Hlo back again. Actually I was thinking what to write in the following episodes. I got idea but it’s a bit boring but let’s start. And ya thank you to all over there reading my ff. Here we go……

Omkara’s room
Ishana was taking care of him. She was sitting beside om’s head and caressing om’s hairs while om was sleeping. Om opens his eyes and gives a faint smile. He could feel the connection between him and ishana.
Om: from how many hours were you sitting like this?
Ishana looks at her watch
Ishana: may be one hour 20 mins or so
Om: do you have anything to say it to me?
Ishana: no nothing actually jhanvi aunty sent me to look after that what are you doing and then when I came I saw you sleeping. I informed jhanvi aunty and she asked me to sit near you.
Om now gets up ishana gives him water to drink.
Om: ishana why are you taking so much care of mine?
Ishana: I…. I… actually nothing
Om: say it ishana
Ishana: no nothing om
Ishana get’s up to go om pulls her from behind holding her hand. She falls on om who was sitting in his bed.
Om: what nothing ishana?
Ishana: om leave me I should inform jhanvi aunty that you have woke up. Om leaves her hand. Just then jhanvi, pinky and daadi enter om’s room.
Daadi: puttar we all are along with anika and shivam are going to mandir. Shivay, tej, shakti and rudra will come late from office today. And soumya has to go to one of her friend’s house. So basically you two will be alone at house for may be 3 hours.
Om: oh ok daadi you can take ishana along with you also
Jhanvi: no beta someone should be there at house to take care of you so we are leaving ishana with you I don’t think she has any problem.
Ishana: no aunty it’s ok
They all went. Ishana again came to om’s room to ask him if he needs anything. Om was standing near the door or may be waiting for ishana to come back.
Ishana: do you need anything om?
Om: yes
Ishana: oh then tell me what do you need?
Om: you have to promise me at first that the thing that I will want from you, you have to give me

Ishana hesitates a little but she agrees. Om come near ishana holds her and whispers in her ears
Om: I need you.
He places a short kiss on ishana’s cheek. Ishana is shocked; she was not able to look up to om. A tear fell from her eyes om wiped away her tear.
Om: tell me will you give me what I want.
Ishana turns back to go but om again pulls her back and was in the back hugging position. Om now kisses on ishana’s back neck and asks
Om: tell me you will give me that na what I want?
Ishana did not reply this time om kisses on her shoulder and again asks the same question this time also ishana did not reply. Now om turns her and was about to kiss on her lips but ishana hugs him tight, as tight as she can.
Ishana: yes I will give everything you want from me.
Om also reciprocates the hug. (hum dil de chuke sanam is playing in the background). Om now lifts ishana up and puts her on his bed
Ishana: what are you doing om?
Om: now say those three magical words
Ishana: I won’t say, you say first
Om: ok then I will say it in my own style
Ishana: in your own style?
Om: yes just wait and watch
Om got up he kissed on ishana’s forehead
Om: I love you
Then om kisses on ishana’s both the eyes
Om: I love you
Then om kisses on ishana’s both cheeks
Om: I love you
Om then kisses on ishana’s neck
Om: I love you
Om was now moving up to kiss on ishana’s lip
Ishana: I love you, I love you, I love you more than anyone and anything in this world
Ishana’s eyes got filled up with tears as she has waited for long for this day to come. She could not believe in the moment. Om wiped away her tears and assured her that he will always be there with her. They were sitting on om’s bed and was sharing an intense eye lock. Three hours passed everyone returned back home. Rudra came running to om’s room.
Rudra: ahan ahan ahan…. I’m sorry I came at the wrong moment
Om (still looking at ishana): yes you are right
Rudra: o o mere o ab tum bhi banoge paraya dhan, jago mere o jago

Om and ishana realizes that rudra is seriously standing over there. Ishana gets up, her cheeks grew red and she ran away
Rudra: o gayi
Om: kaun
Rudra: ishana bhabhi gayi
Om: what ishana bhabhi kya bakwaas kar raha hai
Rudra: o bakwass? I’m telling that only what I saw
Om: o ok thik hai bol kuch kaam tha?
Rudra: nahin kuch kaam to nhi tha bas apne bhaiya se milne aya tha and unko dinner ke liye bulane aya tha par wo to…
Om: ok ok now let’s go down
They both go down for dinner.

Next morning at press meet tej declares all his decisions. And hand over his company officially to shivay. After the presses meet gets over shivika moves to their room, ishkara goes to om’s room all other family members goes to their room and shivam goes with his daadi. Soumya goes to her room. She goes infront of the mirror; she opens the drawer and takes out her mangalsutra. She puts the mangalsutra on her neck. Just then rudra enter’s to the room. He gets mesmerized by the sight.
Rudra: so my wifey is again wearing her mangalsutra
Soumya: no no just like that I saw this inside the drawer and just I was seeing that whether it suits me or not bus that’s it nothing more than that.
Rudra: ok my dear wifey you need not give any explanation I can understand.
He comes close to soumya, puts soumya’s hair to one side and fixes the hook of the mangalsutra
Rudra: now this is my wife, a little chubby but the best, a sumo but sweetest of all.
Soumya: still now you feel me as your wife?
Rudra: who said that, do you know after you went away from my life I married 100 girls and I’m saying these words to that 100th wife of mine
Soumya: how mean. This is very bad you mean you don’t consider me as your wife?
Rudra: now you are talking like stupid and I’m sounding sensible.
Soumya: what do you mean by that?
Rudra: I mean can I love any other girl except you? Do you think that so?
Soumya: if you do that any time then I will surely kill that girl
Rudra: ok fine. I love you my love
Soumya: I love you too my dumb…. oh no sorry my hubby handsome.
They hug each other.


Done with today’s episode. Let me know whether you liked today’s episode or not? Byeeeeee – NILASH

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