Hlooooooo hiiiiii thank you for all of your valuable comments. Well eager to know about the boy and the girl?? Let’s move on to the episode.

The girl was still sitting beside the boy. Suddenly her mother calls her.
The girl’s mother: ISHANA…… come beta you have to go to your dance class come have your food.
Ishana: yes mom coming.

She wipes the tears from her face looks at the boy and whispers I love you to his ears and goes.
Ishana’s mother: what do you get ishana by talking to that non living creature?
Ishana: mom never ever repeat this word infront of me or else…..
Ishana’s mom cuts her in between

Ishana’s mother: or else what? What will you do? What wrong did I say?
Ishana: mom I love him and I just can’t withstand any bad word about him.
Ishana goes from there after saying this. Ishana goes to her dance class.
At evening ishana again goes to the boy’s room. She sees him and her eyes gets filled up with tears. Ishana’s mother calls her for dinner.

Ishana’s father: what are you thinking about your marriage beta?
Ishana: marriage?
Ishana’s father: ya beta remember I told about that boy ruhan. He is waiting for your answer.
Ishana: my answer is no as usual.

Ishana’s father: till when will you wait for that boy to wake up?
Ishana: I will wait till my last breath for him.
Ishana’s mother: this girl has become crazy.
Ishana: yes mom I am crazy. I’m crazy for my love. I’m crazy for him. And one more thing stop thinking about my marriage I won’t marry any other boy except him.
Ishana’s mother and father look at her with numb eyes.

Next day morning ishana as usual go

es to the boy’s room. She looks at him sleeping as usual. She is feeling happy deep inside her heart but she don’t know the exact cause of her happiness. She was feeling something good is going to happen. She turns back to go to get ready for her dance class. Just then a sound comes from her back. She could believe her ears she was thinking that is she hearing it wrong then again the sound comes from her back.

She turns back to see if she is hearing it correct. She sees the boy’s fingers are moving and the boy in murmuring the name of shivay. Ishana jumps with joy. Her eyes get’s filled up with tears. She calls her mom and dad. The boy starts to move his neck but is unable to open his eyes. Ishana runs to him she sprinkles some water on the face of the boy. The boy now tries to open his eyes. After some of his effort he is able to see ishana sitting beside him and is crying. A tear drop from ishana’s eyes falls over his cheek. He could feel the drop. He could feel the pain in ishana’s eyes.

He was unable to understand the presence of ishana in front of him. Suddenly he started to breathe fast. Ishana understood that this is due to the sudden shock which the boy got after waking from his deep sleep. He tried to speak something but no words came out of his mouth. Ishana understood his trouble. She immediately gets a glass of water and helps the boy to drink that. The boy again tries to speak this time he succeeds.
The boy: where am I?
Ishana: at my house om
Om: at your house? I fell down from the cliff, where do you get me?
Ishana: cliff? I got you outside my house
Om: outside your house? Who brought me here?
Ishana: I don’t know om. The day when I got you a letter was also there with you stating that I should take care of you. No one should know that you are alive. And we should not try to find the person who dropped you at my place
Om: from when I’m staying at your house
Ishana: it have been 4 long years om

Om: 4 years?????
Om is fully shocked to know the truth. He looks at ishana and her family with shocking expressions. Ishana asks her mother to get some milk for om.
Om: noooo I don’t drink milk please don’t force me to drink it.
Ishana looks at om and his cute expressions.
Ishana: but om now you need some milk as it will help you to recover much more faster.
Om: I want to talk to shivay.
Ishana: shivay!! Do you know shivay never bothered to find you.
Om: how do you know that he never did that?

Ishana: because the day when I got you that day only he declared you dead in front of the media. I tried to call him and tell him about you but every time he cut my phone. Once I collided with him at a road that time also I wanted to tell him about you but he just ignored the topic and said that he is not interested to know about om.
Om: oh ok fine
Ishana: fine?? Are you crazy? He always ignored the topics related to you and you are saying it to be fine? You are mad.
Om: okk now stop it just go I need to rest
Ishana: oh I’m sorry and ya drink the milk

Om makes puppy face. Ishana rolls her eyes. Om makes a puppy face but forcefully ishana makes om drink the milk. Om makes a face like he has been given spoilt rotten eggs to eat. Ishana laughs at this cute face of om but after seeing om’s angry expressions she runs away from that place.

Om was unable to understand the mystery that how h reached over ishana’s house.

Guys again a mystery now can anyone guess who is the person who dropped om to ishana’s house? Think think I will be disclosing this mystery after few episodes till then you can just think and give your answers.

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