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Today I’ll write very long FANFICTION
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Now without wasting much time lets move forward to our episode


Episode starts with
Shivaay going to home from office anika is waiting for him to tell him about ranveer
Shivaay enters his room anika is also there sitting on bed
A- billu ji I want to tell u something
S- yeah say?
A- actually billu ji
Just then shivaay get some call and signs her to wait and leaves the room

Everyone Is busy in preprations of dhanteras pooja
Anika too comes there
Anika- dadi tell me what to do i want to help u
dadi- anika puttar we all are here to work u just sit and rest we will do everything u need rest otherwise u will not get well so sit quitely
anika- dadi but i’ll not get well by just sitting so tell me some work
dadi- lekin puttar
anika- no more arguments na dadi please and ( make innocent baby face )
dadi – ok puttar see by yourself wese to everything is done just check is everything fine or not..

anika nods yes and smiles
anika checks everything
first she goes to kitchen and checks sweets then decorations
she sees some decoration lights are off and takes a stool and stand on that and fix that lights
she is moving and stool too..
and she falls down butt shivaay comes there and catches her
and they share very small eyelock
shivaay in angry tone are u out of ur mind anika?
anika is shocked and ask him what?
shivaay u are still not well anika what u think of yourself ?
u are having stitches and they are just 3 days older and you’re working like nothing had happened to u?

rudra calls u supergirl but u r not so rest if something happened u what i will do then ha?
anika is still standing confused
everyone comes there
shivaay what happened ? why u r scolding her again? asks om
om she was working again and was about to fall said shivaay
shivaay i told her to rest but she insists so i gave her persmission says dadi
anika enough of work now come with me and rest huh says shivaay
anika is still not understanding what happened to shivaay why he is so curious about me
shivaay holds her by her hand and takes her to his room and makes her sit on his bed
anika now rest here nd dont try to come out of room b4 pooja when pooja will start i’ll come to take u ok? said shivaay
billu ji says anika
anika not a singel word shivaay says cutting her and leaves the room
scene shift to om’s room
are getting ready there for pooja
all are wearing kurta pajama
of black color
scene shift to prinku’s room
are there getting ready
we should call anika did here now its getting late for pooja and she also need to get ready says ishana
yeah u r right i’ll go and bring her here says prinku and leaves and bring anika in her room
anika didi come and get ready says soumaya and gives her a dress
they 4 gets ready
wearing beautifull long white froks with black beads on them
(looking angels) imagine

everyone in the hall is waiting for them including boys
they 4 togather comes downstairs
shivaay -oh god she is looking damn beautifull and staring her without blinking his eyes
om- ishu is looking marvellous and he too staring her without blinking his eyes
ranveer-my prinku is looking like angel oh god i can take my eyes off from her and he too staring her without blinking his eyes
now its our rudy’s turn
rudra- hey bhagwan what is happening to me why today i think moti somu is looking cute just like real angel and he too staring her without blinking his eyes
all girls are now infront of them but they all boys are lost in their own thoughts

you all (boys+girls) are looking beautifull today says dadi
tejanvi+shinky agrees with her
come lets do pooja now says dadi
girls complies
boys does’nt responds
dadi and all leaves
anika -ishana-prinku-soumaya looks at eachother and smiles
anika goes near sihivaay and shouts in his ear
ishana goes near om and shouts in his ear
prinku goes near ranveer and shouts in his ear
soumaya goes near rudra and shouts in his ear
anika-billu jiiiiiiii…..ishu-ommmmmmmmmm …..prinku- ranveerrrrrr…..somu- rudraaaaaaaaa
they all come to there senses
girls laughs and boys feels awkward
anika- billu ji lets go for pooja

