Thank you to everyone for their comments. Ok I will not replace ishana with gauri because if I do so then many of you will get hurt and I respect all of your feelings and thank you to all of you for all your precious suggestions. Thank you again. Let’s start the episode.

Daadi was very happy to see her family happy.
Tia: now it’s time for me to leave
Anika: but tia you can stay with us over here
Pinky: no anika beta if she stays over here then I will not stay
Anika: but maa?

Jhanvi: no anika pinky is correct
Tia: anika I told you before coming over here only that no one will accept me
Shivay: if I insist no one will deny my words you can stay
Tia: no shivay you did so much for me but from now I should learn to stay alone
Pinky: shivay you should have handed her to police as she must also get the punishment for her deeds
Shivay: she got punishment for her deeds, god has punished her

Jhanvi: what does it means?
Shivay: she lost her husband also her daughter what can be bigger punishment than that?
Pinky: but shivay…
Shivay: no buts mom just forget what all have happened
Tia goes from there. Shivay and anika go to their room. Shivam went away with his daadi. Rudra and soumya went to their room. Ishana and om went to om’s room
Ishana: om you take your medicines and take some rest.

Om: but ishana it is too much I’m fine now then what is the point in taking medicines?
Ishana: you should complete the course of your medicines or else it may cause opposite action also.
Om: ishana I want to go to my gallery I’m missing it so much
Ishana: ok but for that you have to be fit and to become fit you have to take medicines.
Om: ahaan pleaaaassee

Ishana forcefully puts the medicine inside om’s mouth.
Om (making an irritated face): you are just too much
Scene shifts to pool side where shivay and anika are sitting hand in hand; anika is resting her head on shivay’s shoulder. Shivay is caressing her face with his hand.
Anika: let’s go to our room shivay
Shivay: ya let’s go

They both go to their room and are shocked to see their room decorated. Shivay found a note on the table. It reads happy night bhaiya and bhabhi and shivam will sleep with his daadi from now.
Shivay: anika may be everyone now wants a cute girl like you from us
Anika: kuch bhi shivay stop it let’s go to sleep.
She tries to go away but shivay pulls her to him
Shivay: not today mrs. Oberoi

Anika: what are you doing shivay leave me?
Shivay: why should I leave you you are my wife? I have my full rights on you
Anika: but..
Shivay does not allow her to speak anything. He puts his lips on her. Both were lost in each other. Shivay broke the kiss after he turned out of breath. They took a break and again started to feel the taste of each other’s mouth. This time they both got out of breath and broke the kiss.

Anika: the door is open shivay
Shivay goes and closes the door. Anika was standing near the mirror. She was taking out her bangles. Shivay helped her in taking out all the jewelries she was wearing leaving behind the mangalsutra. He put her up in his arms and dropped her on the bed. They enjoyed each others presence that night. Next morning shivika got up.
Shivay: enjoyed the night huh?
Anika: stop it shivay the night is over now let’s go out or else everyone will tease us please let’s go.
Anika gets ready to go. Shivay pulls her near him.

Shivay: let them say.
Anika: shivay we have a son of 5 years can you just recognize that?
Shivay: so what we can have our next baby also.
Anika: stop it shivay
She blushes hard. Shivay got up from the bed and so as anika. Anika at first freshen up and then shivay. Anika was getting ready standing infront of the mirror. Shivay comes close to her he back hugs her. She was going to apply sindoor on her maang, shivay takes the sindoor and applies on her maang and then puts sindoor on her two cheeks and her nose mischieviously. Anika then turns back and was about to say something but again shivay put his lips on her. They again had a passionate lip lock.
Shivay: from now if you open your mouth to scold me or to fight with me I will do this to stop you

Anika: you are impossible
Shivay: I know anika now let’s go for breakfast I’m really hungry
They both go for breakfast. At dining table everyone was staring at them. They got confused on the gesture of their family members.
Shivay: what happened why are you all looking at us like that?
Om: shivay sindoor maang me lagaya jaataa hai gaalon aur naak par nahin.

Shivay: kya?
Anika understood what om meant she gets up and runs to the washroom to wash her face. She then came back after washing her face. Shivay was sitting looking down and anika was staring him angrily.
Tej: ok ho gaya bahut mazak ho gaya now I have an announcement to make
Daadi: announcement?
Tej: yes maa

Jhanvi: what announcement tej?
Tej: if you all ask me questions one by one like this then how would I make the announcement?
Jhanvi: oh ok you speak
Tej: hmmm so I was saying that I have decided to give up business and transfer my company to one of my son’s name.
Everyone together: what?????
Tej: ya actually I am getting old now so I took this decision.
Jhanvi: but tej om is not interested to that business of yours and rudra just joined to office some months ago so??
Tej: who said I’m handing over my company’s name to them? I have chosen a right person for this.

Jhanvi: then whom you have chosen? Who is that right person?
Tej: shivay
Pinky: what? Shakti ji pinch me am I hearing it correct
Tej: yes pinky you are hearing it correct I want to transfer all my company to shivay’s name. I should take brake from all these now.
Shivay: but bade papa
Tej: no buts shivay I have decided. Tomorrow I called a press meet and over there I will announce this decision of mine.

Daadi: sahi socha hai beta ekdam sahi
Everyone was not expecting this but they were all happy with tej’s decision. Shivay hugged tej. Tej patted him on his back. The family again became a happy family. (Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi was playing at background)


Thank you to everybody for their constant support. -NILASH

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