Hello guys so Annie back with another episode


In morning youngsters wakesupp b4 elders and went to their rooms as shaddi venue is same As Sangeet but Shaddi is outside in garden..

they all gathers In hall after breakfast
ishu And anika For enjoyment Dance on the song

lo chali me lo chali me Apne devar ki baraat lekr lo chli mein

after sometime

Girls with all ladies leave the Mansion and went to venue Boys are in mansion With their fathers…

Girls gets Ready In red lehnga With matching jewelry Boys gets Ready In black sherwani’s they all are looking Gorgeous…

Outside mansion boys Are ready to leave and just for their Wish and Enjoy om And rudra dances on the song

Chhote Chhote Bhaiyon Ke Bade Bhaiya,
Aaj Banenge Kise Ke Saiyan,
Dhol Nagade Baje Shehnaiyan,
Jhoom Ke Aai Mangal Ghadiyan…

Bhabhi Ke Sung Holi Mein,
Rang Gulaal Udayenge,
Aayegi Jab Jab Diwali,
Milkar Deep Jalayenge,
Chunri Ki Kar Degi Chhaiyan
, Aayegi Banke Purwaiyan,
Chhote Chhote Bhaiyon Ke Bade Bhaiya,
Aaj Banenge Kise Ke Saiyan…

Jhilmil Ho Gayi Hain Ankhiyan,
Yaad Aayi Bachpan Ki Ghadiyan,
Naye Safar Mein Lag Jayegi,
Pyar Ki Inko Hathkadiyan,
Jachte Hain Dekho Kaise Bade Bhaiya,
Ramji Bihane Chale Sita Maiya,

Chhote Chhote Bhaiyon Ke Bade Bhaiya,
Aaj Banenge Kise Ke Saiyan…

And They Share obro moment And hugs Eachother
Lafzo ka yeh rishta nahi plays in background

And they sits in cars And Leaves

Outside venue
They reach their

In mandap Girls Are sitting there when Barat arrives…

Song plays
Ankho me pyaarrrr
Dill me mohabbat
Ankho me pyaar dill me mohabbat liye huye
Mehboob ke didar ki hasrat liye huye lo g hum agye hai Lo g hum Agye…

Then song plays.…

Dulhaa ban gaya hoy ban
Gaya sadda barkhurdaar
Ghodi chadh gaya hoy chadh
Gaya chhadake motarcaar
Seharaa saj gaya hoy seharaa
Saj gaya jalawedaar
Dulhan dwaar ghadi sajan
Sang jaane ko tayyaar
Nachaley hoy
Nachaley hoy
Hoy yaara hoy ho mitraa ho

Tere dwaare pe aai baraat
Tere dwaare pe aai baraat
Prem ke moti loota de nain
Swaagat mein bichaade
Prem ke moti loota de nain
Swaagat mein bichaade
Ho jaraa aadar ke sath
Tere dwaare pe aai baraat
Tere dwaare pe aai baraat

Vivaah shubh vivaah
Vivaah shubh vivaah

Dilli kaa rajaa aayaa warne
Ko madhupur ki raani
Hone ko hai aaj poori
Inaki adhuri kahaani
Hone ko hai aaj poori
Inaki adhuri kahaani
Phool khushiyon ke khile hai
Badi mushkil se mile hai
Phool khushiyon ke khile hai
Badi mushkil se mile hai
Haay re tarase do hath
Tere dwaare pe aai baraat
Tere dwaare pe aai baraat

Teri taraf badh rahe hai
Nanhaise pag beete kal ke
Sukh dukh ke is sangam pe
Naina hai kyun chhalake chhalake
Sukh dukh ke is sangam pe
Naina hai kyun chhalake chhalake
Rit baabul ki nibhaade
Apani betiyaa ko widaa de
Rit baabul ki nibhaade
Pyaari betiyaa ko widaa de
Re asison ke sath leke
Dulhan ko laute baaraat
Baaraat leke dulhan
Ko laute baaraat.

