u daksh thinks if she will do job here he will get some benifit in his business becoz u r shivaay Singh oberio…..

Shivaay asked khanna to leave

Shivaay gets shocked and thinks how can some one that much cheap and then thinks about anika’s word what she said to him he thinks what she said to him is right becoz she has suffered a lot in her life the way she suffered if anyone else of her place would said the same think what she said to me but know i will not let her suffer i will help her to make a strong ? girl i will make her to fight against her torture……

In oberio mansion designer comes and Tia sees her dresses and ask anika to wear it then show her how its looking

Anika said can i wear it its ur clothes ? and this is back less blouse how can i wear it i m not comfortable in it

Tia said common anika just go and wear them i don’t want to listen anything

Anika had no option and she go to washroom to change

Tia calls shivaay and ask him to come in her room as she wanted to show him her wedding dresses shivaay is not interested in all this becoz he is very upset
Tia said to shivaay that plz shivaay baby come na u never do anything for me i just want u to show wedding dresses it will take only five minutes plz come na

Shivaay agreed and he go to Tia’s room
Anika comes out wearing a backless blouse and a lehenga she was very uncomfortable and when she saw shivaay there she become more uncomfortable

Here Tia starts her stupidity she ask anika to turns back and when anika turns back shback shivaay get shocked becoz anika has marks of daksh torture on her back which previously done by him and a fresh mark of his torture on her shoulder

Shivaay didn’t know how to reach he has water in his eyes and Tia asked anika to wear next dress but shivaay stopped her and said to anika go and wear ur clothes no need to show me Tia ‘s dress and asked Tia he has a work and leaves from there

Shivaay come to omru room they were sitting on bed and chatting but shivaay comes and close the door omru get shocked what happened to him why is he closing the door

Rudra ask shivaay what happen bhaiya but he didn’t said anything and take out a bat and start breaking the things from bat he hits the table,mirror, TV omru gets shocked they tried to stop him but he didn’t he start crying louder….

Om said to shivaay what happen why r u crying anything happened to tell us shivaay we r here plz don’t cry

Shivaay shout while crying mujhe dard ho RHA h yaha pointing toward his heart….

Rudra while crying bhaiya plz don’t cry aap toh mere super man ho

Shivaay said while crying his husband beats ….her…omru she suffers a lot in her life she said nothing to anyone, she bears his torture becoz of him she is scared of everything…. And start crying more and more

Omru r not getting for whom he is talking about so they asked him ….who is she shivaay…

Shivaay said anika… anika and hugged omru

They tried to console him

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  1. superb good now shivay help anika soo emotional ???? I am waiting your Ff next post soon keep writing

  2. Sam-99

    i love the story…… so i hope our old anika will back soon and daksh will out off the story ……
    waiting for next part soon update plz

  3. awesome
    gud that Shivaay knows now
    update soon

  4. Shivika4eva

    So emotional… Update soon

  5. Awesome waiting for the next update…finally shivaay said anika asa his anika …omg am just flying…please post next asap dude…

  6. Ashwinee

    no words to describe this update dear. its just amazing please update soon

  7. Niriha

    It’s very emotional ??eagerly waiting for next part update soon

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and emotional dear.. Update soon

  9. Lauren

    Amazinggggg… NYC story… I hope dat we get rid of daksh as soon as possible…

  10. Owsm I really excited for next part

  11. Nita D

    Wow awesome…now their love story will start soon….

  12. Dhar

    I just loved it to the coreee plzz do post the next update ASAP ?? waiting for your next update

  13. Simrat_14

    Yay ?! Finally Shivaay knows the truth. Can’t wait for the next update

  14. Ankita27

    Very emotional… finally shivay knows the truth.. waiting for the next update ..

  15. Madhuani

    It had so much of pain,frustration,anger.
    Love it.

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Very emotional!! MY ANIKA…..Finally Shivaay cried….that too for his Anika!!

  17. Yvonne Codner

    It was very humorous at the beginning with the roti exhibition..then it became emotional with the sad news about Anika’s marriage.. So sad!!

    Anyway, Sweet Singh Oberoi…so caring for his Anika. He cannot see tears in her eyes, moreso, her being tortured by her husband…Shivay is gonna do damage to someone soon.

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