Actually there is confusion in everyone’s mind. Sukhdev Sharma is not that person who had put fire on the aarthi day but he is a totally different person. Again there is a mystery about that person who had put himself on fire on the aarthi day. I think the confusion is clear now. Thank you to everyone for heir constant support and their valuable comments. So let’s move on to the next episode.

Shivay took a break after telling such a long story. He gulped water and started to describe about om’s accident.
Shivay: after om suffered with the accident his condition detoriated. He was in coma for 4 long years. He survived as a lifeless body.
Tears came out from shivay’s eyes while telling this truth.
Randhawa: shivay you ended the accident story of om so fast. Was that all or something more have also happened?
Shivay; what do you mean?
Randhawa: ok then let me tell the next part of the story.
Shivay: next part of the story?
Randhawa starts the story from where shivay left it
Randhawa: 4 years ago I was sitting at my office, my phone rung up; I picked up the phone and was hell shocked to know the news.
Jhanvi: what was the news?
Randhawa: hmm…. the news!!! The news was of an accident near the khandala cliff. I got shocked as very less people go to that side of khandala cliff. I went there for investigation. I saw a man and a small child lying down the cliff. At first I looked at the heartbeat of the child I found her dead. I saw tia over there sitting at a place and crying but probably tia was unaware of my presence. I understood that the child is of tia’s. I sent some of my constables to her and helped her to go back home.

Shivay: that means tia knew that you were also there?
Randhawa: no I did not come in front of her. I said na she was unaware of my prescence. After tia went away from that place I came near the man. His face was covered with his long hairs and he was lying sidewise. At a glance it striked in my mind that it may be om but then I thought that how can it be om as he is dead 1 year ago. I removed the hair from his face and got shocked to see him. He was om. Many thoughts came into my mind together at that time. I wanted to inform everyone but then I thought that there must be some reasons for which om did that drama of dying. I pacified myself. I have decided not to tell this truth to anybody. I put my fingers near om’s nose I found him breathing slowly. I was trying to decide that how can I save him then ishana’s name came into my mind. Let us thank to god that that place is much below than the actual cliff or else…
Pinky: or else what randhawa?
Randhawa: or else om would have died that day.
Om: ishana’s name? How do you know ishana?

Randhawa: I and she are childhood best friends. I knew her that she will surely help a stranger if the stranger is at danger. I called a doctor of our police hospital. He checked om and informed me that om’s condition is very critical. I was unable to understand anything. I disclosed the total matter to him he then advised me that you need treatment within 24 hours. Within 2 hours I dropped you at ishana’s place. It was night so no one looked at me while doing that. I was in very much tension that whether ishana will help you or not. After that I called shivay, I informed him about the accident but I kept my identity hidden from him. I told him that if he wants his brother to be alright he should declare him dead once again in front of the media. He did that within one hour. He then called me back and asked me the whereabouts of om, I gave him the address of ishana’s house. I warned him not to visit there and just keep the matter a secret he did the same as I told him. I asked him to send a doctor to that place very next day and the doctor should start the treatment within 12 hours.
Pinky: that means after that accident also shivay knew about om that om is alive?
Randhawa: yes aunty but he also thought of om’s safety and kept the matter a secret. He tried to find out om’s savior but he failed every time he tried and then again I called him and told him not to try to find me as he can never find me. At 6:45 the next morning I dropped om near ishana’s house she called me informing that she got om and also notified me of the I letter I kept over there with om’s body. I advised her to help the boy. She did that and she was constantly informing me about om’s condition every hour. At around 7:25 doctor may have reached at ishana’s place. After the arrival of the doctor ishana again called me to inform that. Now ishana you say what have doctor said to you that day.
Ishana: ookkk the doctor that day said to me that he will start om’s treatment at our house only. He checked om for 1 hour or so. After doing that he prescribed some injections for om. I asked him that when will om regain his consciousness? He answered me that if om does not regain his consciousness within 48 hours then he may go in coma. Om remained unconscious after 48 hours also. The doctor declared that he is in coma. Some medical equipment came to our house that night. The doctor attached them to om’s body and advised us to take care of om. I did that for 4 long years and then after om regained his consciousness.

Jhanvi: thank you randhawa beta you did so much for my son. You arranged the doctor and those medical equipments also I just don’t know that how to thank you.
Randhawa: you are mistaking Aunty I just dropped om at ishana’s place and just took the news of om’s condition from ishana.
Daadi: then that doctor, medical equipments, money who all sent those?
Randhawa: shivay
Pinky: shivay?
Randhawa: yes shivay did all that for om. He never wanted his brother to be dead he did all that he could.
Pinky ran to shivay and hugged him tight. Tears were flowing from everyone’s eyes. Om was looking at shivay. No one was uttering a single word. Suddenly ishana broke the silence
Ishana: I’m sorry shivay I thought you to be the worst brother of the world but you are the bestest brother of the world. I’m really sorry please forgive me for whatever I told to you. Please.
Shivay: you need not be sorry for that ishana I would have also done that what you did if I was also there at your place.
Jhanvi, tej, pinky, shakti are feeling miserable inside their heart. They broke down from inside. Four of them came running to shivay and hugged him tight one by one. Jhanvi was crying after hugging shivay. Shivay consoled her.
Shivay: badi maa everything is alright now and we all are again together. Don’t worry I will never allow anyone to hurt my family and specially my brothers. I will be the great wall for this family always.
Everyone was very happy that day.


So done with this mystery but yet another mystery is left that is the mystery of the person who died on the maha aarthi day. -NILASH

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