Hiiiiiiii back again with the next episode thanks to all of you for your constant support you all are really encouraging me to think over the ff and imply twists involving mysteries. So let’s start the episode.

Rudra comes to shivay’s house. Shivay was doing some work on his laptop.
Rudra: bhaiyaa
Shivay could not believe his ears and thought he may have heard wrong.
Rudra: bhaiyaa I know I did wrong but you will not look at me also?
This time shivay realized rudra is seriously standing and talking to him at his house. Shivay turns back and see rudra crying. Shivay remembers all their brothers’ moment and could not stop his tears. Tears bursted out from shivay’s eyes.
Shivay: rudra…
He runs to rudra and hugs him. Both the brothers were sobbing like kids. All their obro moment comes infront of their eyes. Om’s face came in front of them. They were missing om badly.
Shivay: I will make everything alright rudra.
Rudra was crying and was unable to utter a single word from his mouth. Just then anika comes inside and feels relieved after seeing both the brothers together.
Anika: ooo mr. dumbbo singh oberoi and mr. tadibaaz singh oberoi stop crying like small kid. Mr. dumbo if you cry like this then what will your girlfriends think about you. And mr. tadibaaz this rona dhona walla look doesn’t suits you.
After listening to this they both smile a little.
Rudra: I’m sorry bhaiyaa for not believing you. I knew deep inside that you are not the culprit but my mind was against my heart. I listened to my mind that time. I did wrong. I’m sorry.
After saying this rudra again starts to sob. Shivay holds him tight.
Shivay: ookk now stop if you cry like this then I will click a picture of you crying like this and will post to your social media.
Rudra: please bhaiyaa don’t do that then all of my girlfriends’ will leave me.
Anika: oh how many girlfriends do you have by the way?
Rudra: bhabhi around 10-12 now.
Shivay: oh really??
Rudra does his signature step and says
Rudra: ya bhaiyaa after all I’m the most hot oh sorry most cool, intelligent, handsome and most famous the great rudra singh oberoi.

Just then soumya enters from back
Soumya: no you are wrong you are the great dumbbo singh oberoi.
Rudra: sumo just stop it. You are then moti singh oberoi
After listening to this everyone looks at once to rudra but rudra was unable to understand that what he said.
Rudra: what?? Why are you all looking at me like this?
Shivay: rudra what have you said just now?
Rudra: what?
Shivay: what did you call soumya?
Rudra: moti….?? What is so serious about that?
Shivay: ya you called her moti but after that what did you call her.
Rudra: I called her moti singh oberoi.

After saying this rudra realizes that what he has said. He then looks at soumya who was blushing hard. Shivay and anika feels good to see them together like that again.
Rudra: bhaiyaa apke haath ka khaanaa is just toooo good I miss your haath ka khana a lot.
Shivay: I know rudra that I cook well. But do you know rudra you know how to change the topic.
Rudra: who is changing the topic?
Anika: hamare parosan ki billi
Rudra, shivay and soumya together: what???
Then four of them start to laugh out loud.

The girl: hii I again came back to you to talk to you. I used to hate you after you pushed me out of your life. But now you have become my habit and a very important part of my life. I just can’t live a second without seeing you. Mom and dad want me to throw you out of my life but how can I do that? You are my habit you are my life. See as usual I’m talking continuously and you are not answering any of my questions. Please at least open your mouth to scold me. Please look at me once please. You made me realize that how love can change a person. You taught me the importance of truth. For god sake please wake up.
After saying this, the girl starts to cry. The boy is in coma with whom the girl was talking to.


Guys any guesses who is that boy?? Well will reveal the identity of the girl and the boy in the next episode till then guess is the girl and the boy. Bye done with today’s episode. Please do tell me are you liking my ff? Well today I have a request to all the silent readers also that they should also comment and share their opinion. By the way today I will only post one ff, this one only, so please for today forgive me for not posting the other ff. Bye for today. -NILASH

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  1. Loved it

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  2. Awesome I guess the boy is Om and the girl is ishana

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      let’s see who is the boy and the girl

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    Boy is om

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    Fantastic.. Suspense.. Interesting

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