And Boys Enters And sits In mandap with their respective partners…

Mantra Plays Manglam bhagwan vishnu

First Garland is done (varmala)
After That knot tying (gadhbandhan)
And now They start taking Rounds After

Rounds Mangalsutar tying and Putting vermilion in hairline is done pandit(priest) says shaddi sampan hui (marriage is done /completed)

They all take blessings From elder
Shivika ishkara and priveer are blushing while rudra is overjoyed And again and again trying to hug Somu

After Blessings They all leaves for mansion ( actually randhawa’s shifted to New York so prianku and ranveer will be living In oberoi mansion But on 2nd floor)

they arrive at mansion on entrance 4 couple stands… Jhanvi, pinky and leela does their arti (Couples look at eachother )
mitwaaaaaa ishq pe zoor Nahiiiiii
plays in background

they all steps inside First anika Enters with shivaay Leaving Her footprints On floor with altas Then ishu with om And somu with Rudra and then Prianku with Ranveer

now anika dips her hands in haldi And Leaves her hand print On wall Then Ishu, somu, prianku

now they’re sitting (couples) opposite to their partners inbetween them there’s a bowl A large one with milk in it and some rose petals..

Dadi Throws ring in Shivika’s bowl

and jhanvi in ISHKARA ‘s
pinky in rumaya ‘s
leela in PRIVEER ‘s

now all couples Hands are fighting inside the bowl to get ring Shivika get it together

Om Gets Ring Ishu Makes puppy face

rudra and soumya are fighting with Hands and Tounges too..
somu give me Ring otherwise I’ll pinch u says rudra

oh really crybaby You’ll Pinch me Says Somu by taking her hand out of bowl And pointing finger on herself Rudra smiles evilly and shouts yayyy i won And shows Ring somu Says U cheater huh And turns her face

priveer After alot fight Prinku successful in getting ring…

now they’re sent to their rooms..

anika is sitting on bed Which is decorated with beautiful roses And around bed there are candle on tables Room is fully decorated not only shivika’s but Ishkara’s rumaya’s and priveer’s too

shivaay enters in room .. and locks the door and move towards bed sits on bed And Take out A box from side table and Opens it there’s a pendant of Heart shape Gold Pendant with small diamond studded He Removes anika’s veil And Make her wear that (as gift of munh dikhai) anika Opens the Pendant and there’s a pic of shivika from sangeet couple dance

she smiles Shivaay Kisses Her on forehead she looks into his Eyes And they share a short Eye lock now Shivaay kisses her on cheeks and Neck She closes Her eyes Shivaay Kisses her on her lips She Losts In him and reciprocates After A gentle and soft Lip kiss she lays on bed And Shivaay Lay On top and starts kissing Her And with one Hand turns off the light ( Okay guys Lights are off What we are doing here lets give them some privacy after all we all also Wants jr shivaay soon ? )

Ishkara’s room

ishu is sitting on bed With her face cover in veil Om Comes in room and Locks it And sits with her And Makes her Wear two Diamond Bangles As munh dikhai gift And remove her veil
Ishu hugs Him and He reciprocate the hug while hugging om removes Ishu’s Pallu From her head And moves her hair to the other side of neck And kisses Her On the neck current runs In her Body with his Touch and kisses she tightens her hug Om feels HeR State And smiles and Unlace her blouse and runs His fingers On her bare Back She Is Feeling his Touch and Tightly closes her eyes Now Om Moves Back and Kisses Her on forehead, nose, cheeks,eyes,ears Lips,, and They lay down on Bed With om on top off her be kisses her on neck again And she Too Holds His kurta Tightly and Om Turns off the lights (ahmmmm ahmmmm i think jr Om /ishu are also required so Just leave them here ?)

