ishqbaazi – full on takkar wali (episode-5)

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recap- shivika nok jhok…nd some fire of ishqbaazi

next day anika came to the oberoi mansion nd dadi meets her at the she is waiting for anika since mrng
dadi-achaa hua beta jo tu aa gai
ani- ji dadi tell whats my todays project
dadi- u hv to arrange a krwachouth puja preparations
thn only pinky enters
ani-oh my mata.. .mummiji aap ne toh meri chinta hi dur kr di..tusi toh g8t ho
dadi-thts y i m ur mother in law…anika beta u hv whole day to prepare for krwa chouth pooja so take ur tym nd make a list of things tht u need
ani-ok dadi
pinki-comes anika i will tells the ways to terraces?
ani-wow aunty u speak nyc english
pinky-oh my mata anika..u bhi na..u made my shy’s by ur beautifuls talk..
chal m jaati hun mujhe thoda kaam h oks
ani-jii aunty
as pinky leaves from there om enters
om-hi anika(A)
ani-hi o
om-r u busy
ani-no om. .say what u want
om-actually anika. ..hhh
ani-yaa say
thn some1 comes nd ask anika for list
ani-om i will talk to u later. .bye
om-yaa sure
(as she was busy in doing preparations she doesnt eat nthg whole day. ..{dnt wrry guys i will nt make her fall in shivaay arms…its nt my style.. i will give some Sophie’s tadka})

in evng
all were arrived on terrace nd the function
om- wearing red kurta with silver chudidar
rudy-wearing red vestcoat with silver Bridge’s
shi-wearing silver kurta with red vestcoat nd red Bridge’s
pinky-merganta coloured salwar suit with golden colored with elegant stone work side stall
shakti-wearing according to pinky
tej &janvi-in maroon with parroty green attire
dadi with skyblue salwar suite
anika-wearing silver glittery lehanga with red sstylish worked deep back choli nd again silver coloured chunni

first of all.. ladies enters with their partners thn dadi thn oberoi brothers thn anika
shivaay eyes gets stuck on anika
shivaay is smthg feels for her
when anika goes in kitchen for some fruit baskets he just follow her

in kitchen
ani-where is the fruit baskets
ani-yes say
shi-woh actually jo decorations tumne ki h
ani-haan mujhe pta h ki woh aapko downmarket lagi nd u came here to just show offs other organizers
shi-nhi anika i just came here to say
ani-oh it means u lyk my decorations thnxx
shi-i just dnt lyk the currtains nd sofa covers nd the lightnings
ani-gets angry nd throw water on him by the glass nearby her full of water
shi-got hell angry nd pulls anika frm vest nd says how dare u
ani-just lyk u kanji aakho wala bagad billa dare to point fingers om my decorations
shi-gets more angry nd toghtens the grip..dnt call me tht
ani- i will call u tht bagad billa bagad bilaa
shivay holds her more close nd says u paanika
(first ohh jana moment)oh jana plays
ani again says chodiye mujhe kanji akkho wale bagad bille
shi-i said dnt call me tht paanika
ani-i will call u ..what can u do
before she can utter a single word shivaay kisses her so deeply (a harsh peck on lips)
on lips.. her eyes gets bigger due to shock but unwilingly she receprociate it. ( in the sense nt push him away) ishq h aansu. .ishq h nagma plays..
after a min shi leaves her nd says u were looking beautiful..thn suddenly he realises what he does a min ago..nd escapes frm there due to embarrasment…anika gets into her senses nd thinks how can he kiss me..i will make him srry for tht nd leaves frm there
om-anika hv u seen shivay
ani-no i dnt knw nd again remembers the moment
thn anika goes towards living area thn only some 1 hands come frm the back of the wall nd pull her in a room… none other thn shivaay
ani-who r u..just leave me
shi-pulls her more close as they were in a tight hug nd keeps his hands on her mouth nd says im really srry anika..i dnt want to do tht but
ani-but what u think tht u can do anythg wid middle class girls
ani- but remember one thing in 1 i m nt lyk other girls
shi-i will compensate u fr this misbehaviour
ani-claps nd says what u will compensate how… by giving ur money to me..nd rush frm there cryingly nd goes nd sit near pool nd start crying
om comes there
om-what happaned anika y r u crying
om-dnt lie to shivaay saod u smthg..let me call him
ani-no om. .nthg lyk tht
om-u can tell me the matter
ani-rght now i need a hug. .can u plz
om opens his arms nd anika hugs her nd he to receprociate the hug
nd says anika just dnt cry

precap – some romance part

do comments guys..if u lyk my episode 1%

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  1. amazing post soon
    want to see Bhai Bhai k dushman

  2. Awesome. Plzzzzz post the next part quickly.

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    Getting confused…whether om loves anika or shivaye loves anika…but epi is awsm..

  4. Shivika

    Osummm………loved it

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    It was good plz continue!

  6. Hey really fabulous epi but plzzz dnt bring misunderstanding btween brothers…let om be like anika’s frnd or brother…plzzz plzzz plzzz. also mustnot get hurt…let him be anika’s brother or best frnd yaar
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    Awsm episode….

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    guys. ..this twist is personalized by sophie..thts y u cant understand it……
    but for ur clearation – there will be no misunderstanding b/w brothers..

    and a big thnxxx to u all. .plz do comments thnxx
    believe me this twist doesnt harm any1 feelings weather they were shivikans or omikans.. rumya toh bichare sithe h unhe chodo

  10. Lovely…

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    Oh bête ki. Loved it yaar. Shivika or omika??

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    loved it but plssa no misunderstanding in between brothers no luv triangle

  16. Its amazing……..superbb…..

  17. I appreciate your work. But I want to say something that why would Anika ask om for a hug?? If there was a girl it could probably right.

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