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Im fine today so i thought to write as much as i can and here with another ep


Episode starts

In morning

Everyone wakes up and gathers on dinning table for breakfast they all greets eachothers good morning and sits on their chairs and starts their chitchats shivika looking at eachother and lost in eachohers eyes (u ca say a deep eyelock) ishkara rumaya and priveer are noticing this others are busy in their talks….
Om taps on shivaay’s shoulder
Shivaaay who was busy in sharing glances with anika is irritated with bunch of continues taps and jerks his hand by his hand and again gets busy in sharing glances on the other hand ishu does saame with Anika and she too does same as shivay theyy all was shocked and om hits Shivaay’s foot with his foot and he screams ouchhhhhhhh!!!!!

And come out of that galnce and all starts smiling on both of them and they feel embarrassed and gives angry look to youngsters

After breakfast they all goes into their respective rooms to get ready for mehndi/haldi function dress is color coded of green yellow

Function is in OM’S garden

They all gathers in garden
Girls dress is yellow color anarkali sleeveless froks with tight chooridar pajamas and green duppatta’s jewelry is of flowers they all are wearing flower jewelry

Boys with greenn kurta with yellow pajama’s

They starts applying mehndi on girls hand while boys are sitting in front of them and teasing them….
Shivaay is just looking at anika with lovely smile on his face ad anika shying
O jaana lays in background

Rumaya are stealing glances rudra is making kissing faces and passing kisses to soumaya and soumaya smiling at his doings
Yeh shikva shak tumhara plays in background

Ishkara is looking at eachother and om wink at her she shies away

Priveer are shying just (kids na so kidish things)

Mehndi applying is done its time to write their to be husband’s names so dadi make them go away and girls write the names on their hands

Now boys are called there to find their names on their to be wife’s mehndi hands…

First shivika
Anika forwards her hands towards shivaay
Shivaay holds her and in his softly and tries to find his name and ends up finding it on her wrist mehndi design hided very beautifully but after all he is shivaay so he finds it they all claps…

Now ishkara

Ishu forwards her hands towards om
Om holds her and in his softly and tries to find his name
After nearly 10 minutes passed and he says yes i got it and that was on centre of her palm written om very small letters and to written in hindi om

Now rumaya

Somya forwards her hands towards rudra
Rudra holds her and in his softly and tries to find his name
And even after 15 minutes he wasn’t able to find that and makes crying face
somya sees this and says crybaby don’t cry here otherwise due to ur tears Tsunami my mehndi will be spoiled and ur name will wash off too
Rudra says I’m not able to find my name what should i do rather than crying and makes puppy face somya says ok I’ll tell and points finger right down the thumb written rudra in heart he makes puppy face and says why down thumb bhabi wrote in palm and wrist so that’s why i was finding just there huh
everyone laughs

now priveer

Prianku forwards her hands towards ranveer
Ranveer holds her and in his softly and tries to find his name

he too tries his best bt endup finding nothing and ask prianku where’s the name written she shows him her ring finger design there’s written ranveer in circular just round like ring everyone smiles and takes them fr applying haldiii

Everyone applies haldi on them while bano re bano meri chali sasural ko ankhiyon me paani de gyi song plays in background after haldi is applied by everyone shivomru goes to apply on prianku and ranveer to ishanisomu and they all end up of haldi fight and haldi everywhere all laughs and now they’re taken inside mansion and near pool side omruranv looks at shivaay evilly and tore his kurta into pieces and throws him in water now rudra and ranveer does same with om but they’re left so shakti tej and vikram randhawa does same with rudra ad ranveer

ladies pushes girls in water and they all laughs dadi asks them to come out soon don’t start ur romance here otherwise u will get cold and we’ll have to postpone marriage hearing postpone they all immediately rushes out and goes to their respective rooms….

in night after dinner all youngsters gather near pool side and light romantic music they do couple dance

and night passes in their romance fun and enjoyment …. And they sleeps there

screen freezes on their happy faces

precap: last episode and marriage
guys thnks for reading

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  1. sweet and romantic as always

  2. Nithu

    Its nice annie…

  3. Jayashree

    Amazing.. loved all the couple scene..

  4. Ishqkum

    Super dr

  5. Niceee episode ???

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    Nice epi

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  8. Samm

    no! don’t end it so soon… i want this sweetness and cuteness to continue!! 🙂

    1. Barbieannie

      I’ve to end old story needs to be finish b4 new ones so I’ll start new after this

  9. Inu

    Superb epi.

  10. Sat_9492

    Fantastic episode…. Waiting for next episode…..

  11. May I request you sth? Plz add some twists in your episodes. I think that will be more interesting to read. Or maybe you could just add little more humor??
    Do what you think is the best. If you want to start a new ff by finishing this one, I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next ff. TBH, you are an amazing writer.

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