and they all leaves
and obros do pooja
after pooja
a man with lady enters mansion and everyone greets them
ishu and ranveer hugs them and calls mama papa so u finally came here
they are leela singh randhawa and vikram singh randhawa
mom dad of ishu and ranveer
mrs.randhawa beta u called us so why we will not come and pats their heads
anika’s eyes filled with tears
shivaay notices this and goes to her
anika what happened ?asks shivaay
anika nods no and says nothing billu ji and wipes her tears
everyone sits in hall and chats just then rudra standsup
.and says
ladies and their gentelmen may i have ur attention please
tej- what rudra?
rudra – dad i have a video to show u all
they all looks at eachother
and pinky asks .. rudra which movie?
rudra – movie’s name is ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DU (which name should i give to this love)
shivaay – then this will be bored
rudra says bhaiya silent and plays the video
after watching video everyone smiles and looks at them they both are standing in shock
video was of shivika’s confession
they are in shock
dadi- rudra how u got this video
flashback by om
(they all are planning ishu- we should do something to make them confess their love
0- yes
rudy- but what should we do?
somu- i have a plan…!
soumaya- for this plan we need a girl and boy
rudr- hawwww naughty somu and laughs
everyone shutup rudra
rudra makes puupy face and says ok
somu- girl for bade bahiya and boy for anika di
they will propose them and we’ll record them and i’m sure they wiill say no to them or maybe confess that they love someone else
i know guys there is some risk but we have to take risk
ranveer- good plan
prinku- but how we will arrange a boy n girl?
ishu- we can do it by ourself actually i mean ranveer bhaiya will propose anika di
o0- yeah good
ranveer-but girl?
ishu- i have a girl
somu- mean?
ishu – i mean me and shivaay bhaiya’s college frnd mahi she will surely help me..
so its finall raveer will propose anika and mahi will propose shivaay says o
but who will record them ? asks rudy
i’ll record aanika dii and ishu dii will record bade bhaiya says somya..
let me call mahi says ishu
ranveer- actually me too need to call someone .they both busy on call
after call they start working on plan
as per plan ranveer proposed anika and anika confessed her love and somu recorded that
and mahi proposed shivaay and shivaay too confessed his love and ishu recorded that
thats it )
fb ends and they all bursts into laughter
shivaay- o tu bhi in ke sath shamil ? ?(u too joined them)
anika shyly looks down
so the truth is out and yeah i love her says shivaay (while smiling)
shivaay- actually u people spoiled my plan i was going to propose her but u spoiled
anika is shocked and happy and looks at shivaay
all says ohoooo ishqbaazi
anika was thinking if he is gonna propose me i’ll surely reject…
shivaay goes near anika
and says
actually anika im sorry for everything i did to you… when first i met with i never thought that i’ll fall for u our first meeting was not that good and i doubted u for several time an every time u proved me wrong ..everytime when my family was in danger u saved them and me as u was the part of family… but still when i caught u with dev and prinku i doubted u and hurt u by saying so much bad about you..even when u was’nt the culprit…and as usual u saved me from murder case and u proved me wrong for what i did with u …i srsly don’t know when why where i fell for u but i just did fell for u and now i can’t think of a sec without u… now u too important for me just like omru prinku dadi mom dad badepapa badi maa just like them….. always dadi used to say that billu you will love someone oneday…that girl will change u… om always said that anika is perfect match for u because u love her but everytime i refused saying there is nothing like love in this world i must say now that o u are right love do exist…
rudy used to say u love anika then why u are marrying lady baba.. he said that dill to apka anika ke pass tia ke sath to bas deal hai (ur heart is with anika with tia is just deal)
but i realised it soon that he’s right but in the war of mind Nd heart my mind everytime won that this all is crap and i announced my marriage with tia but now no more tiawia…. but just you i can’t see in pain
anika… i have a heart and that is true,butt now it has gone from me to you,so care for it just like i do,because i have no heart and you have two
