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Shivay and omkara was sitting near the pool side and was discussing something.
Om: shivay we have decided to figure out both the burning incident one is figured out but what about that mahaarthi incident.
Shivay: I was thinking to tell about this matter but you are still not fit and this time I cannot risk your life for this mystery again so this time you will not be the part of this plan.
Om: what? No this is not going to happen will be there with you. We only say na ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE.
Shivay: but om
Om: not buts shivay
Just then rudra comes running to them

Rudra: o now only you can understand and solve my problem
Om: what problem
Rudra: at first promise both of you will not tease me
Shivay: hmmmm… a matter of teasing? So definitely we will tease you
Rudra: bhaiya this is not down your cool bro is in a problem and you want to tease him?
Om: ok tell us what is the matter?
Rudra: ok you are forcing me this much then I’m telling you
Shivay: will you say we don’t have much time
Rudra: hawwww yahi hota hai jab koi paraya dhan ban jaataa hai

Shivay: what?
Rudra: yes bhaiya if anika bhabhi comes to you to tell something then will you talk to her like this?
Shivay: of course not but stop your nonsense talking and just tell us what is the matter
Rudra: ok ok fine I’m telling
Om: ok tell
Rudra: actually I went to daadi to tell her that I and soumya want to get married again
Shivay: hmmm so our bhai wants to get married? Hmmm????
Rudra: stop it bhaiya listen to the total incident
Shivay: ok age bolega?
Rudra: daadi said that she will allow me to marry again only after o gets married.
Shivay: oh that is so sweet of my daadi I just love her
Om: what sweet I’m not going to marry right now

Shivay: to kab shaadi karega jab hum buddhhe ho jayenge?
Om: No but not now and there is no girl and finding a right girl is not so easy these days
Rudra: but maine to aapke liye ladki bhi dekh li
Shiv Om: what?

Rudra: what what? Arreeee ishana di she is perfect match for my o
Shivay: yes rudy this is the first time you are talking sensible
Rudra does his signature step.
Rudra: I know I’m becoming smart day by day
Om: not now yaar
Shivay: you don’t like her
Om: wooo wooo
Rudra: wow o kya yes or no
Shivay: yes or no om?
Om: yes but…
Shivay (cuts him in between): ok then fine have you proposed her
Om looks down and does not answer anything

Shivay: This means…..
Rudra: kya bhaiya suspense kyun badaa rahe ho? Bolo na apko kya samajh me aya
Shivay: o dumbbell singh oberoi they are in relationship
Rudra: apne phir chupaya ye baat humse?
Om: arrreee aisi baat nahi hai kuch din pahle hi..

Shivay: whatever I’m going and disclosing this to everone now
Om: no shivay wait
Shivay: oh my weight 70 kgs
Rudra: bhaiya you can take some fitness tips from me
Om: shut up please wait
Shivay: come rudra let’s go
Rudra: let’s go
Shivay asks rudra to call everybody to the hall. Everybody gathers at the hall within 10 minutes and shivay discloses om’s secret in front of everyone. Everyone is happy for both of them and decides that they will conduct their marriage after one month. Om and ishana blushes hard. Ishana runs away from that place. Om looks at her and was smiling
Shivay (clearing his throat): ahan ahan ahan she is gone om
Om: hmmm haan haan

Rudra: ab mere aur ek bhai paraya dhan hone ko jaa raha hai..
Everyone laughs and taunts om.

Hey everyone I have decided to begin another mystery so will you all support this decision of mine? Common comment fast to let me know your responses………….. bye -NILASH

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