Hiiii back again with the next episode. Waiting to know about om and gauri. But before beginning thanks to all. Now let’s start
Om was determined to go to his gallery. Ishana was not allowing him to go but at last she agreed.
Ishana: ok you are so stubborn. Fine we will go
Om: I looooooooove you
Ishana: ok now stop it get ready to go

Om: you also go and get ready
Ishana gets ready so as om. They both come down and take permission to go. Everyone agrees.
At gallery. They both open the door and enter.
Om: see ishana nothing has changed it is the same the way I left it.
Ishana: I’m feeling so amazing after coming over here
Om: come with me I will show every paintings and all the sculptures made by me
They started to move around and om was showing all his paintings and sculptures to ishana.
Ishana (pointing towards a room): om you have shown me every paintings and sculpture of yours but that room is locked. Is there anything very special?
Om: you seriously want to go inside that room?
Ishana: ya but if you don’t want to show me then its ok

Om: let’s go ishana
Om opens the door ishana is hell shocked to see the sight
Ishana: ooo…mmm
Om is constantly looking at ishana. Ishana was about to cry. He held her
Om: no ishana not today.
Ishana: you love me soooooooo much??
Om: I don’t know but without you I’m incomplete.

Ishana: but when did you make these?
Om: 6 years back when I and you were together.
The room was full with ishana’s paintings and two sculpture of her.
Ishana: you loved me so much and I left you for such a selfish cause why didn’t you bring me back
Om: you were gone, I tried to overcome my ego but every time I failed and then so many problems were going in the family so I ignored my feeling.
Ishana hugged om. Om reciprocated the hug. Then om kissed on ishana’s forehead and then ishana kissed on both om’s cheeks. They shared an intense eye lock and again hugged each other. Om was caressing ishana’s face. They sat together at a place.
Om: ishana I want to confess something

Ishana: confess???
Om: yes ishana I should say it before our relationship becomes more intense.
Ishana: ok om
Om: ishana after you were gone and after all those family dramas I had become a heartless person. I have started to belive that true love does not exist. But then a girl..
Ishana (cutting om in between): a girl??
Om: yes a girl named gauri came in my life

Ishana could not believe her ears but she became more interested to know the story after she heard the last sentence of om.
Om: she was so full of life, positive energy and love. I met her and never paid much attention to her. But she made me realize again that true love exists there in our life.
Ishana: you fell in love with her?
Om: I don’t know but her presence made me feel happy. May be I have started to love her. One day she confessed her love to me.
Ishana: then what did you say?
Om: I loved her presence, I loved her everything so I said yes to her but soon I realized what is real love.
Ishana: what do you mean and where is she now?
Om: she is no more
Ishana: what?
Om: yes one day someone wanted to shoot me and she came in between. She died at the hospital.

Om’s eyes are filled up with water now. Ishana patted his back.
Om: do you know ishana when she also left me I understood that what is real love and that is the time when I realized that I truly love you because my love towards her was just a feeling of time being. I tried to search for you but I failed and then that accident.
Ishana: I love you om and I will never leave you alone any time. for you if I have to die also I will die.
Om puts his fingers on her lips and nods his head in no.
Om: never utter this word again or else…….
Ishana: ok now can we go

Om: no please sit with me at least for some more time please.
Scene shifts to shivika’s room
Anika: shivay I miss my old tadibaaz pati parmeshwar
Shivay: pati parmeshwar? Not again anika
Anika: no seriously I miss you and your old tantrums a lot
Shivay: seriously?
Anika: yes
Shivay: ok then
Shivay closes the door. He hugs anika. He kisses on her forehead, then on her lips. Again they shared a passionate kiss. They broke apart.
Shivay: you are very hot anika
Anika: and you are very s*xy billu
Shivay: billu? It does not go with the word s*xy.
Anika: you are billu for me

She tries to run away but shivay holds her throws her on the bed. He kisses all over her face, neck, stomach and then again a lip lock. They both then get’s up.
Anika: you will never leave a single chance na to do romance with me?
Shivay: what the hell I’m romancing my wife if you insist I can appoint a girl to romance with.
Anika: never think about that agar aapne kabhi bhi mujhe chhorkar koi or ladki ke taraf dekha to mai apke aankh noch lungi
Shivay: then how will you call me kanji aankho wala bhagad billa then after?
Anika: tadibaaz kahin ke
Shivay: I love you my jaan

Anika: I love you too my jaan
They hug each other and shivay kisses on her forehead and then on her hand.

Thank you to everybody for their support. I know the episodes are now becoming boring. So I’m deciding to end this ff soon. So bye for today-NILASH

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