anika’s eyes are filled with tears first time in life someone gave so much importance to her and too her billu ji
anika- in low tone but billu ji what about khoon khandan ? i’m still a roadside girl..
shivaay ..
yeah anika i used to believe that everything matter is justt khoon khandan
but now i believe heart matter the most and after that day khoon khandan does’nt matter for me
anika- which day?
shivaay- when doc ask about the blood for u and our groups matched
when i can give u my blood so there’s no difference betwwen us or our blood
shivaay sit on his knees
take out a beautifull box opened it
that a white gold wring with diamond stud
so now miss anika
will u marry me ? will u become mrs-shivaay singh oberoie?
are u ready handle this bagad billa? will u fight with for whole like will u accept this billu as ur husband?
panika i love u so much please marry me ?
anika who was before thinking to reject
her tears roll down from eyes to cheeks and falls on shivaay’s hand
anika- yes and smiles
shivaay happyily make her wear the ring everyone smiles and claps
shivaay hugs anika and says i love u anika
anika reciprocate hug and says i love u too shivaay
shivaay gets happy because first time she calls him by his name
everyone coughs
they broke their hug
anika shyly hide behind ishu
dadi i’m very happy for both of u bless u
mr randhawa- tej we are here to talk about something
tej- yeah sure say?
mrs.randhawa- actually ranveer loves prinku and wants to marry her so we are here just for prinku
tejanvi happy
tej- that is so good
jhanvi- prinku what u say ? do u like him?
prinku smiles and nods in yes
so its done
om just then goes to jhanvi and says something in her ear jhanvi smiles and tells tej
tej too smiles its too good
actually vikram o wants to marry ishana
mr-mrs.randhawa looks at ishu she shly smiles and looks down
mrs.randhawa its a yes from her side
pinky- oh my mata yeh to buy one get two free hogya hahaha
everyone smiles
tej- so tomorrow after dewali function we will do their engagements (shivika-ishkara-priveer)
they smiles
rudy- now just me and somu are left and laughs
everyone hain?
somu – what?
rudy- oh i mean just we are single now
somu- no duffer i have a bf reyaan u r single bcause ur devi is now in mental hospital
rudy makes cry baby face
everyone laughs
next day
mansion everyone is doing preprations
anika-ishu-prinku getting ready in prinku’s room
shiv-om-ranveer in shiv’s room
in evening
everyone celebrates diwali so many guests are there and many news channels too
tej announces that today is engagement of shiv-om-prinku
shivayy comes out of room (he’s wearing blue light blue kurta with white pajama)
and anika too comes out from another room(she’s wearing beautiful blue lehnga with white stud)
ishkara om (wearing golden yellow type kurta and white pajama)
ishu( golden yellow type lehnga with white diamond like stud )
priveer ranveer (green kurta and skin ofwhite pajama)
prinku ( green lehnga with white studs on them)
somu (light pink frok)
rudy (white kurta and pajama whith black khadai )
they all gathers in hall shivika=priveer=rumaya=ishkara are memerised with eachother’s beauty (looks weird?)
shinky gives a ring to shivaay
dadi to anika
jhanvi to om and tej to prinku
leela to ishu
vikram to ranveer
they all exchanges rings and everyone claps…
rudy- somu mere bhai and o and bhn to paraya dhan hogye and makes cry baby face
somu- duffer u should get happyy tht bade bhaiya is maryying anika di as u wanted to not lady baba and hits on his head
rudy- yeah u r ryt somu u r so sweet
somu shock but ignore and both goes and congratulates them
shinky tejanvi randhawa bless them
and mr.s randhawa hugs ishu amd ranveer and kiss them on forehead
and says happy na? they complies
anika seeing them againn get teary eyes and shivaay noticed this again
but now he says to himself i’ll ask her later
all are happy
for them
and screen freezes on everyone’s happy face……

precap: anika tells shivvay a secret …. anika kiddnapped…. randhawa’s family shocked…emotional obros….rumaya moment

excited na?

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one point
(when ishu and ranveer goes to call someone ishu called mahi for help
and ranveer called his parents to come to OBEROIE MANSION for his and prinku”s rishta


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