Hlo guys and sorry for the super duper late update. First of all HAPPY SARASWATI PUJA to all of you as I’m a Bengali in our house this puja is celebrated followed by a no. of rituals so I could post only one ff yesterday thus I’m veeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy sorry for that. Thank you for all of your comments. Let’s begin with the next episode.

Anika reaches to Shivay’s house she asks rudra to come inside but he refuses. Rudra takes shivam for a ride with him and he agrees he then ask to anika she also agrees. Anika enters the house.
Anika: shivay where are you? Shivay??
Tia: Shivay is not there at the house right now but he said he will come back soon.
Anika: oh ok fine no need of shivay you only answer all of my questions.
Tia: which type of questions?
Anika: wait wait relax I will not ask you any such question of which you don’t know the answer.
Tia starts to feel nervous and starts to stammer
Tia: oh….okk.. aas…aasskk
Anika: oh cheapdi why are you stammering and shivering have you done anything wrong to any body
Tia: nooo…. Oo……course not
Anika: then tell me where is yours and shivay’s marriage certificate?
Tia get’s shocked after hearing this. Just then shivay enters the room

Shivay: what is happening?
Anika: oh here comes the great mr. shivay singh oberoi
Shivay: what happened anika?
Anika: really you don’t know what happened? Ok let me tell you or rather let me ask you where is the marriage certificate of your’s and tia’s marriage?
Shivay: marriage certificate?
Anika: that marriage certificate which you showed to people of oberoi mansion
Shivay recalls about the certificate
Shivay: calm down anika let me explain I can explain please give me a chance
Anika: how can I calm down shivay? You are married to tia and you were constantly telling me lies.
By this time tia starts to cry

Anika: oh cheapdi stop all your drama this crocodile tears will not work on me
Tia: shivay and me just acted to be married that time because
Shivay cuts her in between
Shivay: stop tia you need not say anything I will tell her. I did wrong with her, I lied to her so it is the responsibility of mine to explain everything to her.
Tia: no shivay I remained quiet for 4 long years. This silence of mine has cost you so much the time has came that everyone should know the truth
Shivay: no stop it tia
Tia: listen anika why we had to do that fake drama of our marriage. Tia recalls what happened 4 years back and starts to narrate the incident to anika
Tia, swetlana and romi came to know that anika was still alive. They searched for the place and gathered information about anika’s livelihood. They decided to go and check whether all the informations are correct or not. Tia decides that she will go and check.
Very next day tia was going to that place along with her daughter nia. The road for going to that place is very narrow and with many turns one after another. Only one car can travel from that road at a time. Tia was moving with her car suddenly she noticed another car coming from the other side she was shocked to see om inside the car. She thought for a while that om is dead so how can om come back. Suddenly she lost the control of her car and was very much panicked. She tried to stop the car but all her tries went in vein and she hit om’s car, om’s car fell down the cliff and bursted with a huge explosion. Nia also fell down and died in that accident.

Tia: so anika that incident changed me and my life. After that incident shivay supported me and given the responsibility of shivam to me. He took the blame of om’s death on himself. Everyone knew that om died a year ago before the incident took place so shivay told me not to tell about this incident to anybody.
Tia’s tears bursted out of her eyes anika realized her mistake.
Anika: I’m sorry tia I didn’t know about this I’m really very sorry.
Shivay: tia needed support as she also lost her daughter in that accident and I wanted to keep her with me so we had to do the fake drama of our marriage.
Anika looks on and she was cursing herself for what he said sometime. Anika goes to tia and tries to console her as she was crying very badly.
Tia: anika that time we didn’t find you at that place how you came to know that we came to know about your existence.
Anika: probably that day only om came to me when he met the accident.
Shivay: what??? Om went to you but how can he??
Anika: ya shivay but why are you so shocked to know that om came to me?
Shivay: no I am not shocked I’m just asking are you sure om went to you?
Anika: ya shivay that day om told me to return back to you but my self respect and ego had forbidden me to come to you.
Shivay: it’s ok anika everything got over that day.
Everything get’s alright between shivay, anika and tia. Just after some time rudra drops shivam to the house and asks anika what happened and what did shivay say about the marriage certificate. Anika says she will describe everything when the thrio (anika, rudra, soumya) will meet. Rudra says ok and he goes from there. Just after rydra leaves from the place shivay comes to that place and asks did rudra came to drop shivam. Anika says yes.
Shivay: oh ok let’s go inside
Anika: I promise shivay I will make everything alright.

Shivay looks at her and hugs her. He kisses on her forehead. That day shivam went with tia to sleep. Anika and shivay went to their room. Anika was standing infront of the mirror and was removing her bangles. Just then shivay came from behind. He back hugged her. Her face grew red.
Shivay: see anika still now you blush when I come close to you.
Anika recalls abou her blush lessons and smile. Shivay kisses her on her shoulder then on the back of her neck.
Anika: shivay stop it we should sleep.
She tries to move away then shivay pulls her back and holds her through her waist and they shared an eye lock after lot of struggles. Anika hugs shivay and shivay also reciprocates the hug. Shivay breaks the hug and then kisses anika on her forehead, then on her two eyes, then on her cheeks and then on her lips. Anika also reciprocates the kiss. They kissed each other till they went out of breath.
Anika: shivay we should sleep now
Shivay: can’t I be naughty with my wife after so many days?
Anika: you can but not today
Shivay makes a puppy face but agrees and they both sleep hugging each other. On the next day anika, shivay and soumya meets to each other and discusses about shivay and tia’s marriage. Rudra comes to know that it is a fake marriage.
Anika: rudra now tell me what has happened between you and soumya?
Rudra: one day we were arguing about o’s death I did not agree to soumya as she was saying that shivay bhaiyaa has not killed o but all the proofs were against him. So out of anger we decided to get divorced and we did that.
Soumya: ya rudra but what happened to you suddenly that day when I came infront of your car
Rudra: that day when I was getting out of my home to go to office a call came to me.
Anika: call??
Rudra: ya bhabhi the person told me he has succeeded in breaking the three brothers’ bond. That was the time when I thought that may be soumya is correct about what she said about bade bhaiyaa.
Soumya: owwhh this is the actual matter then
Rudra: ya sumo and I’m sorry for what I did with you in past.
Soumya: thank you rudra for calling me sumo. My ears were eagerly waiting to listen this name from your mouth
They both gave each other a smile of assurance and love.
Rudra: bhabhi I want to meet shivay bhaiyaa
Anika: ok rudra tomorrow shivay will be there at home you can come tomorrow then
Rudra agrees


Guyyysss I made this episode a quite long one as I did not post on yesterday. After reading this please let me how is today’s episode. Bye for today. Will try to write the next episode ASAP. – NILASH

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