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It is the mehendi day. Everyone was happy. Ishana’s mehendi was awesome and so as of anika and soumya. Anika asked shivay to find his name in her mehendi he took around 7 minutes and then he found out. Then soumya asked rudra to find his name in her mehendi and rudra took 15 minutes to find the name. at last everyone asked omkara to find his name on ishana’s hand. He took only 3 minutes to find his name. shivru was teasing him that love before marriage is good but after marriage best of luck to him. The mehendi day got over. The next day was sangeet, daadii decided that they should do dhamaal on the sangeet so she has decided to do something amazing on that day. The sun shrouded and the moon lit up. Daadi called everyone at the hall including all the guests.
Daadi: hmm to sab aaa gaye?
Everyone: yes daadi
Daadi: I want to do something big in om’s wedding so I have decided that today we will conduct a competition between the male members and female members of this house.
Everyone: competition?
Daadi: yes I want to see that who are best in this house the males or the females
Everyone: ok
Daadi: wait something more is also there
Everyone: now what?
Daadi: after this competition get’s over all the couple of this house will perform a romantic dance and I will mark who is most romantic in this house. Is it fine?
Everyone: ok
Tej: let’s sit there then shakti, pinky and jhanvi
Daadi: what sit you four will also perform
Tejhanvi, shinky: what????
Daadi: what you are also performing
Tej: but maa in this age
Daadi: if I can perform in this age then why not you?
Shakti: what you will perform?
Daadi: no I’m just saying but if you say I can also perform
Tej: no maa its ok we will dance

Daadi gives those 30 minutes to decide their performances. After 30 minutes everyone comes down after deciding. Daadi at first calls all the boys of that house. Tej, shakti, shivay, om, rudra and ranveer comes to dance. They dances on the song URE DIL BEFIKRE (SONG OF BEFIKRE ) (please imagine the dance as I cannot write about the steps. Their dance get’s over then daadi asks all the girls of that house to dance. All of them i.e., jhanvi, pinky, anika, ishana, soumya and priyanka dance on the song LONDON THUMAKDA (SONG OF QUEEN). The first dance of both the team was awesome. Then it was the turn of shivomru and ranveer to dance and show their talent to their wives. They all dance on the song MEHENDI LAGA KE RAKHNA (SONG OF DIL WALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE). Now it was the turn for anishmya and priyanka. They dance on the song PINGA (SONG OF BAJIRAO MASTANI). Now the turn comes to tej and shakti to dance. Both dance on the song YE CHAND SA

ROSHAN CHEHRA (SONG OF KASHMIR KI KALI). Pinky and jhanvi was shocked to see them dancing so amazingly. Then they also came to the field to show their talent they dance on the song GORE GORE O BANKE CHORE (SONG OF SAMADHI).
After all their dances got over shivam danced on the song HAANIKARAK BAPU (SONG OF DANGAL)
Shivay: am I haanikarak baapu to you shivam?
Shivam: no billu papa you are very sweet
Shivay: now stop calling me billu papa
Shivam: the name suits on you billu papa
Shivay: anika tell him to stop this
Daadi: eeeee billu papa is sounding good from his mouth
Shivay again makes a tortured face and everyone burst out laughing.
Then it was the turn for romantic performances.The performance starts with shivika dancing on the song TUMKO PAYA HAI TO JAISE KHOYA HUN (SONG OF OM SHANTI OM), their love was clearly visible through their performance. Then ishkara got ready for their performance they danced on the song DEKHA HAZARO DAFAA (SONG OF RUSTAM). After their performance rumya came to perform they danced on the song TU HAI (SONG OF MOHENJO DARO). Then tejhanvi came to dance and they danced on the song INTEHAN HO GAYI INTEZAAR KI (SONG OF SHARABI). After that it was the turn for shinky to dance, the last performance of the night. They danced on the song DIL KYA KARE JAB KISI SE (SONG of JULIE).

All the performances got over and the time to declare the result came.
Daadi: hmm all the performances were just awesome now for the first round the winner is the girl’s team
Rudra: hawww why daadi
Daadi: see puttar in the first two dances I could not decide anything it was draw between both the teams. Second dances of shivomru and anishamya were also draw. But the last dance by pinky and jhanvi just changed the result and the girls team won.
Shivay: but daadi….
daadi: no buts puttar now it is the time for the result of romantic dances. Any guesses?
No one was guessing any thing
Daadi: ok so the winner issss…….. ishkara
Everyone at once looks at them who were already looking at each other. The night got over with lot of fun and memorable dance performances.

Next day is the wedding day on the same day at early morning the rasam of haldi was completed. The wedding took place. Ishkara took seven rounds across the fire, they promised each other to live together always to support each other always at every situation. The wedding got over. Everyone are happy.
Shivay: so my bro is married huh?
Om (shyly): yaa
Shivay: hmmm shying?
Rudra: Sharma lo andar jakar sharam ki to oh my mata karni hai
Om: shut up rudra
Shivay: he is saying correct well before you become completely a paraya dhan we should say atleast for once
Omru: what?
Shivay: one for all all for one
They all say it together. They shared an obro hug. And again shivru started to tease om. After some time anika and soumya comes from behind
Anika: ab usko jane bhi dijiye
Shivay: yes yes he is going only
Soumya: let’s go from here then.
All went from there and om enters the room. He locks the door from inside and is happy to see ishana sitting on the bed.


So done I think this is not boring right? Well bye for today-NILASH

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