ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-16

Here the episode starts

Rudra and om some how console him and ask him the whole matter and shivaay explain all the things what anika said to him and what Khanna told about her ….everything he explained to them

On listening all the anika’s torture omru were hell shocked…

Rudra at the urge of crying how can be someone do that much cheap things becoz of man like daksh khurana all the men r assumed same by girls

Om said yaa shivaay what anika told u is right she has very much frustrated and she only brusted on u the pain which is she going through we can’t even imagine in our dream also..

Shivaay said i know omru she did right she took out her frustration on me ,but now i don’t let her live with that man she can’t be torture by him i will not leave him if he touch her….. I will kill him

And what shivaay’s Singh oberio said he really meant to be it and now there is a wall of shivaay Singh oberio in between anika and that devil daksh khurana…

Om asked shivaay but how will u stop anika going to daksh …i mean ….she is used to of all this she accepted all this in her life she never said her pain to anyone but she just smile like everything is OK…

I mean shivaay tu usse kis haq se rokega ……

Shivaay looked at him ….and says don’t know but i will stop her shivaay Singh oberio can do anything by hook or crook…..
Shivaay said to omru that i will keep her away from that devil but before that i have to make her happy she suffered a lot of pain …..

Om asked him but how will u make her happy ?

I have an idea shivaay said,let’s go to the kitchen
Omru asked him but why?

Shivaay said becoz anyone can be happy seeing food i will make food for her….

Rudra said waah bhaiya u r going on right track….

They go to kitchen…
Om asked shivaay but what will we make for her ? I mean we should make her favorite food so that she will be happy…

Shivaay said yaa om u r right but we don’t know what she likes in food and khanna didn’t tell me about this i will take his class right now

Shivaay called khanna and asked what anika likes the most in food and why didn’t u tell me about this when i said to u i want every information…

Khanna said sorry sir i forget to tell u about this,she like aaloo puri which is made in desi ghee ….

Shivaay gets shocked on listening this and said khanna r u serious i mean she likes aaloo puri made in Desi ghee i mean how can girl like this much oily food ,becoz girls r conscious about their diet….

Khanna said sir its not oily its of Desi ghee which is good for health……

Shivaay said shut up khanna and about to cut the call but khanna stops him and said sir wait a minute i want to tell u one thing more about else u will scold me again why didn’t i tell u about this…

Shivaay said now say khanna else i will definitely scold u again
Khanna said sir wo… Anika mam keeps the name of her things like she kept a name for her chappals as chandni ,squti as champa and her bag as chikni….

Shivaay now hell shocked after listening this khanna r u serious or kidding with shivaay Singh oberio

Khanna said no sir i m serious she kept name of all this
Shivaay said OK and cuts the call…

Shivaay said to himself she is very different she is a mystery which i want to read….

Omru asked shivaay what happen shivaay what khanna said to him what she likes in food..

Shivaay told them everything what khanna told him about her and on listening this omru start laughing

Rudra said i mean who keep the name of bag ,chappl ….she is very different.. Right bhaiya

Yaa she is different from everyone… Shivaay said and he didn’t realize what he said …

Omru exchange looks and said together bhaiya/shivaay kuch kuch ho RHA h tujhe

Shivaay said what kuch kuch ??
Rudra said bhaiya something something is happening to u…

Shut up rudra there is nothing let’s make aaloo puri… Shivaay said

Om said so the hygienic person the shivaay Singh oberio is going to make unhealthy food….is there really not something something…. And give ? HiFi to rudra…

Shivaay said u also start om i said there is nothing i just want to make her happy and  by the way Desi ghee is very good for health

Omru said really shivaay…

Shivaay ya and now stop ur stupid questions and start making aaloo puri

Omru said OK and they start making aaloo puri and having their obro moment…

They set the food on dinning table…

All of them come for lunch and gets shocked seeing aaloo puri on the dinning table …..

Dadi asked shivaay billu r u OK? Today u make aaloo puri…
Shivaay said yaa dadi we all three r wishing to have this so i made it right guys he asked omru…

Rudra yaa dadi i love aaloo puri

Om said to rudra slightly Rudy Jada over acting ho rhi h…
Om said dadi we think to change the taste so we made it….

Shivaay sees anika passing from there so he called her anika….
Anika stops she gets scared and thinks now he will scold her but she said to him in the morning….

But to her surprise he said to her anika come here and have food with us….
Anika was shocked she said i..can’t.. Have…food wo i bring lunch for me from house….
Shivaay said i didn’t ask u to argue….
Just sit and have food….
Anika said shivaay i m employee here how can i have food with my boss…

Shivaay said u said i m ur boss so its my order come here and have food…
Anika comes and she sit on the dinning table becoz she didn’t want to  argue…
She uncover the vessel in which aaloo puri kept… And she excitedly said wow aaloo puri…..??? i love this and then she realize what she said …wo…i mean…

Shivaay gets happy seeing her happy and said if u love this then start eating…

Anika looks at him and thinks what happen to him he is behaving different instead of scolding me on my morning behavior he is asking me to have aaloo puri….
Plz guys sorry for late and plz comment and tell me u liked it or not
Thank u

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  1. its awesome
    hope Shivaay realises his feelings soon
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    plz read my ff The Abyss-Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi

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    It is lovely dear

  3. Superb episode

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    Yay ?! You finally updated. Hopefully Daksh will go out of Annika’s life now. Amazing update ?

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    Awesome….loved it

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    Superb yaar… Plzz do post the next update ASAP

  8. Hey love it plz unite shivika I’m desperately waiting for it …….and nycccc story line … next asap

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    Good one savera

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    Superb update

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