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It was rumya’s wedding day. Everyone was very happy. Rudra is seen waiting for soumya eagerlt at the mandap. Anika was busy looking and instructing for decorations of rumya’s room. Shivay comes from behind and back hugs her.
Anika: kya kar rahe hai aap? Sab dekh rahe hai leave me
Shivay: not today anika thank you for bein there in my life. I love you more than I love anything please always be with me. I can’t leave a single second without you.
Shivam was looking at his parents and was rolling his eyes on them. Shivika did not look him
Shivam (angrily): papa you love mom more than me also
Shivay breaks the hug. Puts shivam up and kisses on his cheek.
Shivay: who said that?
Shivam: you said just now
Shivay: that to I was trying impress your mother so that she does not scold you after knowing that you have mistakenly destroyed all the flowers that was brought to decorate rudra chachu’s room.
Anika: what he destroyed all the flowers? But how?
Shivay: I and he was chasing each other the flowers were kept at the middle and we both fell over it and all the flowers got destroyed.
Anika: shivay please grow up and shivam you would have been careful now from where we will gwt flowers so fast. Come shivam you will sit at one place and will not move till I say.

She makes him sit on one chair and went to fix the flower problem. She was moving very fast and collided with shivay, shivay held her and they shared an intense eyelock
Anika: both are same can’t walk properly
After listening to this shivay leaves her and she falls down.
Anika: what are you doing shivay
Shivay: what am I doing? I was coming to you to tell you that flowers are arranged and some people are bringing those.
Anika: ok fine but why did you leave me like that if it would have hurt me?
Shivay: it did not hurt you right? Then stop thinking more about this matter and just go and do the work that you were doing
Anika: fine I’m going. Tadibaaz bhagad-billa kabhi nahi badlenge ye. Mr. stone singh oberoi. Huh
Shivam: mumma can I get up from here?
Anika: what do you want now?
Shivam: mumma susu lagi hai can I go?
Anika: yes go
Shivam runs towards the washroom. Shivay holds anika.
Anika: what do you want now?
Shivay: hey please don’t be angry actually I was missing my tadibaaz anika so I did this to irritate you a little so that I can hear those special words from your mouth
Anika: shivay you will never change na?
Shivay: no I will always love you like this.

The scene shifts to mandap. Ishana was taking soumya down towards the mandap. Rudra was mesmerized by her beauty and om was constantly looking at ishana
Rudra: beautiful.
Soumya comes and sits beside rudra. The wedding rituals begin. Ishana comes and stands beside om
Om: you are looking stuning today
Ishana: thanky you
Om: you are looking really very beautiful
Ishana: thank you and now stop staring me.
Om: daadi was right that takkar ke ishqbaaz hi aayenge hamare life me and see shivay and anika, me and you and now rudra and soumya.
Ishana: yes om hey where is anika bhabhi?
Om: may be shivay is romancing with her at their room
Ishana: no she was busy decorating rudra’s room now may be she is doing that only
Om: hey can’t we marry again? It is good to marry
Ishana: marry you again am I crazy?
Om: why I’m bad husband?
Ishana: no you are so good that always irritate me. Always finds a moment to convert it to romantic moment. So you are all in all a verrrryyyy romantic pati parmeshwar.
Om: hahahahahahahaha

Ishana: why are you laughing?
Om: suddenly that pati parmeshwar drama of anika bhabhi came to my mind it was hilarious.
Ishana: I wish I would have been also a part of that drama
Om held ishana’s hands and gives a flying kiss. But unfortunately it was anika’s hand
Anika: leave my hand om
Om: what I was holding ishana’s hand from where did you come
Anika: when you was about to hold ishana’s hand I shifted ishana a little and give my hand to you as you was lost at ishana’s eyes so you did not notice me
Om: this is not fair anika bhabhi.
Ishana: why this is not fair she is you bhabhi and can tease you any time she wants.
Om: you are also supporting her?
Ishana: yes

Anika: can I take away ishana for a while as I have some works with her
Om make puppy face but allows ishana to go. After some time ishana comes back to om
Om: why did she call you?
Ishana: angry on her?
Om: ya she interrupted in our romantic moment
Anika: ok baba I’m sorry
She holds her ears. Om hugs anika. Anika extends her hand to hug ishana and ishana and anika also shares a cute hug.
Om: thank you anika bhabhi you are the bestest bhabhi of the world.
Anika: ok now do romance with your wife I have to go maa is calling me. After anika went om starts to flirt with ishana. Rudra’s wedding was about to complete. They took rounds around fire. Then rudra put sindoor on her maang and made her wear mangalsutra. The time has come for rudra to go inside the room. ShivOm teased him for a while but then allowed him to go inside. Rudra enters the room and closes the door. Soumya was sitting on the bed.
Rudra: thank you soumya I love you a lot
Soumya: I love you too rudra. Sorry for misunderstanding your family I love you
Rudra: forget about that let’s enjoy the moment.
Soumya: I love you

And she hugs him. Rudra took out all the jwelleries soumya was wearing and then gently kissed on soumya’s forehead and cheeks. Rudra then put his lips on her. He then went near her and they explored each other that night. The night passed. Morning soumya woke up and is shocked to see rudra missing from her side. Rudra then enters from the door with a tray in his hand.
Rudra: good morning sumo
Soumya: good morning what is that? (pointing towards the tray)
Rudra: I made tea for both of us
Soumya: hmmm really? Then give it to me
Rudra hands a cup of tea to her. Soumya tastes it and was about to throw the tea out of her mouth but after looking at rudra who was looking at her and smiling she gulped it.
Rudra: how is it?
Soumya: very nice
Rudra: rally? Then let me have a sip
Soumya: no rudra give it to me I will drink
Rudra: no I will taste it once that how I make tea because I tried it for first time in my life.
Soumya tries to stop him but he takes a sip. Rudra throws the tea out of his mouth by that time soumya finished drinking her tea from her cup
Rudra: waakk waakk waakk
He then notices that soumya drank the total cup.
Rudra: it is so bad why did you say it to be good and why did you drink that waakk
Soumya: you made it for me with so much love so how can I throw it out so I drank it. I love you rudra
Rudra hugs her after listen to her innocent reply and whispered in her ears I love you tooooo.


Yes sahil was there at London for his studies but now he is returning at some holiday. Bye -NILASH

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