RUMAYA’s room

rudra enters and locks The door Sits in front of somu and asks somu why u r hiding ur face I’ve seen it so many times just remove it pointing finger towards veil Soumaya replies Rudra Duffer B4 removing this Veil u should gift me Something as a munh Dikhai he says ohhhh and gives her 2 paratahs
She was shocked seeing This..
and says duffer i asked for a gift not for food
rudy asks What u want Tell me I’ll give u i don’t know what to gift u
she asks for His Support in every aspect of liFe and Just wants him to be hers
he complies and says I’ve one another gift for u…
and he removes her veil and switch off lights and turns on nighy bulbs Of different color And when That lights Up she was surprised seeing their pictures on walls Bulbs were highlighting the Pictures and She hugs him in happiness And he reciprocate The hug Now They share a Sweet lip lock And lays down on Bed Light are already off(just leave fastly don’t disturb them?)

priveer’s room

ranveer and Prianku in their room locked room…
Ranveer gifts her a diamond necklace as munh dikhai after removing veil ranverrr hugs her and kisses her on neck But she gets nervous And starts Sweating seeing her condition Ranverrr breaks The Hug and Holds her face in his hands And says Prianku Don’t worry if you’re not ready I’ll not do anything Just relax without ur permission I’ll not even touch u and Cups her mouth ranverrr lays down on bed and turns Priankuuu feels She overreacted And Back hug ranveer And speaks Sorry Ranveer i was just Got nervous And kisses him on his cheek ranverrr turns and lays her fhen on bed and turns over her kissing her in her lips and lights off….

in morning

shivaay is sleeping peacefully on his bed And Suddenly some water drops falls on his face and he opens his eyes and sees anika standing with wet hair and water drops are falling from her hair
anika:: shivaay wakeup and get ready we’ve to meet everyone…
Shivaay pulls her by her hand and she falls on shivaay
shi:: anika let me sleep some more time and yeah come sleep with me
she pushed him playfully and says
shivaay night had passed and no more romance just get up and get ready soon..
shivaayyy says sooo dear wifey did u enjoyed last night
anika blushes and shies uff besharam and leaves to kitchen

in kitchen somu Priankuuu ishu is already there…

anika greets them none of them is making eye contact due to night (lol srsly)

dadi comes and they take her blessing
beta u all have to prepare different type of sweets ok says dadi they nods and dadi leaves…

anika starts preparing gajar ka halwa
ishu laduu
Priankuuu sooji ka halwa
Somu kheer

Ranshivom too gathers in hall with elders except rudra

in Rudra’s room he wakesup and sees somu missing and on his watch his sees time 6:00 am (his watch isn’t working and time is wrong actually its 10 am) he’s thinks somu sleeps a lot and just wakeup near 12 where’s she and starts shouting somuuu somuu..
everyone gathers
Except girls
om asks rudra what’s wrong with u why u r shouting…
he replies o look somu ran away she’s nowhere to be seen she left me while i was sleeping
shiv:: and rudra why u think like that
he replies… bhaiya she just woke up nearly 12 and it’s just 6:00
they all laughs and Shows him correct time he makes puppy face and asks about Somya
they tell him about her he gets ready and reaches hall…

they all gathers in hall and bahus reach there with halwa’s and kheer they all tastes it and give naig to them

They all gets ready for reception
girls in apple green maxi with khaddai of black color on it and boys in three piece suit of black color and with apple green color ties
they reach hall hands in hands

media takes interview of couples and they all (couple) dances their on romantic song

1 year later

Oberoi’s in hospital
anika in ward everyone is roaming outside the ward like pendulum they hears baby crying after minutes nurse came out from with baby boy in her hand nurse says congratulations Mr. Oberoi its a boy
and just then they hear another baby cry from ward nurse goes again and after minutes again comes back with baby girl in her hand and again congratulate them saying twins now its a girl everyone is overjoyed with this news and after a day in home they name them ansh and anshi(the reflection of shivika (shivaay anika) ansh is same like shivaay and anshi just like anika)

so guys done with update an now my fanfiction ends here guys thank-you soo much fr supporting me and handling my bak bak and appreciating my worst imagination but i love u all fr commenting on my fanfiction and r ur support bcoz just u ppl are the reason i reached 20 episodes thanks again

guys sorry too as I’m ending this and this was the last update… but as per my promise I’ll be back soon with another one and different one so thanks again

yeah please do comment on this silent readers as I’ll start new just by u pplz suggestions so plz do comment everyone



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