ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by SAVERA part-14

Here the episode starts
Anika leaves the kitchen….
And shivaay is still working in kitchen and thinking about anika ,omru comes there…….
Rudra-bhaiya so whats the good news………
Shivaay-good news?
Rudra-u ask anika di about friendship or not?
Om-ya tell us shivaay u asked her or not?
Shivaay-ya I asked her but……..
Omru-kya but???
Shivaay-I think she will not say yes to my friend its gonna be difficult she is very different …….
Om-don’t worry the path which is difficult their destination is more beautiful……all the best bro…..
Shivaay-I think u r right…..
Omru leaves from kitchen……

Here anika in her room..
Looking at her hand where shivaay applied the ontiment ,and she has tears in her eyes this after so many tym someone is caring for me ,someone get affected by my small wound ,someone wants me to laugh,someone wants me to live my life someone wants me to share my pain…….
Then she thinks anika what r u thinking ,u cant think all this ,and this tym I cant trust anyone ,I m regretting till now the mistake which I have done to trust daksh ,he also said me all this will u be my friend,I want to share ur happiness ,pain and all the rubbish thing ,men never meant what they said they just do all this drama for the physical requirement they just want body nothing else ,love care is all just fake for them……
And what shivaay singh oberio is saying to me is all fake I know he is also like that …..and this tym I wont trust anyone and now I will not give anyone chance to hurt me to give sorrow to me ……becoz the pain which I was suffering I sufficient for me and I don’t want more pain in my life………

Thinking all this she back to her work ……..she calls the designer and ask the designer to diliver the order of dresses of tia’s wedding…..
Shivaay was thinking I didn’t saw her till now after our kitchen conversation may be she is trying to avoid me….
Then he saw anika he goes to her ……anika I was searching for u ,anika get tensed then she says shi..shivaay I havelots of work of ur wedding and the designer didn’t come yet and I forget the diary in my room I need to get it saying this she leaves to room…….
Shivaay thinks so I was right she is trying to avoid me ,but how long she will avoid me she has to confront me………
So he go to her room
He goes to anika ,anika turns back and says u…here I mean I was coming downstair u need something……
Shivaay-ya I need something …I want my answer will u be my friend or not….
Anika-hurridely says no……and turns back…shivaay was shocked by her answer becoz somewhere in his heart he is hoping that anika will say yes to shivaay
Anika takes her diary and start leaving the room becoz she don’t want any conversation on this topic but shivaay hold her hand and says may I know the reason why u said no…..
Anika-don’t want to reply anything but holds her hand so she has to reply something so she says w..wo I think shi..shivaay u r forgetting u r my boss and I m employ for u…and a boss and a employ cant be friend…..
Shivaay-I know anika but I was asking u for friendship nothing more than it……
Anika-I know these all r filmy dialogue and girls r very they just belive all this now u r saying will u be my friend ,then u will say I want u to share ur happiness and pain she gets flahes of daksh torture ,but I know very well this all is a drama ,
Shivaay was shocked listen all this becoz he never expect that anika would think about him like that…….
But anika didn’t stop she continue becoz she has the frustration of daksh torture……which she never tell to anyone and she is just taking out her frustration…

Anika-this is all drama what do u think of me I m scared of everything ,u will ask me ask me anything and I will say yes to anything ,u think I will melt like icecream na…but u don’t if I m scared of everything I used to fight with all my fear alone since childhood….and I will not say yes to anyone becoz I have enough pain in my life and I don’t want more pain in my life ,today u will say u r everything to me I want u to live ur life but the next moment u will become possessive u will say anika u don’t have right to see anyother men only I have the right on u……only I have right to touch u to sleep with u…..
Listening the last word shivaay get angered he shout anika ……..and raised his hand to slap her but he stops seeing tears in her eyes…….
He hold anika tightly from shoulder she winces in pain becoz daksh has given her red marks over there and its paining her a lot…..
But shivaay didn’t care he is very much angry he said I didn’t even think about u like this ,I don’t know that u have such a cheap thinking about me if I knew this I will never ask u about ur friendship…….and what u said I want ur friendship becoz I want to sle……… with u o god anika muje bolte hue bhi sharam aa rhi h….u know what u r not worth of my friendship…..saying this he leaves the room in anger ……
He comes to his room anika’s word r echoing in his ear….. he hits the mirror from his hand and says how can she think of me like this……….
Then he take out his phone and calls khanna
Shivaay-khanna I want each and every minor detail of anika past ,present everything do u get that….
Khanna –ok sir
Shivaay-I want all information in a hour
And throws his phone

Guys sorry for any mistake hope u like the part and guys plz comment more and more becoz in last part I got vey less comment……if u r not liking the track u can tell me but plz comment its an request..

thank u

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    That’s so short?????? btw awesome one❤❤❤❤????

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    Short but nice episode….Anika’s such outburst was not expected….post next one soon….N sorry that I was unable to comment on last 2-3 episodes…

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    Short but awesome.
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    Finally Anika was frustrated and she bursted out……and Shivay started digging her past and present….do post soon dr..

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    it must be really painful for Anika to cope up but glad that she voiced her pain
    hope Shivaay gets to know soon
    update soon

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