Ishqbaazi ff by Rena (Part-10)

So hi i am rena back again with another episode sorry for being laye and my examz are over and thakyou all for ur wishes so here it is
Raizaada mansion everyone are preparing for arnav and kushi sangeeth
Anika and rohan are pairs and are not paractising and oberois are watching this amd aradhya needed a pair si she asks om to join after lots of saying he agrees
Malika: sidharth do you know how to dance u duffer
Sidharth: malika i am dancing nicely
Malika: ur just a waste u idiot

Sidharth: malika ur an idiot
Om: i told u i cant dance
Aru (aradhya): plz plz….
Om: ok
Aru: thanku zulfi
Rudr: why is anika and rihan not practicing
Rohan head is in anikas lap and he is look phone
Anika is thinking about shivaays proposal
Rohan: we don’t need t
Shivaay he is already not comfortable with rohan and anikas proposal : why u don’t need to practice
Rohan: aree billuji we know to dance
Aradhya: show them then only they Will believe

Anika: ok
And anika and rohan dances on mai tanu samjhawangi it was a beautiful performs they danced like they have practiced fr hundred years
Anika: do we need practice
Rudr: no di ur awesome
Anika leabes to her romm
Shivaay also escape frm there and goes to anika s room

Her room is gaureded by many security
Shivaay has the permission to enter
He searches her and find her in the pool side
Shivaay : anika

Anika: ha bulluji
Shivaay : vo kal mai.. bol raha thaa.
Anika: hm i knw
Shivaay: what is ur replay
Anika : shivaay when did u propose me u just said something
Shivaay: hm.. anika are u free in evening
Anika: why
Shivaay : can i take u out
Anika: ok

Shivaay just kissed her cheeks in happiness and runs frm there
Anika: ye bhi na
in evening
Anika was wearing a dress gifted frm shivaay she was wearing a beautiful gown light blue and an overcoat small hanging in dark blue and white pattern her hair was tied in messy bun but some hair hanging here and there
She looked elegant
Shivaay came in a blue and white color suite matching to anika
Shivaay was mesmerized seeing her
Anika: shall we go
Shivaay: hmm aa yes

Both were sitting in car
Shivaay : anu ur looking beautiful
Anika: thanx ur not bad
Shivaay: so did u like my dress
Anika: nice choice and beautiful
Shivaay: fr me whateverdress u put it is always beautiful after all ur wearing it
Anika blushes
Anika: hm

They reached an top hotel shivaay opened her door for his lady love they get seated in theit table
Shivaay : what do you need

Anika: hm.. anything
Shivaay: i have orderd u an aloopoori right bring that
Anika: shivaay aloo poori yaha
Shivaay : anything for my lady love.
After that aloopoori came and shivaay feeds her and she too feeds him
Then shivaay take her to the upper floor
It was suit there was a big balcony decirated and there was a cake anika was seated and she started eating the cakte and suddenly she got a ring
Anika: shivaay

Shivaay takes that ring frm her hand and kneeled down
Shivaay: the day when i first saw u i knw there is something in u but i was a tadibaaz arrigant business man
U attracted me and i don’t know when i loved you and i didn’t realized it but the day when daks made misunderstanding in between us i was broken i cant even imagine u witha anyone else tears was there in his eyes and then i… tortured u i blamed u when i got to know the truth i cursed myslef

But whenhe kidnapped u that day shivaay sing oberoi is scared of loosing u
At that time shivaay is aksing frm god something and that day i realized my love for u bit i was nit ready to accept it but i won’t do that mistake again anika i love you ur my life my heart beats beats fr u my soul everything is fr u
I love you will accept me as who i am

Anika: shivaay i love you too
Shivaay makes her wear her ring it was beautiful ring where s and a are written they
Shivaay and anika dances romantically and she puts some cake on shivaays face and shivaay runs behind her and falls in bed and.. they laughe and shivaay opens her back zip and they consumate their marriage we should give them privacy
And they shivaay wake up and find anika in his arms anika wakes up shivayy kisses her
Shivaay : so hoe was last night
Anika blushes
Then she sees time and she said shivaay we ned to go they leaves fr raizaada mansion
Anika: i need to say something
Arnav : bolo
Shivaay: we both want to marry

Avunash: anika u also want thus
Anika: ys papa
Arnav: ok but if my suster faces any problem i wont spare you
Shivaay: i promise u will take care of her arnav and shivaay hugs eachother
Media g
Came they anounced that shivaay and anijas marriage has happened and did nit say becz of the kapoors and shivaay anika arnav kushi marriage happens on the same day

Anika doesbher garh pravesh she and shivaay spent some time theybwere very happy and says went on min hs passrd by and one day oberoi dining table
Anika: rudr do u need anything
Rudr: bhabi mara protien shake
Anika wents ti take it she felt dizzy and she fainted
Shivaay anikaa
And doctor came
Doctor : congratulations ur goin to becime a father
Piky: oh my mata i will git to see my grandson
Omru : chacha

Precap: masti

So i stop olz commment on this and say if u all dont like this ff i will stop so rena signing of bye bye

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